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1. "Boasters brag most when they cannot be detected."
Author: Aesop
2. "Indeed, to know is something that pleases talkers and boasters, but to do is that which pleases God. Not"
Author: John Bunyan
3. "They shall wear elegant and ornamented robes, carry a sharp sword at their girdle, pamper themselves in eating and drinking, and have a superabundance of property and wealth;—such (princes) may be called robbers and boasters."
Author: Lao Tzu
4. "Tents are boasters, telling exaggerated tales of the weather they protect us from." (Emperor of Thorns)"
Author: Mark Lawrence
5. "Great men, great nations, have not been boasters and buffoons, but perceivers of the terror of life, and have manned themselves to face it."
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

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