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1. "Our failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq thus far has been deeply troubling, and our intelligence-gathering process needs thorough and unbiased investigation."
Author: Adam Schiff
2. "Aku hanya orang biasa, tetapi aku bekerja lebih keras daripada orang biasa."
Author: Ahmad Fuadi
3. "It was a salad bar of phobias"
Author: Augusten Burroughs
4. "There is a rampant tendency in any industry where someone is trying to sell something with a bunch of data, where they cherry pick a little bit... bias a little bit. This becomes quite easy when there is an enormous amount of data to cherry pick from."
Author: Burt Rutan
5. "A lot of pieces I have written have to do with courage. As a result, people think that I am naturally brave. But what people don't know, is that I grew up with phobias and many fears. I was scared of everything. So, I write of courage not because I have not known fear, but I write of courage because I have walked with fear but I have made the choice not to fear it."
Author: C. JoyBell C.
6. "Experts who acknowledge the full extent of their ignorance may expect to be replaced by more confident competitors, who are better able to gain the trust of clients. An unbiased appreciation of uncertainty is a cornerstone of rationality—but it is not what people and organizations want."
Author: Daniel Kahneman
7. "When you need something to be true, you will look for patterns; you connect the dots like the stars of a constellation. Your brain abhors disorder. You see faces in clouds and demons in bonfires. Those who claim the powers of divination hijack these natural human tendencies. They know they can depend on you to use subjective validation in the moment and confirmation bias afterward."
Author: David McRaney
8. "We all know the feeling of surrendering to the embedded biases of our devices. We let our cell phones ping us every time there's an incoming message and check our e-mail even when we'd best pay attention to what's going on around us in the real world. We text while driving."
Author: Douglas Rushkoff
9. "Brains are tricky and adaptable organs. For all the 'neuroplasticity' allowing our brains to reconfigure themselves to the biases of our computers, we are just as neuroplastic in our ability to eventually recover and adapt."
Author: Douglas Rushkoff
10. "A writer's style reveals something of his spirit, his habits, his capacites, his is the Self escaping into the open."
Author: E.B. White
11. "Laikas - tai silpnutis mirties ekstraktas, kuris iš leto skverbiasi i mus kaip nestiprus narkotikas. Iš pradžiu jis gaivina, ir mes net pradedame tiketi, kad esame nemirtingi, bet lašas po lašo, diena po dienos jis tampa vienu lašu, viena diena stipresnis ir pavirsta rugštimi, drumsciancia ir nuodijancia musu krauja."
Author: Erich Maria Remarque
12. "Kita ada Tuhan. Dalam banyak keadaan yang luar biasa dan mustahil pun, Tuhan pasti menolong."
Author: Faisal Tehrani
13. "What offends me the most when I hear criticisms about this so-called Africa bias is how quick we are to focus on the words and propaganda of a few powerful, influential individuals, and to forget about the millions of anonymous people who suffer from their crimes."
Author: Fatou Bensouda
14. "Cinta mengungkapkan kualitaskualitas besar dan tersembunyi dari pencintanya--apa yang langka dan merupakan perkecualian dari dirinya: dalam artian bahwa cinta menyembunyikan apa yang biasabiasa saja"
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
15. "Saat cinta ataupun kebencia tidak berperan, tindaka perempuan akan biasabiasa saja"
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
16. "The schedules are crammed with shows urging us to travel further, drive faster, build bigger, buy more, yet none of them are deemed to offend the rules, which really means that they don't offend the interests of business or the pampered sensibilities of the Aga class. The media, driven by fear and advertising, are hopelessly biased towards the consumer economy and against the biosphere."
Author: George Monbiot
17. "Men are often biased in their judgment on account of their sympathy and their interests."
Author: George William Norris
18. "De algún modo, conviertiéndome en otra persona quería liberarme de algo implícito en el yo que había sido hasta entonces. Lo buscaba de verdad, seriamente, y creía que, si me esforzaba, podría conseguirlo algún día. Pero, al final, eso no me conducía a ninguna parte. por más lejos que fuera, seguía siendo yo. Por más que me alejara, mis carencias seguían siendo las mismas. Por más que el decorado cambiase, por más que el eco de la voz de la gente fuese distinto, yo seguía siendo el mismo ser incompleto. Dentro de mí se encontraban las mismas carencias fatales, y esas carencias me producía un hambre y una sed violentas. Esa hambre y esa sed me han torturado siempre, tal vez sigan torturándome a partir de ahora."
