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1. "Beware of addictive medicines. Everything in moderation. This applies particularly to the Internet and your sofa. The physical world is ultimately the source of all inspiration. Which is to say, if all else fails: take a bike ride."
Author: Aaron Koblin
2. "In the flesh," Maharet said. "In the flesh all wisdom begins. Beware the thing that has no flesh. Beware the gods, beware the idea, beware the devil."
Author: Anne Rice
3. "I am your dwarf.I am the enemy within.I am the boss of your dreams.See. Your hand shakes.It is not palsy or booze.It is your Doppelgangertrying to get out.Beware...Beware..."
Author: Anne Sexton
4. "The good Christian should beware of mathematicians. The danger already exists that mathematicians have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and confine man in the bonds of Hell."
Author: Augustine Of Hippo
5. "Beware of the young doctor and the old barber."
Author: Benjamin Franklin
6. "Beware the hobby that eats."
Author: Benjamin Franklin
7. "Beware of the thief who is after your cash; but be more cautious of the thief in the mind that's after your kind, your promise - your dream, your future."
Author: Bernard Kelvin Clive
8. "Beware of advice—even this."
Author: Carl Sandburg
9. "Let us beware of common folk, common sense, sentiment, inspiration, and the obvious."
Author: Charles Baudelaire
10. "Beware of those that seek constant crowds. they are nothing alone."
Author: Charles Bukowski
11. "Beware the irrational, however seductive. Shun the 'transcendent' and all who invite you to subordinate or annihilate yourself. Distrust compassion; prefer dignity for yourself and others. Don't be afraid to be thought arrogant or selfish. Picture all experts as if they were mammals. Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. Seek out argument and disputation for their own sake; the grave will supply plenty of time for silence. Suspect your own motives, and all excuses. Do not live for others any more than you would expect others to live for you."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
12. "I warn you, Eragon, beware of whom you fall in love with, for fate seems to have a morbid interest in our family."
Author: Christopher Paolini
13. "But the plans were on display…""On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.""That's the display department.""With a flashlight.""Ah, well, the lights had probably gone.""So had the stairs.""But look, you found the notice, didn't you?""Yes," said Arthur, "yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard."
Author: Douglas Adams
14. "Beware of monotony; it's the mother of all the deadly sins."
Author: Edith Wharton
15. "When life is too easy for us, we must beware or we may not be ready to meet the blows which sooner or later come to everyone, rich or poor."
Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
16. "Here then is an infallible criterion, by which the nation may judge of the intentions of those who govern it ... if they corrupt the morals of the people, spread a taste for luxury, effeminacy, a rage for licentious pleasures, - if they stimulate the higher orders to a ruinous pomp and extravagance, - beware, citizens! beware of those corruptors! they only aim at purchasing slaves in order to exercise over them an arbitrary sway."
Author: Emer De Vattel
17. "What I have told you is not completely true. You should beware, for often in this story, my words will be spoken out of bitterness, out of hate. The scream of the poor is not always just; but if you do not listen to it, then you will never understand justice."
Author: Erik Christian Haugaard
18. "Beware of the truth, gentle Sister. Although much sought after, truth can be dangerous to the seeker. Myths and reassuring lies are much easier to find and believe. If you find a truth, even a temporary one, it can demand that you make painful changes. Conceal your truths within words. Natural ambiguity will protect you then."
Author: Frank Herbert
19. "Let us beware of saying that death is the opposite of life. The living being is only a species of the dead, and a very rare species."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
20. "And if you are not a bird, then beware of coming to rest above an abyss."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
21. "I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes."
Author: Henry David Thoreau
22. "Sometimes I'd get mad because things didn't work out so well, I'd spoil a flapjack, or slip in the snowfield while getting water, or one time my shovel went sailing down into the gorge, and I'd be so mad I'd want to bite the mountaintops and would come in the shack and kick the cupboard and hurt my toe. But let the mind beware, though the flesh be bugged, the circumstances of existence are pretty glorious."
Author: Jack Kerouac
23. "Beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance."
Author: Jean De La Fontaine
24. "Beware of solipsismFunny word. Sounds like it means "love of melons" or something. I looked it up. It means believing that "the self is the only reality." Am I solipsist?"
Author: Jerry Spinelli
25. "Remember, all passions start from love or hate. But beware - you never know whether they will end with delight or sorrow."
