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1. "No man who is resolved to make the most of himself can spare time for personal contention, still less can he afford to take the consequences, including the vitiation of his temper and the loss of self control, yield to larger things to which you show no more than equal rights, and yield to lesser ones though clearly your own, better give your path to a dog, than be bitten by him in contesting for the right, not even killing the dog, will cure the bite"
Author: Abraham Lincoln
2. "Whoever says that all music is prohibited, let him also claim that the songs of birds are prohibited."
Author: Abu Hamid Al Ghazali
3. "To be on an island inhabited by artificial ghosts was the most unbearable of nightmares,- to be in love with one of those images was worse than being in love with a ghost (perhaps we always want the person we love to have the existenceof a ghost)."
Author: Adolfo Bioy Casares
4. "Too many politicians are shifting the critical themes of our national conversations from a 'big ideas' American Brand Platform to narrowly focused, polarizing sound bites that put party philosophy before what used to be heralded as the common good. These ideas, more often than not, divide us rather than serve to bind us."
Author: Alan Siegel
5. "His eyes twinkled mischievously as he gazed at me with that look that always made me melt: as if I were edible and he could barely restrain himself from taking a bite."
Author: Amy Plum
6. "The mind, placed before any kind of difficulty, can find an ideal outlet in the absurd. Accommodation to the absurd readmits adults to the mysterious realm inhabited by children."
Author: André Breton
7. "You who have inhabited me in the deepest and most broken place, are going, going"
Author: Anne Sexton
8. "He wished he had inhabited more of his life, used it better, filled it fuller."
Author: Anne Tyler
9. "The meteorites of 1908 and 1947 had struck uninhabited wilderness; but by the end of the twenty-first century there was no region left on Earth that could be safely used for celestial target practice."
Author: Arthur C. Clarke
10. "Efortul neincetat de a izgoni suferinta nu are alt rezultat decit o schimbare de suprafata. La origine ea apare sub forma necesitatii si a grijilor materiale. In cazul in care prin munca si eforturi deosebite reusim s-o izgonim sub aceasta forma si infatisare, suferinta se transforma, fiind in continuare prezenta, raportata la virsta si tinind seama de factorul intimplare, sub forma instinctului sexual, geloziei, pasiunii, invidiei, urii, fricii, bolii, zgirceniei etc."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
11. "Both vitamin pills and vegetables are loaded with essential nutrients, but not in the same combinations. Spinach is a good source of both vitamin C and iron. As it happens, vitamin C boosts iron absorption, allowing the body to take in more of it than if the mineral were introduced alone. When I first started studying nutrition, I became fascinated with these coincidences, realizing of course they're not coincidences. Human bodies and their complex digestive chemistry evolved over millenia in response to all the different foods--mostly plants--they raised or gathered from the land surrounding them. They may have died young from snakebite or blunt trauma, but they did not have diet-related illnesses like heart disease and Type II diabetes that are prevalent in our society now, even in some young adults and children. [from an entry by Barbara Kingsolver's daughter Camille]"
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
12. "Dogma in power does have a unique chilling ingredient not exhibited by power, however ghastly, wielded for its own traditional sake."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
13. "Some philosophers can't bear to say simple things, like "Suppose a dog bites a man." They feel obliged instead to say, "Suppose a dog d bites a man m at time t," thereby demonstrating their unshakable commitment to logical rigor, even though they don't go on to manipulate any formulae involving d, m, and t."
Author: Daniel Dennett
14. "When a bill was put before the state legislature in Jefferson City that would have prohibited anyone who owned a saloon from holding elective office and reporters asked what he thought of it, Alderman Jim said probably the bill was intended as a way of improving the reputation of saloonkeepers."
Author: David McCullough
15. "No salvation comes from exhumed gods; we must penetrate deeper into substance. If I take a fossil, say, a trilobite, in my hand (marvelously preserved specimens are found in the quarries at the foot of the Casbah), I am transfixed by the impact of mathematical harmony. Purpose and beauty, as fresh as on the first day, are still seamlessly united in a medal engraved by a master's hand. The bios must have discovered the secret of tripartition in this primordial crab. Tripartition then frequently recurs, even without any natural kinship; figures, in transversal symmetry, dwell in the triptych.How many millions of years ago might this creature have animated an ocean that no longer exists? I hold its impression, a seal of imperishable beauty, in my hand. Some day, this seal, too, will decay or else burn out in cosmic conflagrations of the future. The matrix that formed it remains concealed in and operative from the law, untouched by death or fire."
Author: Ernst Jünger
16. "I'm glad you said that, my sneaky fox, because I fell hard for you. What I mean is...I don't think I'll ever be satisfied, not till I've stripped you down to your skivvies...not till I've eaten you up like a cookie, from the first bite, down to the last crumb. What I mean is, that core part of you that you've stashed deep inside. Now, it's too late to pussy out and wash your hands of this, Ewon Jung."
