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1. "He walked over to the piano and lifted the cover revealing black and white keys that my fingers knew all too well. "Play for me?"I looked at the piano hesitantly and I felt the passion start to grow back inside of me. My fingers itched to play and suddenly my body was moving towards the piano and I sat down, my posture back to where it should be, my fingers hovering over the keys ready to play a song that I hadn't heard in years.I closed my eyes and slowly breathed in and out. And then my fingers flew across the keys, the music filling the room. The music moved me both emotionally and physically as I rocked my body to the music, putting all of me into the song. The music took me to a different place than where I was here and now. This is the melody I always seem to come back to, always finding myself lost in the notes. The song is a part of me as it tells a story. A story about loss and recovery."
Author: Alexandria Rhodes
2. "I breathed in, he breathed out. We traded actual air."
Author: Alice Clayton
3. "That's the thing," Jo says. "You think you know what you're in for. I mean, you tell yourself that, of course, it's not going to be wine and roses and all of that bullshit for the rest of your life, but then, one day, you wake up, and your fucking husband has morphed into someone whom you barely recognize. And you sit there and you stare at him while he scratches his balls through his underwear at the kitchen table, and you think, 'This is totally not what I signed up for. I mean, who knows if I even love this ball-scratching, foul-breathed man?' And then you wonder if you love him more out of habit than out of anything else." She chews the inside of her lip and considers. "And I guess from there, all bets are off."
Author: Allison Winn Scotch
4. "Merry has just found her bio dad Sly and is meeting him for the first time (as her dad) and her beau Jason is confused:Jason scratched the back of his neck. "Does someone want to tell me what's going on here?"Sly lowered his voice and breathed heavily a couple of times. "Luke, I am her father.""Funny.""No, really," Merry said, wide-eyed. "It might be true."
Author: Ashlyn Chase
5. "Cold air clawed at my face, ripping tears from my eyes. I buried my face deep into Daniel's back and breathed in a mixture of familiar scents - almonds, oil paint, earth, and a hint of varnish. I didn't even question why I was on that bike. I just knew I was suppose to be."
Author: Bree Despain
6. "He breathed a deep ahh and said, "Where did you learn to do that?""Los Angeles High School of Performing Arts," I said. "They taught me how to open my throat to sing. Then Kevin Wainwright taught me how to put his dick down it."He laughed. "I'd like to thank LA Unified and Kevin Whatever for this moment."
Author: C.D. Reiss
7. "As I stood there,hushed and still,I could swear that the house was not an empty shell but lived and breathed as it had lived before."
Author: Daphne Du Maurier
8. "Make me lose count, Blake Hartt."Livia let him lift her and guide her body onto him.Joined. Inside. Together."I love you," they breathed."
Author: Debra Anastasia
9. "How shall I tell ye what it is, to feel the need of a place?" he said softly. "The need of snow beneath my shoon. The breath of the mountains, breathing their own breath in my nostrils as God gave breath to Adam. The scrape of rock under my hand, climbing, and the sight of the lichens on it, enduring in the sun and the wind."      His breath was gone and he breathed again, taking mine. His hands were linked behind mv head, holding me, face-to-face."If I am to live as a man, I must have a mountain," he said simply."
Author: Diana Gabaldon
10. "I'm falling!" Lilliana cried loudly as she wrenched against the leather cuffs. Tucker's fingers laced with Lilliana's and he smashed her with the weight of his body against the cross."I'll catch you Lilly," Tucker calmly breathed into her ear. "Let yourself go. Let it all go and fly pet. Fly..."
Author: Ella Dominguez
11. "That Socrates should ever have been so treated by the Athenians!" Slave! why say "Socrates"? Speak of the thing as it is: That ever then the poor body of Socrates should have been dragged away and haled by main force to prision! That ever hemlock should have been given to the body of Socrates; that that should have breathed its life away!—Do you marvel at this? Do you hold this unjust? Is it for this that you accuse God? Had Socrates no compensation for this? Where then for him was the ideal Good? Whom shall we hearken to, you or him? And what says he? "Anytus and Melitus may put me to death: to injure me is beyond their power." And again:— "If such be the will of God, so let it be."
Author: Epictetus
12. "They stopped thinking with an almost painful relief, stopped seeing; they only breathed and sought each other. They were both in the gray gentle world of a mild hangover of fatigue when the nerves relax in bunches like piano strings, and crackle suddenly like wicker chairs. Nerves so raw and tender must surely join other nerves, lips to lips, breast to breast…"
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
13. "Alice?"She spun toward the door, her skirts whirling softly. "Yes?" she forced out."Do you know what I am holding in my hand?""No.""Care to guess?""A pitchfork?" she asked in a stilted attempt at levity, hoping to invoke his earlier, playful mood."No, my dear," he answered drily. "A key to your room.""What?"she breathed, aghast."I should hate to have to use it.""You have a key to this room?""Mm-hmm."She took a step toward the door, panic rising up in her throat. "You're bluffing!""Do you wish me to prove it?"
