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1. "How could 30 years be the blink-of-the-eye it felt? It was the difference between black-and-white footage of the Second World War and David Bowie on 'Top of the Pops' singing 'Life on Mars.'"
Author: Ali Smith
2. "Riddles, I hate fucking riddles," Ristan growled and shook his dark head. "Why couldn't she have sent a minotaur, or maybe David Bowie and a bunch of Muppets to mess with us?"
Author: Amelia Hutchins
3. "David Bowie worked with Brian Eno and dressed up in extraordinary clothes, but he was also a brilliant songwriter who captured the thoughts of a generation. He was hugely successful, without compromise."
Author: Bat For Lashes
4. "But, on the instant, came the sweep and flash of Jonathan's great knife. I shrieked as I saw it shear through the throat. Whilst at the same moment Mr. Morris's bowie knife plunged into the heart."
Author: Bram Stoker
5. "You dont get your black ass away from this fire I'll kill you graveyard dead. He looked to where Glanton sat. Glanton watched him. He put the pipe in his mouth and rose and took up the apishamore and folded it over his arm. Is that your final say? Final as the judgement of God. The black looked once more across the flames at Glanton and then he moved away in the dark. The white man uncocked the revolver and placed it on the ground before him. Two of the others came back to the fire and stood uneasily. Jackson sat with his legs crossed. One hand lay in his lap and the other was outstretched on his knee holding a slender black cigarillo. The nearest man to him was Tobin and when the black stepped out of the darkness bearing the bowieknife in both hands like some instrument of ceremony Tobin started to rise. The white man looked up drunkenly and the black stepped forward and with a single stroke swapt off his head."
Author: Cormac McCarthy
6. "This is a mad planet," David Bowie said in 1971. "It's doomed to madness."
Author: David Bowie
7. "I have someone who loves me for me. Seriously, it REALLY helps!' Bowie on marrying Iman"
Author: David Bowie
8. "I'm very at ease, and I like it. I never thought I would be such a family-oriented guy; I didn't think that was part of my makeup. But somebody said that as you get older you become the person you always should have been, and I feel that's happening to me. I'm rather surprised at who I am, because I'm actually like my dad!David Bowie"
Author: David Bowie
9. "Introduction All art is unstable. It's meaning is not necessarily that implied by the author, There is no authorative active voice. There are only multiple readings. David Bowie, 1995"
Author: David Bowie
10. "Paper clip. Ping. Disaster. Colonel Bowie is down. Colonel Bowie is down! The Mexican Army is now leaderless. Capone gloats."
Author: Dean Koontz
11. "If you took a couple of David Bowies and stuck one of the David Bowies on the top of the other David Bowie, then attached another David Bowie to the end of each of the arms of the upper of the first two David Bowies and wrapped the whole business up in a dirty beach robe you would then have something which didn't exactly look like John Watson, but which those who knew him would find hauntingly familiar."
Author: Douglas Adams
12. "I guess my style is a cross between David Bowie and Clint Eastwood."
Author: Dylan McDermott
13. "Bowie is a musician, but he works like a painter. Thom always thought that we should aspire to that."
Author: Ed O'Brien
14. "David Bowie's my favorite musician. I love him above all, but I'm really into rap a lot right now."
Author: Ethan Suplee
15. "Good grief," said Merlin. "You look like the bastard child of Dumbledore and David Bowie. No, sorry, Dumbledore and Ziggy Stardust."
Author: FayJay
16. "Pytalem przed chwila co to jest ojciec i zawolalem, ze to slowo wielkie, miano drogocenne. Ale slowa trzeba, panowie, uzywac uczciwie (...) „ojcowie, nie rozgoryczajcie dzieci waszych"! Albowiem wypelnijmy najpierw sami wole Chrystusowa, a wtedy dopiero stawiajmy wymagania dzieciom naszym. Inaczej nie ojcami, ale wrogami dzieci naszych jestesmy, one zas nie dziecmi naszymi, ale wrogami, których samismy sobie uczynili! „Jaka miarka mierzycie, taka bedzie wam odmierzone" – juz nie ja to mówie, lecz Ewangelia – jakze wiec obwiniac dzieci, ze nam nasza miarka odmierzaja? (...) ten, co zrodzil, nie jest jeszcze ojcem – ojcem bowiem jest ten, co i zrodzil, i zasluzyl sobie na miano ojca."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
17. "David Bowie, for me, was the butchest guy in town. Jagger was like a truck driver."