Author: Hajin Yoo
17. "No performer should attempt to bite off red-hot iron unless he has a good set of teeth."
Author: Harry Houdini
18. "Inceldiginde, çesitli sebeplerle delindigi de olur uykunun. Ne bileyim, bazen zihnimizdeki sivri uçlu bir hatira deler onu; bazen henüz hazmedemedigimiz bir sözün acisi, bazen kolu bacagi aklimizin disinda kalan bir düsünce yahut bir duygu, bazen de etrafimizda olup biten, bizim fark edemedigimiz meçhul bir sey deler. Iste o vakit delinen yerden içerisi görünmez ama disarisi görünür. Hakikat oradan gerçekte oldugu gibi görünmez tabii; uykunun sisi yüzünden, kendisinin biraz berisinde yahut gerisinde görünür."
Author: Hasan Ali Toptas
19. "I wanted to have a personal life that I fully inhabited, not because I am such a great mom, but for me."
Author: Helen Hunt
20. "Cage an eagle and it will bite at the wires, be they ofiron or of gold."
Author: Henrik Ibsen
21. "Ratio et prudentia curas,Non locus effusi late maris arbiter, aufert.[it is reason and wisdom which take away cares, not places affording wide views over the sea.]"
Author: Horace
22. "Psychic change, as Todorov has recognized, subverted the genre in another way, by revoking the cultural taboos, the social censorship, that had prohibited the overt treatment of psychosexual themes, which then found covert expression in the supernatural tale. 'There is no need today to resort to the devil [or to posthumous reverie] in order to speak of excessive sexual desire, and none to resort to vampires in order to designate the attraction exerted by corpses: psychoanalysis, and the literature which is directly or indirectly inspired by it, deal with these matters in undisguised terms. The themes of fantastic literature have become, literally, the very themes of the psychological investigations of the last fifty years."
Author: Howard Kerr
23. "Bite me, faerie fruitcake."
Author: Jim Butcher
24. "Welding torches, cutting torches and any activity producing a flame outside is prohibited. Any open flame is discouraged."
Author: John Glover
25. "But I do get afraid. It's just that fear makes me sort of . . . angry and resentful, and I bite back at it. It's hard to describe."It isn't hard to describe, you idiot," Aud said. "It's called courage."
Author: Jonathan Stroud
26. "No, my discovery was sex: of sex, by sex, fo r sex. This new-uncovered country, prohibited by the fascism of sensitivity, a land where I could celebrate the death of my former self, where the pain of nostalgia could so easily be made to blend into obscurity amidst the overwhelming joy of the moment. Nira/Sussa"
Author: Julian Darius
27. "You could ask me to teach you.""Huh?" This night is getting weird in a hurry. "Teach me like you're teaching a class or something? What are you going to call it: ‘You Too Can Be a Sociopath 101'?""It would be more like a graduate-level class." I start to snicker. His sense of humour sneaks up on you. Then I remember who's talking and bite it off."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
28. "Time overlaps itself. A breath breathed from a passing breeze is not the whole wind, neither is it just the last of what has passed and the first of what will come, but is more--let me see--more like a single point plucked on a single strand of a vast spider web of winds, setting the whole scene atingle. That way; it overlaps...As prehistoric ferns grow from bathtub planters. As a shiny new ax, taking a swing at somebody's next year's split-level pinewood pad, bites all the way to the Civil War. As proposed highways break down through the stacked strata of centuries."
Author: Ken Kesey
29. "Universities should be safe havens where ruthless examination of realities will not be distorted by the aim to please or inhibited by the risk of displeasure."
Author: Kingman Brewster Jr.
30. "But my brain winds and wends. Back and forth. Up and down. It feels like the county fair has inhabited my mind-- complete with sketchy rides, carnies, and sugar-amped kids crying over lost balloons. So loud and disorienting. I want it to pack up and move on to the next town. I want my mind to be an open grassy field again with crickets and dandelions."
Author: Laura Munson
31. "With a dreamy sigh, I prop my chin on my fists. "Who knew that one day I'd be on a date with the lead singer from a famous boy band?"He scowls. "Infinite Gray was not a boy band.""Were there any girls in the band?""No.""That makes you a boy band.""It made us an all-male rock group."I bite back my smile. He's so cute when he's irritated. "Right, like 'N Sync."He winces. "Not like 'N Sync. Jesus, watch where you hurl those things. Words hurt, Maggie."
Author: Lexi Ryan
32. "I found that for me, the bottom line was that God was creation itself. I was praying to whatever caused things to exist. I thought that it also inhabited those things. For me, God was both the prerequisite for existence and its animating, incarnating element."
