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1. "I'm looking for a Justice who appreciates the awesome responsibility that she will be given, if confirmed. A Justice who understands the gravity of the office and who respects the very different roles that the Constitution provides for each of the three branches of government."
Author: Amy Klobuchar
2. "When the three branches of government have failed to represent the citizenry and the mass of the media has failed to represent the citizenry, then the citizenry better represent the citizenry."
Author: David Mamet
3. "With my track record, I'll probably be able to screw up all three branches of government in about a week and a half."
Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
4. "It is the union of independence and dependence of these branches - legislative, executive and judicial - and of the governmental functions possessed by each of them, that constitutes the marvellous genius of this unrivalled document."
Author: J. Reuben Clark
5. "In our Constitution governmental power is divided among three separate branches of the national government, three separate branches of State governments, and the peoples of the several States."
Author: Robert W. Welch Jr.
6. "Thieves, spies and other wise guys are working everywhere…including in branches of the U.S. government."
Author: Sherry Morris
7. "Maintaining checks and balances on the power of the Judiciary Branch and the other two branches is vital to keep the form of government set up by our Founding Fathers."
Author: Todd Tiahrt

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