Author: Hedi Slimane
18. "I have seen purer liquors, better segars, finer tobacco, truer guns and pistols, larger dirks and bowie knives, and prettier courtesans here in San Francisco than in any other place I have ever visited; and it is my unbiased opinion that California can and does furnish the best bad things that are available in America."
Author: Hinton Helper
19. "That night, when SanJuanna had cleared the main course and brought dessert in, my mother called for quiet and said, "Boys, I have an announcement to make. Your sister made the apple pies tonight. I'm sure we will all enjoy them very much.""Can I learn how, ma'am?" said Jim Bowie."No, J.B. Boys don't bake pies," Mother said."Why not?" he said."They have wives who make pies for them.""But I don't have a wife.""Darling, I'm sure you will have a very nice one someday when you're older, and she'll make you many pies. Calpurnia, would you care to serve?"Was there any way I could have a wife, too? I wondered as I cut through the browned C and promptly shattered the entire crust."
Author: Jacqueline Kelly
20. "I always say David Bowie, that's sort of like my stock answer to every question regarding who I'd like to have come on the show, who I'd like to sing our theme song, who I'd like to meet for coffee in a completely unrelated non-'Psych' atmosphere. He's just the God, he's the man and I think we could probably make really good use of him on our show."
Author: James Roday
21. "What about David Bowie? He's a sexy creature."
Author: John Galliano
22. "Extreme zombie fighting" kit. Tactical boots and tacticals. Firefighting bunker gear. Nomex head cover tucked under the collar of the bunker gear. Full face respirator. Helmet with integrated visor. Body armor with integral MOLLE. Knee, elbow and shin guards. Nitrile gloves. Tactical gloves. Rubber gloves. Assault pack with hydration unit. Saiga shotgun on friction strap rig. A .45 USP in tactical fast-draw holster. Two .45 USP in chest holsters. Fourteen Saiga ten-round 12-gauge magazines plus one in the weapon. Nine pistol magazines in holster plus three in weapons. Kukri in waist sheath. Machete in over-shoulder sheath, right. Halligan tool in over-shoulder sheath, left. Tactical knife in chest sheath. Tactical knife in waist sheath. Bowie knife in thigh sheath. Calf tactical knife times two. A few clasp knives dangling in various places. There was the head of a teddy bear peeking out of her assault pack."
Author: John Ringo
23. "In his day, liking someone like David Bowie would have been the domain of degenerate officers in black and white movies about nazis."
Author: Jonathan Goldstein
24. "Ein Greenhorn schleppt der Reinlichkeit wegen einen Waschschwamm von der Größe eines Riesenkürbis und zehn Pfund Seife mit in die Prärie und steckt sich dazu einen Kompass bei, der schon am dritten oder vierten Tag nach allen möglichen Richtungen, aber nie mehr nach Norden zeigt. Ein Greenhorn schreibt sich achthundert Indianerausdrücke auf, und wenn er dem ersten Roten begegnet, merkt er, dass er diese Aufzeichnungen im letzten Briefumschlag mit nach Hause geschickt und dafür den Brief dabehalten hat. Ein Greenhorn kauft Schießpulver, und wenn er den ersten Schuss tun will, erkennt er, dass man ihm gemahlene Holzkohle gegeben hat. Ein Greenhorn hat fünf Jahre lang Astronomie studiert, kann aber ebenso lange den gestirnten Himmel anstarren, ohne zu wissen, wie viel Uhr es ist. Ein Greenhorn steckt das Bowiemesser so in den Gürtel, dass er sich beim Bücken die Klinge in den Schenkel sticht..."
Author: Karl May
25. "Badz soba, a zwlaszcza nie udawaj uczuc.I nie badz cyniczna wobez milosci, albowiem w obliczu wszelkiej oschlosci i rozczarowan, ONA jest wieczna jak trwa"."
Author: Katarzyna Michalak
26. "The press will naturally come and go as it has done with all artists, from David Bowie to Neil Young to U2."
