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1. "If on a friend's bookshelfYou cannot find Joyce or SterneCervantes, Rabelais, or Burton,You are in danger, face the fact,So kick him first or punch him hardAnd from him hide behind a curtain."
Author: Alexander Theroux
2. "Richard Burton is my number one idol. One, because we come from very similar backgrounds and two, because of his fantastic talent."
Author: Aneurin Barnard
3. "I got you this. I held out the brown, fluffy bear. To replace Burt. I pulled his eyes off and everything."
Author: Annabel Pitcher
4. "Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton's 'Batman' was one of the most inspiring - I saw that and I was like, 'I want to be her, I want to do that.'"
Author: Anne Hathaway
5. "Man nekad nav patikušas latviešu rakstibas daudzas filologiskas paligzimes, kas samaita burtu un lappuses grafisko izskatu, Tagad es šis kekšus tieši ienidu. Ja musu rakstibas veidotajiem butu vairak estetiskas izjutas, tie kekšus butu atvietojuši ar burtu dubultojumiem, ka tas darits daudzas citas valodas. Tas loti atvieglotu latviešu rakstu iespiešanu."
Author: Anšlavs Eglitis
6. "It's over," Keelie said.Too bad. But I want you to know, I will always love you."She narrowed her eyes and said, "When you look at me and say that, are you thinking of Dolly Parton or Whitney Houston?"Burt Reynolds," he said.She nearly spit out her coffee when she laughed, then she said, "That almost makes me want to try again."
Author: Becky Cochrane
7. "Tim Burton... as an actor you wait and wish and hope and pray you'll work with him."
Author: Casper Van Dien
8. "I was a window dresser for Burton's once. What really put me off was the area manager coming round and saying, Charles, I think you're a natch at this."
Author: Charles Dance
9. "The person I've always wanted to interview but never met was Richard Burton."
Author: Charlie Rose
10. "My hair does get really frizzy, so I use a de-frizzing serum from Bumble and Bumble, and also Moroccan Oil is some really good stuff. Plus, I can't live without my Burt's Bees lip balm!"
Author: Chloe Bridges
11. "Oakley and Burton have been my main sponsors since '87. I've been riding for both of them."
Author: Craig Kelly
12. "In the entire works of the Jewish historian Josephus (37-c. 100 CE), which constitute hundreds of pages, there are only two paragraphs that purport to refer to Jesus. Although much has been made of these 'references,' they have been dismissed by many scholars and even by Christian apologists as forgeries, as have been those referring to John the Baptist and James, 'brother' of Jesus. Bishop Warburton (1698-1779) labeled the Josephus interpolation regarding Jesus as 'a rank forgery, and a very stupid one, too."
Author: D.M. Murdock
13. "The world population is nearing seven billion. John Travolta and Farrah Fawcett didn't procreate and produce all seven thousand million of us. Audrey Hepburn and Burt Lancaster didn't personally populate the world. Almost every child that was ever born is the byproduct of two everyday people who found each other attractive enough to go jump in the sack together. Almost every child that was ever born came about because two everyday people thought the other was attractive enough to warrant a second glance. If you want proof that attraction belongs to the individual, go sit on a bench at the mall and look at all the different couples walking by.You will believe that there literally is someone for everyone."
Author: Dan Pearce
14. "Oh, wär mein junges Leben doch ein Traum. Und würd doch mein Geist nicht wach, bis das der Strahl der Ewigkeit den Morgen brächte. Obwohl der Traum von schlimmen Kummer war, er war doch besser als die wirklichkeit des wachen Lebens für den, dessen herz gleich von Geburt an auf der Erde sein muss - Ein Chaos aus der tiefsten Leidenschaft."
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
15. "The "evils of faction" theme recurs throughout our history, from the writings of the "muckrakers" at the turn of the twentieth century to the Democratic presidential primary campaigns of 2008 with talk of Halliburton's contracts in Iraq and the shady practices of sub-prime mortgage lenders."
Author: Edward S. Greenberg
16. "I had admired Richard Burton for years and years before I had ever worked with him. He was a great, great actor. It was a joy to get to know him as a person."
Author: Gale Gordon
17. "The only actor who I think probably might have possibly taken a swing at me if he could have would be Burt Reynolds. He used to call Roger and me the Bruise Brothers, out of Chicago."
Author: Gene Siskel
18. "You must come to Lockleigh again," said Miss Molyneux, very sweetly, to Isabel, ignoring this remark of Isabel's friend. Isabel looked into her quiet eyes a moment, and for that moment seemed to see in their grey depths the reflexion of everything she had rejected in rejecting Lord Warburton—the peace, the kindness, the honour, the possessions, a deep security and a great exclusion. She kissed Miss Molyneux and then she said: "I'm afraid I can never come again."
Author: Henry James
19. "If I took over the 'Glamour' offices for a day, I would put Joe Pesci on the cover. I would say 'We've got to change all these magazines a little bit. We have to bring out a different version of what is, like, cool. You know, what's winning. Joe Pesci, Burt Reynolds.'"
