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1. "My genes, my love, are rubber bands and rope; make yourself a structure you can live inside. Amen." — Aimee Bender (Willful Creatures: Stories)"
Author: Aimee Bender
2. "Damn it, Quinn, I don't even know what you're talking about." "I am taling about how I learned all your secrets from the Last Airbender last night." Becca looked almost incredulous. "A cartoon? What? You-wait-you-" Quinn watched sudden realization dawn on Becca's face."
Author: Brigid Kemmerer
3. "In every single scenario that you step into, in life, it is like stepping into a body of water and you need to stop and really stand there to feel what's going on in that water— the temperature, the direction of the current, the particles in the water that brush up onto your skin, you need to close your eyes and inhale deeply to distinguish the scents that come from it. I have always done this, since I was a small girl, being aware of and feeling every atom that's in there. I'm a Water Bender. I bend the water; the water does not bend me."
Author: C. JoyBell C.
4. "After years on a drunken bender, Americans are awakening to lies masked in patriotism and glory."
Author: Chris Hedges
5. "Der bequeme Fernsehstuhl breitet weit die Arme aus, leise ertönt die Signation zur Zeit im Bild, nüchtern regt sich der Nachrichtensprecher über seiner Krawatte. Auf dem Beistelltisch in beispielgebender Fülle und Buntheit eine sortierte Schüsselsammlung mit Naschereien, aus der sich die Damen abwechselnd oder zugleich bedienen. Wenn sie leer ist, wird sie sogleich nachgefüllt, es ist wie im Schlaraffenland, wo auch nichts zuende geht und nichts anfängt."
Author: Elfriede Jelinek
6. "Ippolit Matveevich turned even redder, pulled out a tiny notebook, and wrote in a calligraphic hand:25/4/1927 — rubles issued to Comrade Bender — 8.Ostap took a look inside the little book.'Oh-ho! If you've gone ahead and opened a personal account for me, then the least you could do is tally it right. Start up a debit column, start up a credit column. Don't forget to enter the sixty thousand rubles you owe me in the debits, and the vest can go in the credits. The balance is in my favor: 59,992 rubles."
Author: Ilya Ilf
7. "Supposedly has been on a two-day bender, and today is the first day the guy has been sober. So whatever went down obviously didn't end with a Disney happily-ever-after. All I have to say is that you need to tell me what is up and it better include some rated-R stuff."
Author: J. Lynn
8. "Sorry about Bender," Lula said, letting the Trans Am idle at the curb. "Maybe we could tell Vinnie he died. We could say we were all set to bring Bender in, and he died. Bang. Dead as a doorknob.""Better yet, why don't we just go back and kill him," I said. I opened the door to leave, caught my toe in the floor mat, and fell out of the car, face first. I rolled onto my back and stared up at the stars. "I'm fine," I said to Lula. "Maybe I'll sleep here tonight."
Author: Janet Evanovich
9. "Yeah, but a hellbender never dies. You ever see a dead one?"
Author: Jason Jack Miller
10. "This reminded him of Alvis Bender's contention that stories were like nations - Italy, a great epic poem, Britain, a thick novel, America, a brash motion picture in technicolor..."
Author: Jess Walter
11. "How do you think it should end?" Young Pasquale considered the question. "Well, instead of going back to America during the war, he could go to Germany and try to kill Hitler." "Ah," Alvis Bender said. "Yes. That is exactly what happens, Pasquale. He gets drunk at a party and everyone warns him not to drive, but he makes a giant scene leaving the party and he jumps in his car and accidentally drives over Hitler."
Author: Jess Walter
12. "Being bad feels pretty good, huh?" - John Bender"
Author: John Hughes The Breakfast Club Script
13. "If you mean Miss Austen, I don't find her particularly romantic," Tasmin declared. "Can't say that I care much about the marriage arrangements among the middle classes."Tasmin Berrybender"
Author: Larry McMurtry
14. "I decide that sometimes definitions are wrong. Even if they're written in a dictionary. Identities aren't always separate and distinct. Sometimes they ARE wrapped up with others. Sometimes, for a few minutes, maybe they can even be shared. And if I am ever fortunate enough to return to Mr. Bender's garden, I wonder if the birds will see that piece of him that is wrapped up in me."
Author: Mary E. Pearson
15. "It drains the bars and cafes after hours, concentrates the wicked and the guilty along its chipped Formica counter, and thrums with the gossip of criminals, policemen, shtarkers,and schlemiels, whores and night owls ... three or four floaters, solitaries, and drunks between benders lean against the sparkly resin counter, sucking the tea from their shtekelehs and working the calulations of their next big mistake."
Author: Michael Chabon
16. "Nature" doesn't really have intentions, per se. Nature is a drunk waking up from a weekend bender, ambling through a messy kitchen in a pair of mismatched slippers, seeing its car in the neighbor's pool and saying, "Ah good. It was dirty. Just the thing."
Author: Pat Connid
17. "Everything that Michael Fassbender touches is elevated."
Author: Reid Scott
18. "Men who find themselves late are never sure. They are all the things the civics books tell us the good citizen should be: partisans but never zealots, respectors of the facts which attend each situation but never benders of those facts, uncomfortable in positions of leadership but rarely unable to turn down a responsibility once it has been offered . . . or thrust upon them. They make the best leaders in a democracy because they are unlikely to fall in love with power."
Author: Stephen King
19. "Perasaan adalah perasaan, meski secuil, walau setitik hitam di tengah lapangan putih luas, dia bisa membuat seluruh tubuh jadi sakit, kehilangan selera makan, kehilangan semangat, hebat sekali benda bernama perasaan itu, dia bisa membuat harimu berubah cerah dalam sekejap padahal dunia sedang mendung, dan di kejap berikutnya mengubah harimu jadi buram padahal dunia sedang terang benderang"
Author: Tere Liye
20. "Kawan-kawan semua, dimasa yang akan datang tidak boleh lagi ada kegelapan, tidak juga desingan peluru. tidak ada lagi kebodohan yang begitu keji atau pertimpahan darah. Karena tak ada lagi setan, maka tak akan ada lagi malaikat. Di masa depan tidak boleh ada lagi manusia membantai sesamanya, bumi akan menjadi terang, umat manusia akan saling mencinta. akan tiba suatu hari ketika semuanya terasa damai, harmonis, terang benderang, menggembirakan dan begitu hidup. Hari itu akan datang dan itulah sebabnya mengapa kita akan menyongsong maut."
Author: Victor Hugo
21. "Abundance is like love. Everybody has it, but almost nobody sees it. - See more at:"
Author: Xomphi

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