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1. "Squirrelflight rested her tail on his shoulder, urging him to lie still until his injuries could be treated. Brambleclaw led Stormfur and Brook up to Firestar.The Clan leader's eyes stretched wide in surprise. "Stormfur...and Brook! What are you doing here?""There'll be time to explain later," Stormfur meowed. "For now, Firestar, put us to work."
Author: Erin Hunter
2. "Brambleclaw dipped his head. "The battle is won," he growled. "The clearing is ours. Do you concede or shall we fight for it again?"Blackstar flashed a look of burning hatred over his shoulder. "Take it," he hissed. "It was never worth the blood that has been spilled here today."
Author: Erin Hunter

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Quotes About Brambleclaw

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