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1. "I like 'Mad Men,' and I think 'The Killing' is pretty great too. I like 'Brothers & Sisters.'"
Author: Betsy Brandt
2. "Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story from the one women are told. I decided I was safe. I was strong. I was brave. Nothing could vanquish me. Insisting on this story was a form of mind control, but for the most part, it worked."
Author: Cheryl Strayed
3. "I like Scott Caan. I think he's a great young kid. I think he's gonna have a really huge career."
Author: Jerry Weintraub
4. "I've had great luck with directors. I've worked with all the great ones."
Author: Jerry Weintraub
5. "I am honored to have served as our great nation's first National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. I will continue to serve as Ambassador Emeritus. And I will make good on my Ambassadorial promise to my wife to stop playing the 'Fanfare' every time I walk into or out of a room."
Author: Jon Scieszka
6. "The baking wind tore at his hat and he held it by the brim with one hand. It relieved him to look at it, for the great river was like a long tale, of both great joy and great woe. And it seemed to be a story road that a person could take, and it would take him to some place where he could free his mind. Men had striven against one another to control the unreeling river-road, battling at New Madrid and Island Number Ten, at Baton Rouge and Vicksburg, in the heat of the summer and the humid choking air of the malarial swamps. But the river carried away men and guns and the garbage of war, covering it over, washing itself clean again as if they had never been."
Author: Paulette Jiles
7. "Practical gifts are another great way to be thoughtful, and they work for anything from birthdays to dinner-party gifts."
Author: Phoebe Cates
8. "Women often find great roles in revolution, simply because the rules fall apart and everyone has agency, anyone can act."
Author: Rebecca Solnit
9. "As time passed and he grew to know people better, he began to think of himself as an extraordinary man, one set apart from his fellows. He wanted terribly to make his life a thing of great importance, and as he looked about at his fellow men and saw how like clods they lived it seemed to him that he could not bear to become also such a clod."
Author: Sherwood Anderson
10. "Any vehicle that conveys great songs and the ability to perform them, whether it's 'N Sync or the Backstreet Boys or One Direction, is all good."
Author: Tommy Mottola

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Quotes About Betrayal In The Great Gatsby
Quotes About Betrayal In The Great Gatsby
Quotes About Betrayal In The Great Gatsby

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