Author: Haruki Murakami
19. "I had an immense advantage over many others dealing with the problem inasmuch as I had no fixed ideas derived from long-established practice to control and bias my mind, and did not suffer from the general belief that whatever is, is right."
Author: Henry Bessemer
20. "[T]here remains [in some parts of the country] a strong bias towards the old error, that without some sort of alliance or coalition between Govt. & Religion neither can be duly supported. Such indeed is the tendency to such a coalition, and such its corrupting influence on both parties, that the danger cannot be too carefully guarded agst."
Author: James Madison
21. "Well, it kind of hurts when the kind of words you writeAnd kind of turn themselves into knivesAnd don't mind my nerve you can call it fiction'Cause I like being submerged in your contradictions, dear'Cause here we are, here we areAlthough you were biased, I love your adviceYour comebacks they're quick and probably Have to do with your insecuritiesThere's no shame in being crazy depending on how you take theseWords they're paraphrasing this relationship we're stagingAnd it's a beautiful mess, yes, it isIt's like we're picking up trash in dresses"
Author: Jason Mraz
22. "- Me da miedo la mayonesa, así que con los años me he convertido en una experta.—¿Te da miedo la mayonesa?—Está entre mis tres o cuatro principales fobias.—¿Cuáles son las otras? —pregunta el chico con una sonrisa—. ¿Qué puede haberpeor que la mayonesa?—Los dentistas —empieza a enumerar Hadley—. Las arañas. Los hornos.—¿Los hornos? Supongo que no te gusta demasiado cocinar, entonces.—Y los espacios pequeños —continúa Hadley en voz más baja."
Author: Jennifer E. Smith
23. "Just because I'm biased doesn't mean it's not true."
Author: Jocelyn Davies
24. "Racism is not dead. Definitely, there are these biases."
Author: John McWhorter
25. "Judges... are picked out from the most dextrous lawyers, who are grown old or lazy, and having been biased all their lives against truth or equity, are under such a fatal necessity of favoring fraud, perjury and oppression, that I have known several of them to refuse a large bribe from the side where justice lay, rather than injure the faculty by doing any thing unbecoming their nature in office."
Author: Jonathan Swift
26. "So, there we were. The five of us - Marco, Tobias, Rachel, Cassie, and me. Five normal mallrats heading home.Sometimes I think about that one, last moment when we were still just normal kids. It's like it was a million years ago, like it was some totally different group of kids. You know what I was afraid of right then? I was afraid of admitting to Tom that I hadn't made the team. That was as scary as life got back then.Five minutes later, life got a lot scarier."
Author: Katherine Applegate
27. "Another mistaken notion connected with the law of large numbers is the idea that an event is more or less likely to occur because it has or has not happened recently. The idea that the odds of an event with a fixed probability increase or decrease depending on recent occurrences of the event is called the gambler's fallacy. For example, if Kerrich landed, say, 44 heads in the first 100 tosses, the coin would not develop a bias towards the tails in order to catch up! That's what is at the root of such ideas as "her luck has run out" and "He is due." That does not happen. For what it's worth, a good streak doesn't jinx you, and a bad one, unfortunately , does not mean better luck is in store."
Author: Leonard Mlodinow
28. "People have a basic desire to feel good about themselves, and we therefore have a tendency to be unconsciously biased in favor of traits similiar to our won, even such seemingly meaningless traits as our names. Scientists have even identified a discrete area of the brain, called the dorsal striatum, as the structure that mediates much of this bias."
Author: Leonard Mlodinow
29. "We unfortunately seem to be unconsciously biased against those in the society who come out on the bottom."