Author: Kelly Jones
27. "Trzymajcie sie z dala od czlowieka, który pracowal w pocie czola nad rozwiazaniem jakiejs zagadki, rozwiazal ja i stwierdzil, ze nie jest madrzejszy niz przedtem - powiada Bokonon. - Przepelnia go bowiem mordercza pogarda do ludzi, którzy sa równie glupi jak on, ale nie doszli do swojej glupoty równie ciezka praca."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
28. "David Bowie and Boy George created a safely contained theatrical expression of gay style."
Author: Lance Loud
29. "David Bowie is such a big influence to me. Everything about him as a person is intriguing to me."
Author: Leona Lewis
30. "Be strong and follow your own convictions. You can't assume there is a lot of time to do what you like. This is what David Bowie is afraid of: that he will die before he gets a chance to make a real strong contribution."
Author: Marc Bolan
31. "I once went through the dustbin outside David Bowie's house."
Author: Matthew Bourne
32. "So asking you to take a moonlit walk with me, that would totally not work?""What?" Again that glare. "Go away. Stop being an idiot. I don't even know you.""You're healing my little brother Bowie.""Yeah, that doesn't make us friends, kid.""So no moonlight.""Are you retarded?""Sunrise? I could get up early.""Go away.""Sunset tomorrow?" -Sanjit & Lana"
Author: Michael Grant
33. "It's a miracle that David Bowie, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop are actually still alive today, given how hard they lived."
Author: Mick Rock
34. "The extremes of who I'd love to be onstage are David Bowie, Prince, and, I don't know, Bjork."
Author: Miguel
35. "-Zaledwies sie zjawil na dachu, a juz palnales glupstwo. Chcesz wiedziec, na czym ono polega? Na intonacji twego glosu. To, co powiedziales, powiedziales w sposób zdajacy sie swiadczyc, ze nie uznajesz cieni ani zla. Badz tak uprzejmy i spróbuj przemyslec nastepujacy problem – na co by sie zdalo twoje dobro, gdyby nie istnialo zlo i jak by wygladala ziemia, gdyby z niej zniknely cienie? Przeciez cienie rzucaja przedmioty i ludzie. Oto cien mojej szpady. Ale sa równiez cienie drzew i cienie istot zywych. A moze chcesz zlupic cala kule ziemska, usuwajac z jej powierzchni wszystkie drzewa i wszystko, co zyje, poniewaz masz taka fantazje, zeby sie napawac niezmacona swiatloscia? Jestes glupi.-Nie zamierzam z toba dyskutowac, stary sofisto – odparl Mateusz Lewita.-Nie mozesz ze mna dyskutowac, z powodu, o którym juz wspomnialem, albowiem jestes glupi (…)."
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
36. "Skoro tylko kot doprowadzony zostal do komisariatu, stwierdzono tam, ze rzeczony obywatel intensywnie wonieje spirytusem, w zwiazku z czym jego zeznan nie przyjeto za dobra monete. Tymczasem staruszka, dowiedziawszy sie od sasiadów, ze jej kota przymkneli, popedzila do komisariatu i zdazyla na czas. Wystawila kotu jak najpochlebniejsze swiadectwo, zeznala, ze zna go od pieciu lat, od malego kociaka, ze reczy za niego jak za sama siebie, udowodnila, ze nigdy jeszcze sie nie zdarzylo, by przylapano go na czyms zdroznym, oraz ze nigdy nie wyjezdzal do Moskwy. W Armawirze sie urodzil, tu sie wychowal, tu sie ksztalcil w lowach na myszy.Kot zostal uwolniony z wiezów i zwrócony wlascicielce, acz, co prawda, ciezko doswiadczony przez los – przekonal sie bowiem na wlasnej skórze, co to znaczy falszywe posadzenie i oszczerstwo."
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
37. "Without David Bowie, popular music as we know it pretty much wouldn't exist."
Author: Moby
38. "A black dog, tall and wide as a full grown man, took a couple of steps toward them. It bared sharp, yellow fangs big as Bowie knifes. Drool dripped from them to the dried grass below. Unable to help it, Lee wet his pants when he saw the animal's eyes. It had four glowing orbs that burned with a smoldering red light like the fires of Hell."
