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1. "Speaking about time's relentless passage, Powell's narrator compares certain stages of experience to the game of Russian Billiards as once he used to play it with a long vanished girlfriend. A game in which, he says, " the termination of a given passage of time...the hidden gate goes down...and all scoring is doubled. This is perhaps an image of how we live. For reasons not always at the time explicable, there are specific occasions when events begin suddenly to take on a significance previously unsuspected; so that before we really know where we are, life seems to have begun in earnest at last, and we ourselves, scarcely aware that any change has taken place, are careering uncontrollably down the slippery avenues of eternity.""
Author: Anthony Powell
2. "..."And then we played Ping-Pong—""Not pool? I always assumed he was a billiards man—I mean, it's so handy the way he keeps a stick up his—"
Author: Claire LaZebnik
3. "There was one planet off in the seventh dimension that got used as a ball in a game of intergalactic bar billiards. Got potted straight into a black hole."
Author: Douglas Adams
4. "It must have been unpleasant to be discussed as a curiosity, spoken about over breakfast, and between rounds at billiards, as if one's soul were a common property."
Author: Eleanor Catton
5. "I learned to approach racing like a game of billiards. If you bash the ball too hard, you get nowhere. As you handle the cue properly, you drive with more finesse."
Author: Juan Manuel Fangio
6. "A lot of people think international relations is like a game of chess. But it's not a game of chess, where people sit quietly, thinking out their strategy, taking their time between moves. It's more like a game of billiards, with a bunch of balls clustered together."
Author: Madeleine Albright
7. "A certain skill at billiards is the mark of a gentleman, but to play too well is the sign of a misspent youth.Lucien Fairchild"
Author: Mary Jo Putney
8. "They're soul mates. She has about as much brain as a retarded billiards ball, and he approximately the same."
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
9. "Nature, it seems, is the popular namefor milliards and milliards and milliardsof particles playing their infinite gameof billiards and billiards and billiards."
Author: Piet Hein
10. "A sign read "Free drinks for billiards competitors only." Hand-lettered below read "All others will pay." It was written in blood. I could tell because a red fairy with what looked like black insect wings was writing it at the time, with his own dismembered finger."
Author: Red Tash
11. "He won every game, yet she hardly noticed. As long as she hit the ball, it resulted in shameless bragging. When she missed - well, even the fires of Hell couldn't compare to the rage that burst from her mouth. He couldn't remember a time when he'd laugh so hard."-Dorian while playing billiards with Celaena."
Author: Sarah J. Maas
12. "I love various sports, including basketball, tennis and billiards."
Author: Yani Tseng

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