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1. "Something as simple as better breastfeeding could save a million children a year."
Author: Anne M. Mulcahy
2. "I'm a big advocate of breastfeeding."
Author: Arizona Muse
3. "About four or five weeks after it was publicly announced I was no longer breastfeeding, I got a letter from the NHS saying they were being supportive of me, but basically, they were very disappointed I'd stopped."
Author: Denise Van Outen
4. "Corbin wanted, quite simply, to die.He had wished for death many times over his long lifespan, but never as fervently as he did while Beth Adams rattled off breastfeeding statistics, her baby sucking industriously, mouth fully around the entire areola, as Sam was quick to point out, finger outlining the area in question. Corbin was speechless. -Corbin at Baby Boot Camp"
Author: Erin McCarthy
5. "$13 to $20 billion a year could be saved in health care costs by demedicalizing childbirth, developing midwifery, and encouraging breastfeeding."
Author: Frank A. Oski
6. "No one argues with the many benefits of breastfeeding for those women who choose it."
Author: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
7. "Bosoms are for bedrooms and breastfeeding."
Author: Kathryn Stockett
8. "Bosoms," she announces, with a hand to her own, "are for bedrooms and breastfeeding. Not for occasions with dignity.""Well, what do you want her to do, Eleanor? Leave them at home?"
Author: Kathryn Stockett
9. "It's not like I'm cooking! I'm breastfeeding - I feel like that's the best cooking I could do."
Author: Marcia Cross
10. "I often went to Catholic mass or Eucharist at the Episcopal church, nourished by the symbol and power of this profound feeding ritual. It never occurred to me how odd it was that women, who have presided over the domain of food and feeding for thousands of years, were historically and routinely barred from presiding over it in a spiritual context. And when the priest held out the host and said, "This is my body, given for you," not once did I recognize that it is women in the act of breastfeeding who most truly embody those words and who are also most excluded from ritually saying them."
Author: Sue Monk Kidd

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