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1. "In 'George Lopez', I played Veronica who's a bratty 18-year-old, and so I feel like it's much easier for me to play that because I feel like a late bloomer. It wasn't difficult or challenging at all because it's not like I haven't been a teenager."
Author: Aimee Garcia
2. "I was a late bloomer."
Author: Alia Shawkat
3. "'Late bloomer' is another way of saying 'slow learner.'"
Author: Ben Fountain
4. "Daddy, I'll be fine. Smalley says some people are late bloomers, that's all."Actually, what she'd said was, 'Tis a marvellous bud that opens its petals at midnight - not so eager as the weeds of daybreak. I figured that translated to, Just because you're not a slut like Veronica, doesn't mean you'll end up alone."
Author: Cecily White
5. "I was a shy kid, a late bloomer. At 22, I was probably 16 emotionally."
Author: Chris Pine
6. "The only time "early bloomer" has ever been applied to me is vis-a-vis my premature apprehension of the deep dread-of-existence thing. In all other cases, I plod and tromp along. My knuckles? Well dragged."
Author: Colson Whitehead
7. "I'm a late bloomer. Being a late bloomer is a problem when you decide at 40 you want to have children."
Author: Daphne Zuniga
8. "(About her age when her first poem was published...) As a poet, it's fair to say that I was a 'late bloomer.' My youngest had published two poems by the age of nine. Isn't that amazing? I was a little older when I saw my first poem in print -- almost 40 years older. Now my little boy is my editor, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm the only writer I know who used to burp her editor."
Author: Donna J. Stone
9. "Given that you probably used to wear . . . velvet bloomers, lace, high heels, and a ponytail, yeah—I guess you have changed a little," I said, and gave a slight smile in hopes of easing the depressing mood.Eli actually grinned. "That look was hot back then." He held his arms out. "Velvet coat with tails to match. Yeah, ruffles, too. I was badass."
Author: Elle Jasper
10. "On Decoration Day, while everyone else in town was at the cemetery decorating the graves of our Glorious War Dead, Willie Beaner and me, Robert Burns Hewitt, took Mabel Cramm's bloomers and run them up the flagpole in front of the town hall. That was the beginning of all my troubles."
Author: Katherine Paterson
11. "Jack lifts his mug. Me an Ike do the same.To Molly Pratt, says Jack.Ike scowls at him. Watch yer mouth, he says.Jeez, Ike, says Jack. All I'm sayin is … to Molly Pratt.Ike looks sly. Leans in an waggles his eyebrows. To Molly Pratt, he says, an her frilly red bloomers.One helluva woman, says Jack.One helluva pair of undies, says Ike.Then they throw their drinks down their necks."
Author: Moira Young
12. "Abandon the idea, Jeeves. I fear you have not studied the sex as I have. Missing her lunch means little or nothing to the female of the species. The feminine attitude toward lunch is notoriously airy and casual. Where you have made your bloomer is confusing lunch with tea. Hell, it is well known, has no fury like a woman who wants her tea and can't get it. At such times the most amiable of the sex become mere bombs which a spark may ignite." Bertie Wooster"
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
13. "I guess I'm a late bloomer." "I sure like you blooming with me, Bev."
Author: Penny Watson
14. "I'll tell you, there is nothing better in life than being a late bloomer. I believe that success can happen at any time and at any age."
Author: Salma Hayek
15. "Being a late bloomer, I really didn't have any interest in children until my late 30s, but I'm so happy I didn't go through life without that experience."
Author: Stacy Keach

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