Author: Gaelen Foley
14. "They walked as it were in a black vapour wrought of veritable darkness itself that, as it was breathed, brought blindness not only to eyes but to the mind, so that even the memory of colours and of forms and of any light faded out of thought. Night had always been, and always would be, and night was all."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
15. "The man breathed deeply with his eyes shut and his speech trailed off. Nick approached the patient with the syringe in hand, nodding. He turned the machine up now, almost all the way, and then proceeded with the injection."I think you're about ready."
Author: Jackie Sonnenberg
16. "Oh my God, Abby," he breathed. He rocked into me again, another hum emanating from his throat. "Holy shit, you feel amazing.""Is it different?"He looked into my eyes. "It's different with you, anyway, but," he took in a deep breath and tensed again, closing his eyes for a moment, "I'm never going to be the same after this."
Author: Jamie McGuire
17. "The words first. Damned near everything begins with words."I am," I breathed, and suddenly the ice was clear of my mouth."I am Harry..." I panted, and the pain redoubled.And I laughed. As if some freak who never loved enough to know loss could tell me about pain."
Author: Jim Butcher
18. "When she stopped kissing him his hand went to her waist to pull her back. the sun beat down on us. The day quivered. The sky was as deep as the ocean. We breathed underwater."
Author: Karen Foxlee
19. "Celibate? He lived and breathed sex. Considered sex the eighth wonder of the world. Suffering blue balls was for teenagers. Not grown men."
Author: Kate Angell
20. "Why are you willing to protect me?"Because no matter how much she fussed and snarled, it was music to his ears. When he breathed in her scent, he was in heaven. And when he gazed into her sky-blue eyes, an eternity wasn't long enough.But he couldn't tell her that, so he shrugged. "I don't like people to be unhappy."
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
21. "They'll kill you for doing this," I breathed in a brief moment when his lips traveled to my neck."If I don't I'll die anyways."
Author: Kiera Cass
22. "Sweet mother of chaos," he breathed. "Rachel, you are indeed one of us. Have your time in the sun. You're worth the extra wait."
Author: Kim Harrison
23. "There are little fairies outside," I breathed, forcing out the words through quick breaths. His brows drew together in a way that wasn't scary but, instead, surprised and he replied, "Those aren't fairies, wife, those are elves." Elves? Elves."
Author: Kristen Ashley
24. "Hurry," she breathed.Man, talk about pressure. He was supposed to get it up while demon hordes were trying to kill him, and Satan himself was knocking at the door."
Author: Larissa Ione
25. "Mariss…" She loved her name in that tone… "Mariss… Because by now, she knew his every inflection when he breathed her name, she gave him what he was wanting. Verbal sex… "Mariss…" And that was the sound of satisfaction when her words fed his fever… Incapable of any further thought, she tightened every grip she had on him losing herself as their souls met, melted, and mingled."
Author: Lisa Gillis
26. "Kelsey breathed in deeply. "He asked me to stay.""Here?""Yes.""For how long?""Until . . . until I want to leave, I guess. But he doesn't want me to go yet, and . . . I'm thinking ofaccepting the offer.""Now he sounds like he's proposing marriag"
Author: Maisey Yates
27. "She is the only dream I ever had that lived and breathed and did not die in the face of reality."(Ashley said about Melanie)"
Author: Margaret Mitchell
28. "I love you,' I told him.It was not the first time, but I didn't want it to be the last. Austin gathered me close and breathed into my hair, his big hands hot and restless on my back. 'I love you, too."
Author: Megan Hart
29. "Just asleep," Eddis reassured her.At the sound of her voice Eugenides's head turned slightly, but he didn't wake. Attolia, seeing the movement, breathed again and pressed her hand to her chest where it hurt."
Author: Megan Whalen Turner
30. "Faces close, they breathed into each other, their bodies slick with water and sweat."
Author: Melissa Cutler
31. "And they took the strain and off they went up the field the plough cutting clean. I can mind how I stood there and watched him my heart full of pride for him and I breathed in the smell of the earth. Nothing like the smell of new turned earth. A cold metal smell it is, but clean and good like the first breath of life."