Author: Pamela K. Kinney
39. "I've been a big believer in musicians turned actor, going back to Sinatra winning the Oscar for 'From Here To Eternity.' David Bowie in 'Man Who Fell to Earth,' Kris Kristofferson's been great in a bunch of films. Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey, I thought was great in 'Precious.'"
Author: Peter Berg
40. "Nigdy nie uwazal, ze „czyta" ksiazki. Jezyk byl w tym wypadku równie zdradziecki, jak u hazardzisty, który przechwala sie wygrana partia, tak jakby sila lub determinacja wydarl losowi zwyciestwo, gdy tymczasem szczesliwy rzut sztonami nie byl niczym wiecej, jak tylko udana próba wykorzystania chwili wlasnej bezradnosci. Otwarcie ksiazki zas wiazalo sie z ryzykiem zupelnie innej miary. Otwierajac ksiazke, nie tylko stawal sie bezradny, nie tylko oddawal iles tam zazdrosnie strzezonych uderzen serca wladajacemu piórem obcemu czlowiekowi, lecz pozwalal samego siebie napisac. Czymze jest bowiem lektura ksiegi, jesli nie ciaglym poddawaniem sie nieprzewidywalnym kaprysom duszy jej autora?"
Author: R. Scott Bakker
41. "David Bowie was awesome the easiest, coolest interview I have ever done."
Author: Rachel Perry
42. "Kazde indywiduum przejawia tendencje do czucia sie „bardziej innym" od wszystkich bliznich i równoczesnie kazda kultura przejawia tendencje do myslenia o sobie nie tylko jak o róznej od innych, lecz ponadto jak o maksymalnie róznej od innych, bowiem kazda kultura podtrzymuje owo uczucie „innosci" wsród pozostajacych w jej kregu jednostek."
Author: René Girard
43. "He said 'My kingdom is not of this world.' So did Bowie. It tapped into the whole Catholic idea of creating your own saints, finding icons of divinity in the mundane. As a religion, Bowieism didn't seem so different from Catholicism - the hemlines were just a little higher."
Author: Rob Sheffield
44. "I went through a pretty big David Bowie period when I was younger, and that has affected me profoundly in my life and my work."
Author: Ryan McGinley
45. "Being in love, as both Plato and David Bowie have pointed out, is horrible."
Author: Stefano Benni
46. "As suburbs go, Bromley's not bad. But as David Bowie and Hanif Kureishi have observed, you do want to get out of there quickly."
Author: Tibor Fischer
47. "I was looking at people like Jim Morrison and David Bowie and Mick Jagger and I thought, Ah! I want to look like them."
Author: Tommy Hilfiger
48. "Too embarrassed even to try as long as everyone was looking at me, I made what was probably a fairly unique request. ‘Um, I'll have a go. But I can't do it if you're all looking at me. Can I go inside the wardrobe and sing from there?' The others looked at me strangely, possibly beginning to worry about the apparent absence of any stage personality in this girl they had just recruited, but to their credit they agreed, without killing themselves laughing, and so in I went. From inside my hidey-hole I sang David Bowie's ‘Rebel Rebel'. I emerged to a very positive response, the others all declaring that I sounded like Siouxsie Sioux – I was trying very hard to – and while I was quite pleased with myself, I wasn't sure that I would be able to do it in front of an audience. We could hardly take the wardrobe around with us."
Author: Tracey Thorn
49. "Ta cala psychiatria to nic innego, jak tylko swoisty mikrokosmos komunizmu [...]. Lepiej by zostawili ludziom ich klopoty osobiste. Nasuwa sie bowiem pytanie, czy klopoty nie sa jedyna rzecza na swiecie, która ludzie moga miec na wlasnosc?"
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
50. "Gdy kleska stanie przed toba,Wysluchaj prawdy w milczeniu,Bo jakze równac ze sobaCzlowieka, w którego sumieniuPojawic sie nie mozeNajmniejsze wstydu znamie,Gdy ty, wychowany w honorze,Potrafisz dowiesc, ze klamie?W trudniejszym cwiczony mestwie,Na Triumf spojrzyj ze wzgarda,I badz jak struna, w szalenstwieZmuszana do smiechu przez bardaWewnatrz budowli z kamienia,Bowiem najtrudniej na swiecieZwyciezac posród milczeniaI cieszyc sie z tego w sekrecie."
Author: W.B. Yeats

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