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1. "The last thing he heard was Medichi's voice crying out, "It must be the goddamn breh-hedden. Again. Holy shit! It's a fucking epidemic!"
Author: Caris Roane
2. "He turned back to her stomach and got very close. She thought he meant to kiss her again and prepared to enjoy his lips on her abdomen once more. Instead he addressed the fiery ball of cells."Lucy," he said, deepening his voice in a really wretched imitation of Darth Vader. "I am your father."Alison groaned. her breh was such a ham. A terrible, wonderful, sexy, vampire ham. Who'd've thought?"
Author: Caris Roane
3. "Nëse unë do të dëshiroja një mashkull, atëherë ai duhej të ishte i bukur si Antonio, i mencur si Brehti dhe erotik si Koheni. Besnik si një qen dhe diskret si një mace. I pasur si Hermani. Kjo ishte e pamundur dhe unë isha e pashpresë."
Author: Christine Grän
4. "Si reconocemos que equivocarse es propio del hombre, ¿no es una crueldad sobrehumana la justicia?"
Author: Luigi Pirandello

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Quotes About Breh
Quotes About Breh
Quotes About Breh

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