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1. "In our world of sleek flesh and collagen, Botox and liposuction, what we most fear is the dissolution of the body-mind, the death of the brain."
Author: A. S. Byatt
2. "Of course, like any woman, I look in the mirror and think, 'Oh, wouldn't I look better with a bit of Botox?' But you've got to find comfort in your own skin. I've watched women stretch themselves year after year until their faces are no longer recognisable."
Author: Amanda Donohoe
3. "I didn't get attached to Botox. It is costly, and you have to remember to keep doing it."
Author: Cherie Lunghi
4. "I tried Botox, but I don't want to be hooked on that stuff."
Author: Cherie Lunghi
5. "Botox? I think it's fantastic and also horrible."
Author: Courteney Cox
6. "My hope is that if I take good care of my skin and use Botox, I won't have to use anything else."
Author: Courtney Thorne Smith
7. "I tried Botox once. Never again. It made my forehead freeze."
Author: Donny Osmond
8. "In this business actors who have Botox or surgery make you very aware of age. It's awful."
Author: Eva Green
9. "If you choose to be Frankenstein with Botox and plastic surgery, you've bought your own private mask."
Author: Frances Conroy
10. "Funny enough, if you are looking at people these days who are putting Botox in their face and getting all sorts of plastic surgery, we look at them and go, I can tell you've had Botox. I can tell you've had plastic surgery. You look really strange to me. But no one's saying anything. We're just accepting the fact that they're strange-looking."
Author: Guy Pearce
11. "Because I am married to a surgeon, I do Botox and I do some fillers. But I truly believe that the best beauty secret is happiness. I know that sounds sappy, but I'm just telling you it comes from the inside and spreads out. The happier and more satisfied you are living your life, the better you will look."
Author: Heather Dubrow
12. "I've had a little plastic surgery. I've had a little lipo. I've had a little Botox. And you know what? None of it works. None of it."
Author: Jamie Lee Curtis
13. "Every six months I fly to Dallas to get botox and I also get collagen injections."
Author: Janice Dickinson
14. "I've never had Botox. But I like people to imagine I have."
Author: Jennifer Saunders
15. "I have girlfriends who've had Botox and been left with lumps in their faces. And the lips, don't even get me started."
Author: Joan Collins
16. "I love the acting process. What I don't like is what's around it. The auditions and being rejected every other day. The look thing. That you have to lose weight, that you have to do Botox."
Author: Julie Delpy
17. "I don't know why everyone feels the pressure to look young. Personally, I hate it. I don't want to inject Botox and look young forever. It's living in denial and anything that has an undercurrent of this philosophy is bad for your growth."
Author: Kangna Ranaut
18. "I'm totally not against plastic surgery. I've tried Botox before. That's the only thing that I've done."
Author: Kim Kardashian
19. "If you don't like your wrinkles and you think Botox or surgery is going to fix it, do it and shut up. But don't keep talking about it."
Author: Linda Gray
20. "Soul, love, joy and natural beauty shines first from within. Make time for quiet reflective moments. Be still and know there is more than just Botox and pink martinis for women over 40."
Author: Machel Shull
21. "I haven't had Botox because my face is a bit lopsided and I depend on keeping everything animated so that people don't notice."
Author: Marian Keyes
22. "We had the Belle Epoque. Now we have the Botox Epoque, permeated by plastic emotions from antidepressants and plastic veneers from collagen, silicone, cosmetic surgery and Botox."
Author: Maureen Dowd
23. "Yet, despite their many surgeries and jobs, most of them looked like old girls – girls who had suffered some wasting disease. These same things, breasts and botox, like independence and immodesty, had been powerful and shameful a few short years back, put in the same category as an extra toe or a stutter; they were quaint now."
Author: Meghna Pant
24. "Botox not only helps with wrinkles, it actually makes you feel more relaxed as frowning causes tension."
Author: Patricia Cornwell
25. "I am a fan of Botox."
Author: Patricia Cornwell
26. "I did not get Botox because you wouldn't see any expression in my face. Hopefully it has paid off."
Author: Penelope Ann Miller
27. "Botox should be banned for actors, as steroids are for sportsmen. Acting is all about expression; why would you want to iron out a frown?"
Author: Rachel Weisz
28. "But I'm just having fun playing and giving Botox injections to the older songs."
Author: Richard Marx
29. "Look, it's to the point where kids are getting Botox. It's insane. We're not allowed to age."
Author: Rosanna Arquette
30. "I don't Botox. I've never Botoxed."
Author: Ryan Seacrest
31. "I used to think I had to stay frozen in time. No amount of Botox will keep up."
Author: Sheena Easton
32. "I realise having work done makes you look older - and everyone's starting to look the same, which is a problem. I've admitted that I had a cyst removed from my lip and had it filled - I had to; the lip was half gone. And I've tried Botox, but I don't do it any more. I'd tell anyone who's going to have it done not to do it."
Author: Sophie Monk
33. "If you're an unattractive girl who's trying to be beautiful with Botox, forget it. If you are a beautiful girl who's trying to be beautiful with Botox, you will look like you're angry all the time."
Author: Stevie Nicks
34. "I've earned all these years on my face. I don't want to be a liar if in five or 10 years I do get some Botox, but needles in the face scare me, so I don't really know if I am ever going to do that."
Author: Valerie Bertinelli
35. "Americans spend more money on Botox, face lifts and tummy tucks than on the age-old scourges of polio, small pox and malaria."
Author: Victor Davis Hanson

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