Author: Jake Johnson
20. "Eher noch können wir es ertragen, daß das Individuum in uns für minderwertig proklamiert wird, als die Gattung; eher noch darf der Charakter verdächtigt werden, als die Geburt; gegen jenes kann man sich retten, man kann den Irrtum beweisen, oder wenigstens sich einbilden, ihn widerlegen zu können; gegen dieses sind alle Argumente und Beispiele machtlos,"
Author: Jakob Wassermann
21. "When I came into Metallica, I had to do justice to Cliff's work, but I also had to put my own signature on it. No one could be Cliff Burton; Cliff Burton was the Jimi Hendrix of bass."
Author: Jason Newsted
22. "...But Christman? Not for the spooky.' 'Yeah?' Kristen giggled. 'Well, tell that to Tim Burton. He thinks Cristmas is all about the spooky'"
Author: Jessica Verday
23. "Jedes Baby war bei der Geburt ein perfektes Wunder, und das Leben im Grunde nur ein fortlaufender Zerstoerungsprozess."
Author: Jo Nesbø
24. "Even though James Burton was my idol, I didn't think I could carry his shoes back then."
Author: John Fogerty
25. "Women rule the world. It's not really worth fighting because they know what they're doing. Ask Napoleon. Ask Adam. Ask Richard Burton or Richie Sambora. Many a man has crumbled."
Author: Jon Bon Jovi
26. "Actually, what will be shown from here to eternity will be Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr cavorting on the beach. 'From Here to Eternity' must have seemed like a chore to its director, Fred Zinnemann."
Author: Manny Farber
27. "Ich habe beschlossen, Margueritte zu adoptieren. Sie feiert bald ihren sechsundachtzigsten Geburtstag, da sollte man nicht zu lange warten. Alte Leute sterben gern."
Author: Marie Sabine Roger
28. "Grožis sugeba užburti net surambejusias sielas. Ne taisykle, bet dažniausiai."
Author: Martynas Starkus
29. "Beiden kleinen Kindern überfordert und auf sich allein gestellt – sie hatte sich bald nach der Geburt meiner zweiten Halbschwester vom Vater der beiden Mädchen scheiden lassen. Es war nicht leicht"
Author: Natascha Kampusch
30. "Omul asta, gandeam eu, n-a fost la scoala si creierul lui nu s-a deformat. A fost supus la toateincercarile, I s-a deschis mintea,I s-a largit inima, fara a-si pierde cutezanta primitiva. Toate problemelecomplicate, de nesolutionat pentru noi, el le rezolva printr-o lovitura de sabie, ca Alexandru cel Mare,compatriotul sau. E foarte greu ca el sa alunece, pentru ca se sprijina in intregime, din cap pana inpicioare, de pamant. Salbaticii din Africa adora sarpele pentru ca sta cu tot corpul lipit de pamant si aflain felul acesta toate tainele lumii. Le afla cu burta, cu coada, cu capul. O atinge, se amesteca, secontopeste cu mama. La fel si Zorba. Noi, oamenii instruiti, nu suntem decat niste pasari smintite alevazduhului."
Author: Nikos Kazantzakis
31. "I met Richard Burton, an RAF cadet on a two-term course. I would have flirted more enthusiastically if it had not been for the horrid boils on the back of his neck."
Author: Nina Bawden
32. "-E vorba despre calatoria pe care o parcurge si despre acceptarea ei. E viata si lumina din tine. Si iubirea. Ochii Rosei se umezira, iar ea îsi trecu mâinile peste burtica."
Author: Nora Roberts
33. "Mr Babbington,' he said, suddenly stopping in his up and down. 'Take your hands out of your pockets. When did you last write home?' Mr Babbington was at an age when almost any question evokes a guilty response, and this was, in fact, a valid accusation. He reddened, and said, 'I don't know, sir.' 'Think, sir, think,' said Jack, his good-tempered face clouding unexpectedly...'Never, mind. Write a handsome letter. Two pages at least. And send it in to me with your daily workings tomorrow. Give your father my compliments and tell him my bankers are Hoares.' For Jack, like most other captains, managed the youngsters' parental allowance for them. 'Hoares,' he repeated absently once or twice, 'my bankers are Hoares,' and a strangled ugly crowing noise made him turn. Young Ricketts was clinging to the fall of the main burton-tackle in an attempt to control himself, but without much success."
Author: Patrick O'Brian
34. "Burt Reynolds once asked me out. I was in his room."
Author: Phyllis Diller
35. "The person who should really write an appreciation of the late great Dom DeLuise is Burt Reynolds, who, even more than Mel Brooks, made of the jolly, beanie wearing fat man a side-kick and a legend."
Author: Rich Cohen
36. "These last few years, working with Tim Burton, it's been the best time I've ever had."
