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1. "Want to start a fairy-tale romance with me? BTW it might be doomed, k?"
Author: Cara Lynn Shultz
2. "BTW, the roach's name is Max (courtesy of Brianna, "because of I had a puppy, I'd name him Max")."
Author: Rachel Renée Russell
3. "Natural,my ass! The worst poison known to man comes from a tree frog in South America. You cannot imagine how small an amount would be necessary to kill you.and it's natural.Calling something NATURAL is a MEANINGLESS MARKETING PLOY.""All right,calm down! Maybe I like alternative medicine because it's been in use for more than six thousand years.After all that time,they have to know what they're doing.""You mean the wacky idea that somehow in the distant past people had more scientific wisdom than they do today?That's both crazy and counterintuitive.Six thousand years ago people thought thunder was a bunch of gods moving around furniture."-Conversation btw Dr.Jack Stapleton and Vinnie"
Author: Robin Cook
4. "The website didn't say how much brains--or even how many--I should eat, only that I should eat them in 48 hours OR ELSE. Why doesn't anyone pay attention to details anymore? Would it be so hard to add a simple line like, BTW, Maddy, 3 pounds of brains per week is plenty?Seriously, am I the first new zombie ever to ask?"
Author: Rusty Fischer
5. "Darkis pointed toward the dwarf sitting btween them on the ground. "Uh, don't you think that's a bit much?"Turi and Ethis each held separate ropes around the bound hands and feet of the dwarf. A gag was tied tightly over hi mouth.Ethis considered the prisoner for a moment before replying. "No, it seems a resonable precaution." "Why? What did he do?" Darkis said. The chimera looked at each other, thier blank faces considering for a moment. "He kept promising not to escape," Thuri answerd at last. "He promised not to escape," Darkis asked, his brow furrowed with the puzzle, "and so you tied him up?""He wouldn't shut up about it," Ethis replied, his large eyes blinking indignantly. "He kept going on and on about how we could trust him and how he had nowhere to run and how he was glad it was us who took him as a slave captive of war.""It was unnerving," Thuri finished."
Author: Tracy Hickman
6. "You are just a murdered. (Near) (btw this was an epic win on near's part when light spazzed out and went crazy)"
Author: Tsugumi Ohba

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