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1. "Nick felt a tear rise to his eye at the thought of the child's utter innocence of hangovers."
Author: Alan Hollinghurst
2. "The loss of innocence is inevitable, but the death of innocence disturbs the natural order. The death of innocence causes an imbalance and initiates an internal war that manifests differently in each individual, but almost always includes anger, withdrawal and severe depression."
Author: B.G. Bowers
3. "Being at the centre of a film is a burden one takes on with innocence the first time. Thereafter, you take it on with trepidation."
Author: Daniel Day Lewis
4. "Look past the violence. There is a wonderful brimming spirit of innocence and fun."
Author: Don DeLillo
5. "She got in, as she had persuaded Jerott Blyth to bring her half across France, by force of logic, a kind of flat-chested innocence and the doggedness of a flower-pecker attacking a strangling fig."
Author: Dorothy Dunnett
6. "Never go in, miss. Never say a prayer at its door. If you are angry, do not seek revenge by the Laughing Maiden stone, or at the threshold of the Tombs. There be those who listen for oaths and vows, and them that takes it quite to heart. What may be said in innocence and ire becomes flesh and blood should it be uttered in such places."
Author: Douglas Clegg
7. "The decision of such judges as Claudius and his Senate is worth very little in the question of a man's innocence or guilt; but the sentence was that Seneca should be banished to the island of Corsica."
Author: Frederic William Farrar
8. "Jesse Jackson, when I met him, he had an innocence about him which is still very much a part of him today."
Author: Jackie Jackson
9. "World & people only seem unlovable due to toxins & lies they've been fed. Release distortions of mind. Return all to innocence & freedom"
Author: Jay Woodman
10. "That's what innocence is, you know. A blissful oblivion of what's coming, of what you'll lose and what you'll gain, and what kind of person you'll grow up to be."
Author: Laura Wiess
11. "As long as you stay as a good hearted person, you will keep the innocence in your face."
Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
12. "With the innocence of the dead, who no longer mind being observed, the people in the photographs gazed out on the professors' barely contained enthusiasm."
Author: Roberto Bolaño
13. "... 'But Gold was not all. The other kings bring Frank Innocence and Mirth.' | Darcourt was startled, then delighted. 'That is very fine, Yerko; is it your own?' | 'No, it is in the story. I saw it in New York. The kings say, We bring you Gold, Frank Innocence, and Mirth.' | 'Sancta simplicitas,' said Darcourt, raising his eyes to mine. 'If only there were more Mirth in the message He has left to us. We miss it sadly, in the world we have made. And Frank Innocence. Oh, Yerko, you dear man.' ..."
Author: Robertson Davies
14. "I don't enjoy the boo scare when you're watching a movie and then suddenly there's a big shark on the screen. The only thing they're doing is catching you off guard."
Author: Sergio Aragones
15. "Now pull back briefly from the dripping streets of Ankh-Morpork, pan across the morning mists of the Disc, and focus in again on a young man heading for the city with all the openness, sincerity, and innocence of purpose of an iceberg drifting into a major shipping lane."
Author: Terry Pratchett
16. "Remorse is virtue's root; its fair increase are fruits of innocence and blessedness."
Author: William C. Bryant
17. "The silence often of pure innocence persuades when speaking fails."
Author: William Shakespeare

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