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1. "I am slow to listen to criminations among friends, and never expose their quarrels on either side…allow bygones to be bygones, and look to the present & future only."
Author: Abraham Lincoln
2. "Let bygones be bygones because everybody knew that forgiveness was divine."
Author: Lesley Kagen
3. "I suppose I could let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget, yadda yadda. But where's the fun in that? These pretty little bitches got everything I ever wanted, and now I'm going to make sure they get exactly what they deserve. Does that make me sound awful? Sorry, but as every pretty little liar knows, sometimes the truth's ugly-and it always hurts.I'll be watching....Mwah!-A"
Author: Sara Shepard
4. "However, at 17 years old, I was ready to face any challenge and tackle any obstacles blocking the road to my dreams. I was ready to take on the world. I was unstoppable. Bygones were bygones. The future, however uncertain it might be, awaited me."
Author: Teodor Flonta

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This idea that it's intolerant to object to anyone else's position, hovever, is a complete perversion of the historic understanding of tolrance, which was that one had to have the respect to listen to anyone else's point of view, even one with which one might profoundly disagree. Tolerance did not reject truth claims; it respected them."
Author: Charles Colson

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