Author: Michael Morpurgo
32. "It wasn't good, he wasn't good, he did not have good intentions. I stood there, and he stood there. He breathed out the bitter air that makes women doubt everything, and I breathed it in, as I had always done."
Author: Miranda July
33. "Did the Prophet Elijah really restore to life the dead child of the Widow? This story, along with all the other stories of the Bible, is a psychological drama which takes place in the consciousness of man. The Widow symbolizes every man and woman in the world; the dead child represents the frustrated desires and ambitions of man; while the prophet, Elijah, symbolizes the God power within man, or man's awareness of being. The story tells us that the prophet took the dead child from the Widow's bosom and carried him into an upper room. As he entered this upper room he closed the door behind them; placing the child upon a bed, he breathed life into him; returning to the mother, he gave her the child and said, "Woman, thy son liveth."
Author: Neville Goddard
34. "I work it out. It is the act of reading itself I miss, the opportunity to retreat further and further from the wold until I have found some space, some air that isn't stale, that hasn't been breathed by my family a thousand times already."
Author: Nick Hornby
35. "The very air they breathed was almost a juice."
Author: Rebecca Wells
36. "Demandred blocked Lan's attack but he breathed hoarsely. "Who are you?" Demandred whispered again. "No one of this Age has such skill. Asmodean? No, no. He couldn't have fought me like this. Lews Therin? It is you behind that face, isn't it?""I am just a man," Lan whispered. "That is all I have ever been."
Author: Robert Jordan
37. "Mother of heaven…" Rachel breathed as she crouched next to Notak in the darkness of their roost across the street. "You said this place was guarded, not that it was entrenched. Faul, that's not a warehouse, that's a garrison that likes to hold crates in its spare time!"
Author: S.G. Night
38. "I walked out and breathed fresh air. I felt the sun on my skin. The world is a different place when you are well, when you are young. The world is beautiful and safe. I said hello to the gatekeeper. He said hello back to me."
Author: Sarah Winman
39. "What happened?" she breathed, staring at me."I got hit in the face with a pie," I said.Mags stopped, blinking. "You got...hit in the face with a pie," she repeated. "I...what? I'm sorry, but I've been in charge of this Library for a long time. I've seen a lot of really ridiculous things. I lived in Wales. And there is no way being hit with a pie should have turned you human.""It was a really evil pie," I said."
Author: Seanan McGuire
40. "I breathed and breathed and did feel some calmness enter in, though it was, as always, shot with a sense of loss. Loss and fear."
Author: Sebastian Faulks
41. "Nothing would surprise him. Nothing could anymore. But it didn't matter. Even if it meant the most painful, hideous death a human being had ever experienced, they weren't getting the baby, and they weren't getting her. Twenty yards… He gripped the handle of his sword tightly…?breathed deep of the desert air. Okay, Balthazar…let's die."
Author: Seth Grahame Smith
42. "She frowned. "I did nothing to arouse you."He clenched his jaw, his stare growing more aggressive. "You breathed."
Author: Shayla Black
43. "Rotating movement of the morning; in thy virgin heart, a piece of eternity breathed."
Author: Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann
44. "The brittle bones beneath my chest cracked, piercing my heart. It was you who breathed new life into my lungs and it was you who would later syphon the life you had given so as to feed your selfish desires"
Author: Sonya Watson
45. "That's just ridiculous," I breathed, awe and lust swirling through me like some heady elixir."
Author: Sophie Jordan
46. "His whole face was soft now. He brushed the tears from my cheek with his lips. "That doesn't mean anything to me," he breathed against my skin. "You will always be the most beautiful thing in my world. Ofcourse..." He hesitated, flinching slightly..."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
47. "I was sitting in a white room hating myself, until you breathed life back into me. You loved me so much that I started to love myself."
Author: Tarryn Fisher
48. "I breathed him in and tasted him, his lips stronger than I'd expected. He could spout scripture and I could spout poetry, but none could come close to the eloquence made manifest in the kiss."
Author: Vee Hoffman
49. "My life didn't begin until you breathed into it. ~ Ian"
Author: Willow Aster
50. "Right. I look fine. Except I don't,' said Zora, tugging sadly at her man's nightshirt. This was why Kiki had dreaded having girls: she knew she wouldn't be able to protect them from self-disgust. To that end she had tried banning television in the early years, and never had a lipstick or a woman's magazine crossed the threshold of the Belsey home to Kiki's knowledge, but these and other precautionary measures had made no difference. It was in the air, or so it seemed to Kiki, this hatred of women and their bodies-- it seeped in with every draught in the house; people brought it home on their shoes, they breathed it in off their newspapers. There was no way to control it."
Author: Zadie Smith

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