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1. "Blood is thicker than water, I know, but it's unnatural stuff to drink so much of. ("The Wife Of Ted Wickham")"
Author: A.E. Coppard
2. "They say blood is thicker than water, but I say ice, can be more solid than blood, when times get cold."
Author: Anthony Liccione
3. "Blood may be thicker than water, but it's certainly not as thick as ketchup. Nor does it go as well with French fries."
Author: Jarod Kintz
4. "Blood might be thicker than water, but love was the most powerful magic of all."
Author: Lucy Connors
5. "Nevertheless, blood is thicker than water, as anyone knows who has tasted both."
Author: Margaret Atwood
6. "Family. It was just a word…Could see its letters all strung together. But it was a symbol, too. And people thought they knew what it meant…It was a thing everyone had an opinion about—that it was all you had when you didn't have anything else, that family was there, that blood was thicker than water, whatever. But when Nailer thought about it, most of these words and ideas just seemed like good excuses for people to behave badly and get away with it. Family wasn't more reliable than marriages or friendships…maybe less…The blood bond was nothing. It was the people that mattered. If they covered your back, and you covered theirs, then maybe that was worth calling family."
Author: Paolo Bacigalupi
7. "I have never bought into the idea that blood is thicker than water. Love and respect are meant to be earned from our children, our spouses, our families, and our friends."
Author: Raquel Cepeda
8. "So often they made her think of the phrase "Blood is thicker than water," because at times blood was the only bond they shared and she had to remind herself they were family, because at times it was unbelievable they were even related. She loved them, but she hadn't chosen them."
Author: Victoria Kahler

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