Author: Margaret D. McGee
33. "I loved sliding into him as he lay on his back so I could watch his face while we moved together. On those nights I could coax him out of the harsh world and its problems into a safe place inhabited by just the two of us. For a brief time, my arms really were strong enough to protect him. Nothing else had ever made me feel so powerful or righteous. Some people say gay sex is wrong because it has no purpose. I pity them, because they've clearly never found with another person what Jamie and I shared in those moments."
Author: Mari Donne
34. "If man could apply half the ingenuity he's exhibited in the creation of weapons to more sensible ends, there's no limit to what he might yet accomplish"
Author: Mark Frost
35. "I grew up weird - very sensitive and highly inhibited. I felt like I was born in the wrong time zone to the wrong people at the wrong place."
Author: Marla Gibbs
36. "I've had reports of this one being in the city, but no close-up pictures till now. He's some kind of pretty. I could just take a bite out of that firm—"
Author: Nalini Singh
37. "He will fight a rattlesnake and give it the first two bites too."
Author: Navjot Singh Sidhu
38. "Ask evlilikten sonra gelir. Unutma: Evlenmeden önce alevlenen ask yangini evlilikle söner ve geriye bos ve kederli bir yangin yeri kalir. Evlendikten sonra duyulan ask da biter elbette, ama onun yerini mutluluk alir. Buna ragmen bazi aceleci budalalar evlenmeden önce âsik olup yana yana bütün aski tüketirler. Niye? Çünkü hayatta en büyük amaci ask sanarlar."
Author: Orhan Pamuk
39. "We Woosters can bite the bullet."
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
40. "You think you are some fine predator? A swamp panther or coywolv?" He pretended to inspect her. "Where are your teeth and claws, girl?" He bared his teeth. "Where is your bite?"
Author: Paolo Bacigalupi
41. "Isn't wine prohibited here?" the boy asked. "It's not what enters men's mouths that's evil," said the alchemist. "It's what comes out of their mouths that is."
Author: Paulo Coelho
42. "Stare at him," said Ghost. "They won't bite you if you keep staring at them."Steve backed away. "They bite?"Not really. They hiss at you, mostly. The only time geese are ever dangerous is when you happen to be standing on the edge of a cliff. I heard about a guy that almost got killed that way."By geese?"Yeah, there was a whole flock of them coming after him. All hissing and cackling and stabbing at his ankles with their big ol' beaks. He didn't know you had to stare them right in the eye, and he panicked. They backed him right over a fifty-foot cliff."So how come he didn't die?"This guy had wings," said Ghost. "He flew away."
Author: Poppy Z. Brite
43. "We ignore our feelings a lot, I realize. Many of us have to... until they really bite us in the butt."
Author: Queen Latifah
44. "Dear Delphine, When you are older I want you to find Chinua Achebe. I want you to read Things Fall Apart. Don't be hardheaded and try to read this book now. Don't be hardheaded, Delphine. You are the smart one, but you are not ready. You can read all its words. Even the African words. But you will not know what Achebe is saying. It is a bad thing to bite into a hard fruit with little teeth. You will say bad things about the fruit when the problem is your teeth. I want you to read this book. I want you to know Things Fall Apart. Fourteen is a good age to find Chinua Achebe. Nzila. Your Mother.P.S. For now you are eleven. Be eleven."
Author: Rita Williams Garcia
45. "I have struck a city - a real city - and they call it Chicago... I urgently desire never to see it again. It is inhabited by savages."
Author: Rudyard Kipling
46. "You bite the bullet and get on with it. One can't expect to be happy all the time ... You expect to be happy, as if it's a right. It's not a right. It's a bonus. The cherry on the cake."
Author: Santa Montefiore
47. "Je suis de trop bon lieu, je suis destiné à des choses trop grandes pour me rendre esclave de mon corps ; l'âme qui l'habite est franche et libre. Jamais cette chair ne me soumettra à la crainte ni à la dissimulation, qui est indigne d'un homme de bien. Jamais je ne commettrai un mensonge en sa faveur. Je romprai notre société quand bon me semblera"
Author: Seneca
48. "Matar slowly approached the coffee and picked it up carefully, like it might bite him. He  removed the lid and sniffed. "It's not poisoned," I said. "What are you? You conjure things from nowhere." "Perhaps I'm an afrit, a genie. Perhaps I'm an angel." Cox watched this exchange with interest. "Perhaps you are Shaitan," said Matar. I raised my eyebrows and Cox obligingly said, "Satan." I smiled a smile that didn't touch my eyes. The blood drained from Matar's face. "Perhaps," I  said. "Welcome to hell."
Author: Steven Gould
49. "It is not unprofessional to give free legal advice, but advertising that the first visit will be free is a bit like a fox telling chickens he will not bite them until they cross the threshold of the hen house."
Author: Warren E. Burger
50. "When the course of experience made me see that there is no saviour and no special grace, no remission beyond the human, that pain is to be endured and fades, if it fades, only with time, then God became nothing to me but a dyslexic dog, with neither bark nor bite."
Author: Yann Martel

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