Author: Jessica Shirvington
26. "Beware the wrath of a patient adversary."
Author: John C. Calhoun
27. "Beware, William of Mercia, you heeded not our warnings and you can no longer turn back, but the path ahead is strewn with danger, to you, and to those who travel with you. This is but the beginning. The legions of the underworld await you, armies will seek to destroy you, but only you can know the true course."
Author: K.J. Wignall
28. "Negroes - Sweet and docile, Meek, humble, and kind: Beware the day - They change their mind."
Author: Langston Hughes
29. "Beware of extroverts in retreat center clothing!"
Author: Laurie A. Helgoe
30. "Beware the clever man that makes the wrong look right"
Author: Lawrence Hill
31. "Beware of the clever ones; the dumb ones are safer."
Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
32. "I've neither beauty, money, nor rank, yet every foolish boy mistakes my frank interest for something warmer, and makes me miserable. It is my misfortune. Think of me what you will, but beware of me in time, for against my will I may do you harm."
Author: Louisa May Alcott
33. "Beware what you speak,' said the Merlin very softly, 'for indeed the words we speak make shadows of what is to come, and by speaking them we bring them to pass, my king."
Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
34. "Beware the inveterate punster, Doyle, it's a sure sign of brewing mental disturbance."
Author: Mark Frost
35. "I think there is choice possible to us at any moment, as long as we live. But there is no sacrifice. There is a choice, and the rest falls away. Second choice does not exist. Beware of those who talk about sacrifice."
Author: Muriel Rukeyser
36. "The priest's lesson: beware the Nightlord, for his pleasure is a mortal's doom. My grandmother's lesson: beware love, especially with the wrong man."
Author: N.K. Jemisin
37. "Beware love, especially the wrong man"
Author: N.K. Jemisin
38. "I am one for whom dangers are play- thingsOne who empties men of their strength as a nut from its shell The charms you use I chop up for relish on my porridgeBeware! I am a deadly mambaWrestler of legendsA hive of hornetsA man among men"
Author: Nancy Farmer
39. "To surviveLet the pastTeach you-Past customs,Struggles,Leaders and thinkers.LetTheseHelp you.Let them inspire you,Warn you,Give you strength.But beware:God is change.Past is past.What wasCannotCome again..To survive,know the past.Let it touch you.Then letThe pastGo."
Author: Octavia E. Butler
40. "Shun such as lounge through afternoons and eves,And on thy dial write, "Beware of thieves!"Felon of minutes, never taught to feelThe worth of treasures which thy fingers steal,Pick my left pocket of its silver dime,But spare the right,--it holds my golden time!"
Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
41. "It is the eye of ignorance that assigns a fixed and unchangeable color to every object; beware of this stumbling block."
Author: Paul Gauguin
42. "Take heed, and beware of all covetousness; for a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions" (Luke 12:15)."
Author: Richard J. Foster
43. "And all who heard should see them there,And all should cry, Beware! Beware!His flashing eyes, his floating hair!Weave a circle round him thrice,And close your eyes with holy dread,For he on honey-dew hath fed,And drunk the milk of Paradise."
Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
44. "Arrogance. The number one cause of death among both peasant and king. Beware its sharp blade. More times than not, it injures the one who wields it most of all."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
45. "When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet."
Author: Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
46. "Of one hundred persons who take up the spiritual life, eighty turn out to be charlatans, fifteen insane, and only five, maybe, get a glimpse of the real truth. Therefore beware."
Author: Swami Vivekananda
47. "The trees have inquisitive eyes, haven't they? -that is, seem as if they had. And the river says,-'Why do ye trouble me with your looks?' And you seem to see numbers of to-morrows just all in a line, the first of them the biggest and clearest, the others getting smaller and smaller as they stand further away; but they all seem very fierce and cruel and as if they said, 'I'm coming! Beware of me! Beware of me!"
Author: Thomas Hardy
48. "People addicted with technology.Technology has indulged mankind. Beware of technology dependency!"
Author: Toba Beta
49. "Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it."
Author: Voltaire
50. "Why, thou knowest I am as valiant as Hercules, but beware instinct. The lion will not touch the true prince. Instinct is a great matter. I was a coward on instinct."
Author: William Shakespeare

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