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1. "Life and love are not about what you know, but about what you know you don't know."
Author: Dan Pearce
2. "She would be one of those who kneel to their own shadows till feet grow on their knees; then go down on their hands till their hands grow into feet; then lay their faces on the ground till they grow into snouts; when at last they are a hideous sort of lizards, each of which believes himself the best, wisest, and loveliest being in the world, yea, the very centre of the universe. And so they run about for ever looking for their own shadows that they may worship them, and miserable because they cannot find them, being themselves too near the ground to have any shadows; and what becomes of them at last, there is but one who knows."
Author: George MacDonald
3. "We explore astronomical life through medicate experience, and we live life through love and ardvarks."
Author: Isabel Yosito
4. "As physics students, we are taught that physicists are smart, that chemists are moderately acceptable, and that biologists are certainly not very intelligent. So I wasn't inclined to take a biology course. But my father insisted, and maybe what he had in mind was that, if there were no jobs in physics, I would end up being a doctor."
Author: James Rothman
5. "I love you, Esmeralda," he said."I love you, too," she whispered back, and he couldn't help smiling. At least he would die with those words in his ears."
Author: JL Bryanyan
6. "This is Ian. He's no' usually speechless. Or so well dressed."-ConnerI shouldna wear my best clothes to meet an angel from heaven?"-Ian"You look very nice, I love your shirt."-Marielle"Thank you"-Ian"I have a shirt like that, too."-Conner"
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
7. "He sang "I wish I weren't me" over and over again just flat of the key of love until he forgot the words and could only hum along. Everyday was the same. The same stupid smile on the same stupid boy. Until the days blurred into a haze and the boy dropped into a depression. Not a cool dark room and cigarette depression like the songs he loved, but one that felt like he was being smothered by a safe, suburban, monotonous blanket. Everything felt like a headache to the boy. Every face, every stupid stuttered sentence all wrapped up into the biggest headache ever. So the boy took an aspirin. And another and another and then went to sleep, lullabyed by hopes he would never wake up to."
Author: Pete Wentz
8. "Let the world come rush inCome down hard, come crushingAll I need is right here beside meI'n not enough, I swear itBut take my love and and wear it over your shoulders"
Author: Sara Bareilles
9. "I got this strong feeling of missing him, like he was someone who I loved who had died and gone away, someone who was mostly a memory. I wanted to grab him and say okay, I was sorry about Tommy, it was just a stupid mistake and I knew I'd hurt him and I wish I hadn't. Because I did love him. I did."
Author: Sara Zarr
10. "His desperation and misery swept her up like a storm capturing the sea. She turned her mind to even these feelings, because they were his, like his terrified rage in the lift when they had first met, being wrapped in his arms in the cold well, being dazzled by his wonder at the woods and her home and her. Like being a child, awareness of him the morning chorus that woke her and the lullaby that sent her to sleep, his thoughts always her first and last song.I love you, Kami told him, and cut."
Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
11. "Then I stay beside you for as long as we have." He kept stroking my hair. Cats like to be petted. Cait Sidhe like to pet. "October, I meant it when I told you I was not leaving you. I will never leave you while both of us are living. You were not quite this human when I met you, and you were far less human when I finally allowed myself to love you. But the essential core of your being has remained the same no matter what the balance of your blood.""How is it that you always know the exact right stupid romance novel thing to say?" I asked, leaning up to kiss him.He smiled against my lips. When I pulled back, he said. "I was a student of Shakespeare before the romance novel was even dreamt. Be glad I do not leave you horrible poetry on your pillow, wrapped securely around the bodies of dead rats."
Author: Seanan McGuire
12. "And when she at last came out, her eyes were dry. Her parents stared up from their silent breakfast at her. They both started to rise but she put a hand out, stopped them. ‘I can care for myself, please,' and she set about getting some food. They watched her closely. In point of fact, she had never looked as well. She had entered her room as just an impossibly lovely girl. The woman who emerged was a trifle thinner, a great deal wiser, and an ocean sadder. This one understood the nature of pain, and beneath the glory of her features, there was character, and a sure knowledge of suffering. She was eighteen. She was the most beautiful woman in a hundred years. She didn't seem to care. ‘You're all right?' her mother asked. Buttercup sipped her cocoa. ‘Fine,' she said. ‘You're sure?' her father wondered. ‘Yes,' Buttercup replied. There was a very long pause. ‘But I must never love again.' She never did."
Author: William Goldman

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