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1. "Of all books printed, probably not more than half are ever read. Many are embalmed in public libraries; many go into private quarters to fill spaces; many are glanced at and put away...scarcely opened until the fire needs kindling. The most ardent book-lovers are not always the greatest readers; indeed, the rabid bibliomaniac seldom reads at all. To him books are as ducats to the miser, something to be hoarded and not employed... So pleasant it is to buy book; so tiresome to utilize them."
Author: Flora Haines Loughead
2. "The bibliophile is the master of his books, the bibliomaniac their slave."
Author: Henry Ward Beecher
3. "However hard as I try, it keeps growing. My bibliomania is pretty acute."
Author: Martin Edwards
4. "Should he give free reign to his desires, the bibliomaniac can ruin his life along with the lives of his loved ones. He'll often take better care of his books than of his own health; he'll spend more on fiction than he does on food; he'll be more interested in his library than in his relationships, and, since few people are prepared to live in a place where every available surface is covered with piles of books, he'll often find himself alone, perhaps in the company of a neglected and malnourished cat. When he dies, all but forgotten, his body might fester for days before a curious neighbor grows concerned about the smell."
Author: Mikita Brottman

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Quotes About Bibliomania
Quotes About Bibliomania
Quotes About Bibliomania

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