Author: Leonard Mlodinow
30. "Los años no son importantes en realidad ¿no es cierto? Algunas personas no son más sabias a los sesenta años que a los dieciséis. Hay niños que lo han aprendido por experiencia y saben mucho más que los adultos que los rodean. La madurez no es fácil de medir.(El Angel de medianoche)"
Author: Lisa Kleypas
31. "Our human race is affected by a chronic underestimation of the possibility of the future straying from the course initially envisioned (in addition to other biases that sometimes exert a compounding effect). To take an obvious example, think about how many people divorce. Almost all of them are acquainted with the statistic that between one-third and one-half of all marriages fail, something the parties involved did not forecast while tying the knot. Of course, "not us," because "we get along so well" (as if others tying the knot got along poorly)."
Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
32. "If students get a sound education in the history, social effects and psychological biases of technology, they may grow to be adults who use technology rather than be used by it."
Author: Neil Postman
33. "I was born in Jamaica but was educated by, and now serve, prestigious First World institutions, so I believe that I have a unique, dual perspective. To sidestep any biases I might have, I use the objective lens of the stock market to discover which policies actually delivered prosperity to emerging markets."
Author: Peter Blair Henry
34. "Biasa: harta dengan kejamnya telah memisahkan ibu dari anak."
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
35. "A boy is in the parlour what the pit is in the playhouse; independent, irresponsible, looking out from his corner on such people and facts as pass by, he tries and sentences them on their merits, in the swift, summary way of boys, as good, bad, interesting, silly, eloquent, troublesome. He cumbers himself never about consequences, about interests: he gives an independent, genuine verdict. You must court him: he does not court you. But the man is, as it were, clapped into jail by his consciousness. As soon as he has once acted or spoken with eclat, he is a committed person, watched by the sympathy or the hatred of hundreds, whose affections must now enter into his account. There is no Lethe for this. Ah, that he could pass again into his neutrality! Who can thus avoid all pledges, and having observed, observe again from the same unaffected, unbiased, unbribable, unaffrighted innocence, must always be formidable."
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
36. "I may be biased, but I think jackals are cute and cuddly, even if they were known for digging up graves in Ancient Egypt."
Author: Rick Riordan
37. "I'm also old... and my own gift for writing fantasy grows out of very literal-minded, pragmatic soil: the things I do when I'm not telling stories have always been pretty three-dimensional. I used to say that the only strong attraction reality ever had for me was horses and horseback riding, but I've also been cooking and going for long walks since I was a kid (yes, the two are related), and I'm getting even more three dimensionally biased as I get older — gardening, bell ringing... piano playing... And the stories I seem to need to write seem to need that kind of nourishment from me — how you feed your story telling varies from writer to writer. My story-telling faculty needs real-world fresh air and experiences that create calluses (and sometimes bruises)."
Author: Robin McKinley
38. "Half of the time, the Holy Ghost tries to warn us about certain people that come into our life. The other half of the time he tries to tell us that the sick feeling we get in a situation is not the other person's fault, rather it is our own hang-ups. A life filled with bias, hatred, judgment, insecurity, fear, delusion and self-righteousness can cloud the soul of anyone you meet. Our job is never to assume---instead to listen, communicate, ask questions then ask more, until we know the true depth of someone's spirit."
Author: Shannon L. Alder
39. "Aku pun menyadari ada hidupku yang bias.... Namun, hujan dan kamu adalah cinta!"
Author: Sintia Astarina
40. "Like all religious people, Christians repress, remember, and retell their core stories selectively. They emphasize this episode at the expense of that episode, in keeping with their own biases and the preoccupations of their times."
Author: Stephen R. Prothero
41. "Ciri-ciri kesan Islam pada sejarah sesuatu bangsa harus dicari bukan pada perkara-perkara atau sesuatu yang zahir mudah ternampak oleh mata kepala, akan tetapi lebih pada perkara-perkara yang terselip tersembunyi dari pandangan biasa, seperti pemikiran sesuatu bangsa yang biasa terkandung dalam bahasa."