Author: Richard D. Zanuck
37. "The actor Richard Burton once wrote an article for the New York Times about his experience playing the role of Winston Churchill in a television drama:"In the course of preparing myself...I realized afresh that I hate Churchill and all of his kind. I hate them virulently. They have stalked down the corridors of endless power all through history.... What man of sanity would say on hearing of the atrocities committed by the Japanese against British and Anzac prisoners of war, 'We shall wipe them out, everyone of them, men, women, and children. There shall not be a Japanese left on the face of the earth? Such simple--minded cravings for revenge leave me with a horrified but reluctant awe for such single--minded and merciless ferocity."--"
Author: Richard Francis Burton
38. "No, there's going to be no even tenor with me. The more uneven it is the happier I shall be. And when my time comes to die, I'll be able to die happy, for I will have done and seen and heard and experienced all the joy, pain, thrills — every emotion that any human ever had — and I'll be especially happy if I am spared a stupid, common death in bed." ? Richard Halliburton"
Author: Richard Halliburton
39. "Roller Boogie is a relic from - when else? - the '70s. This is a tape I made for the eight-grade dance. The tape still plays, even if the cogs are a little creaky and the sound quality is dismal. It's a ninety-minute TDK Compact Cassette, and like everything else made in the '70s, it's beige. It takes me back to the fall of 1979, when I was a shy, spastic, corduroy-clad Catholic kid from the suburbs of Boston, grief-stricken over the '78 Red Sox. The words "douche" and "bag" have never coupled as passionately as they did in the person of my thirteen-yer-old self. My body, my brain, my elbows that stuck out like switchblades, my feet that got tangled in my bike spokes, but most of all my soul - these formed the waterbed where douchitude and bagness made love sweet love with all the feral intensity of Burt Reynolds and Rachel Ward in Sharkey's Machine."
Author: Rob Sheffield
40. "- Jesli nie dazysz do spelnienia swoich marzen, równie dobrze móglbys byc warzywem.- A jakim konkretnie?- Nie wiem. Kapusta?Burt Munro, Prawdziwa historia(The World's Fastest Indian)"
Author: Robb Maciąg
41. "Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621) was a profoundly important analysis of human states of mind - a kind of early philosophical/ psychological study. He sees 'melancholy' as part of the human condition, especially love melancholy and religious melancholy. His concerns are remarkably close to those which Shakespeare explores in his plays. Ambition, for example, Burton describes as 'a proud covetousness or a dry thirst of Honour, a great torture of the mind, composed of envy, pride and covetousness, a gallant madness' - words which could well be applied to Macbeth."
Author: Ronald Carter
42. "I was in Florida with Burt Stern, the photographer who shot Marilyn Monroe on the beach with a sweater, and we smoked a joint. The bathing suit kept coming off in the water, and I just ripped it off. I was very comfortable being naked."
Author: Rosanna Arquette
43. "I visus burtininkus žiuriu atsainiai. I burtininkus, egzorcistus, psichoterapeutus ir kitokius prašalaicius, kurie lupa iš žmoniu pinigus, naudodamiesi ju silpnybemis, iš kuriu didžiausia — mirties baime."
Author: Sigitas Parulskis
44. "Visos tos mistines, ezoterines, alchemines, tamplieriškos ir kitokios marazmatines istorijos visuomet ko nors siekia. Dažniausiai — pasinaudoti prietaringu žmogaus tamsumu ir išvilioti iš jo pinigu. Tuo naudojasi ir rašytojai, ir kino pramone, ir ivairus burtininkai, pranašai, horoskopininkai ir kitos padugnes."
Author: Sigitas Parulskis
45. "Stephen Burt is Professor of English at Harvard."Butterfly with Parachute"Stephen BurtA real one wouldn't need one,but the one Nathan draws surely does:four oblongs the size and color of popsicles,green apple, toasted coconut and grape,flanked, two per side, by billowing valentine hearts,in a frame of Scotch tape.Alive, it could stay off the floorfor a few unaerodynamic minutes;thrown as a paper airplane, for a few more.Very sensibly, therefore,our son gave it something, not to keep it apartfrom the ground forever, but rather to make safe its descent.When we ask that imagination discover the limitsof the realworld only slowly,maybe this is what we meant."
Author: Stephen Burt
46. "War der Mensch bei seiner Geburt eine tabula rasa, ungeformt und ohne Ideen, bereit, von der Gesellschaft beschrieben zu werden, erziehbar und imstande, auf dem Weg zur Vervollkommnung voranzuschreiten? Oder stellte die Gesellschaft, wie Rousseau behauptete, einen verderblichen Einfluss dar und nicht das Fundament alles Richtigen und Guten?"
Author: T.C. Boyle
47. "When I am about to embark on a difficult journey, I comfort myself by reading the accounts of the great nineteenth-century travellers, men like Stanley, Burton, Speke, Burckhardt and Barth."
Author: Tahir Shah
48. "There was a time I could have been mistaken for Burt Reynolds. I had a moustache and so did he. But he was the number one star in the world, so there wasn't really much confusion."
Author: Tom Selleck
49. "Šis sievietes pievilciba slepas vinas neglituma, bet neglitums dažkart spej apburt pat vairak neka ists skaistums- it seviški tad, ja satur paradoksu."
Author: Truman Capote
50. "My dad traveled a lot, so I only usually saw him on weekends, growing up. His favorite actors in the world were Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds. If Clint or Burt had a movie out, we would go to the movies. He didn't like movies, generally, unless Clint or Burt were in them."
Author: William Earl Brown

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