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1. "Istilah korupsi, suap, pembobolan, mark up, catut, artinya sama. Tidak jujur. artinya sama, tidak menuju ke keadilan sosial. Artinya, merampas nyawa kehidupan lain."
Author: Arswendo Atmowiloto
2. "En büyük bilgelik su andan zevk almayi hayatin en büyük amaci kilmaktir, çünkü tek gerçek budur, baska her sey düsünce oyunudur. Ama bunun en büyük budalaligimiz oldugunu da söyleyebiliriz, çünkü yalnizca kisa bir süre için var olan ve bir rüya gibi kaybolan içinde bulundugumuz bu an asla ciddi bir çabaya degmez."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
3. "E foarte frig acum si mi-au intepenit mainile. De parca n-ar fi mainile mele. Si creierul la fel, parca n-ar fi al meu. A inceput sa si ninga. Imi pare ca ninge cu fragmente mici din creierul altcuiva. O ninsoare care se depune ca materia unui creier strain. - Sobolanul"
Author: Haruki Murakami
4. "We have all lived through that shriveling moment when a parent walks into a room and repeats, with sardonic disbelief, a couplet picked up from the stereo or the TV. 'What does that mean, then?' my mother asked me during Top of the Pops. "Get it on / Bang a gong"? How long did it take him to think of that, do you reckon?' And the correct answer - 'Two seconds, and it doesn't matter' - is always beyond you, so you just tell her to shut up, while inside you're hating Marc Bolan for making you like him even though he sings about getting it on and banging gongs."
Author: Nick Hornby
5. "Marc Bolan had inspired so many people to pick up a guitar and join a band."
Author: Tony Visconti

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Quotes About Bolan
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