Author: Syed Muhammad Naquib Al Attas
42. "Bahwa kebiasaan menghafal itu tidak menambah kecerdasan, malah menjadikan saya bodoh, mekanis, seperti mesin.(Pendahuluan - Perpustakaan page 24)"
Author: Tan Malaka
43. "Cinta hanyalah segumpal perasaan dalam hati. Sama halnya dengan gumpal perasaan senang, gembira, sedih, sama dengan kau suka makan gilau kepala ikan, suka mesin. Bedanya, kita selama ini terbiasa mengistimewakan gumpal perasaan yang disebut cinta. Kita beri dia porsi lebih penting, kita bersarkan, terus menggumpal membesar. Coba saja kau cuekin, kau lupakan, maka gumpal cinta itu juga dengan cepat layu seperti kau bosan makan gulai kepala ikan."
Author: Tere Liye
44. "Wahai saudara yang budiman, raja (pemimpin) dalam alam ada tiga perkara, pangkat raja ada tiga macam. Yang memegang lahir dalam negeri lahir saja, yang perintah atas rakyat hukum adat kebiasaan dunia, itulah raja dalam alam yang memegang lahir saja. Wajib kita ikut seperti yang diperintahkannya, jika bersatu dengan agama. Perihal tidak bersatu dengan syara' (agama), janganlah kita turut seperti apa yang dikatakannya. Kedua, bagi raja yang memerintah hukum batin, yang memerintah jalan agama, itulah ahlus syari'ah, tempat yang memegang jalan agama. Wajib kita ikuti apa yang disuruhnya, siapa yang tidak patuh akan mendapat bala."(dikutip dari tulisan Teuku Ibrahim Alfian, dalam "Mengenal Masyarakat Aceh yang Sedang Membangun")"
Author: Teuku Kutakarang Syaikh
45. "I am on the right wing of the middle of the road and with a strong radical bias."
Author: Tony Benn
46. "Got that gun?'' Says Peter.''No,'' says Tobias '' I figured I would shoot the bullets out of my nostrils, so I left it upstairs."
Author: Veronica Roth
47. "So how can I hold Tobias's desperation against him, like I'm better than him, like I've never let my own brokenness blind me?"
Author: Veronica Roth
48. "Bagi yang sayang dan menyokong, sumbangan biasa dan sederhana tokoh tersebut akan ditiup ke langit; kelemahan sebesar gunung akan cuba ditutup walau dengan sehelai benang. Bagi yang benci dan menentang tokoh berkenaan pula, sumbangan sebesar gunung akan cuba ditutup, dan kekurangannya - sebagai manusia biasa - akan diperbesarkan; kedua-dua kejahatan ini biasanya dilaksanakan dengan meniup kepolan asap-asap fitnah tentang diri dan keluarga tokoh berkenaan, dan dengan memberikan tempat kepada suara-suara yang berlawanan dengan suara tokoh tersebut."
Author: Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud
49. "She began to take exercise far too late, embarking on tiny cycling tours to music festivals, or flower shows, or doing the rounds of churches – there were so many spires in her uninspiring adopted home. Three kids, one episiotomy, two continents, many phobias, lots of depressions. Old fat lady's underwear. It was all a curse upon cycling, which she'd taken up for what reason? Believe it or not, not even the bulbous seventies there were still bulbous, middle-aged women such as she, who thought that the principle of cycling meant something. They cycled and they ate in health-food restaurants like Cranks or Ceres, their cussedness aimed at appeasing the Earth Goddess herself. They almost fucking overdosed on grated carrot; while sipping fucking prune juice. They invented being environmentally-conscious, with their vegetable-buying co-operatives which gave them an excuse to put gumboots on in town."
Author: Will Self
50. "Their attitude toward another aspect of organization shows the same bias. What of the "group life", the loss of individualism? Once upon a time it was conventional for young men to view the group life of the big corporations as one of its principal disadvantages. Today, they see it as a positive boon. Working with others, they believe, will reduce the frustration of work, and they often endow the accompanying suppression of ego with strong spiritual overtones. They will concede that there is often a good bit of wasted time in the committee way of life and that the handling of human relations involves much suffering of fools gladly. But this sort of thing, they say, is the heart of the organization man's job, not merely the disadvantages of it. "Any man who feels frustrated by these things," one young trainee with face unlined said to me, "can never be an executive"."
Author: William H. Whyte

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