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1. "Don't fight fair; don't worry what you look like," Joshua continued. "Do whatever you have to do to stop our enemy, no holds barred.""Like a sale at Loehmann's," Brynne said."
Author: Cate Tiernan
2. "Yule—Yul log for the Christmas-fire tale-spinner—of fairy tales that can come true: Yul Brynner."
Author: Marianne Moore
3. "—. Gracias por la oferta, Ethan, pero no puedo...—... decirte que no —me interrumpió—. Por eso iré a buscarte a la sesión de fotos mañana para ir a cenar. Has reconocido que me debes un favor y te lo estoy pidiendo ahora. Eso es lo que quiero, Brynne."
Author: Raine Miller
4. "Everything, as Mr. Yul Brynner used to tell us six nights a week and Saturday matinees, is a puzzlement."
Author: Robert Littell
5. "Right now I am thinking of writing another cookbook. All cookbooks have a gimmick, and mine will be that it contains recipes that I have invented and named after famous people. Some of them are:Brisket of Brynner (very lean meat)Carson Casserole (it's got everything on it)Barbecued WaltersMarinated MaudeRoasted RhodaKing King Curry (it will feed about eight thousand people)Fricassee of FonziPickled RicklesRaquel RelishLeftovers à la Gabors"
Author: Vincent Price
6. "I was named after Yul Brynner because my mother had an infatuation with him. Who the hell names a Cuban kid Yul? Talk about a torturous childhood."
Author: Yul Vazquez

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