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1. "In this world, man is a target of death, an easy prey to calamities. Here,(in this world)every morsel and every draught is liable to choke one. Here, one never recieves a favor unless he loses another. Here, every additional day in one's life is a day reduced from the total span of his existance. When death is the natural outcome of life, how can one expect immortality?"
Author: Ali
2. "If Gladstone fell in the Thames, that would be a misfortune. But if someone fished him out again, that would be a calamity."
Author: Benjamin Disraeli
3. "Consideremos la larga historia de las actividades inspiradas por el fervor moral: los sacrificios humanos, las persecuciones de herejes, las cazas de brujas, los pogroms, hasta que se llega al exterminio en gran escala por medio de gases venenosos, que al menos uno de los colegas episcopales del doctor Barnes parece patrocinar, ya que sostiene que el pacifismo es anticristiano. ¿Son estas abominaciones, y las doctrinas éticas que las inspiran, realmente prueba de un Creador inteligente? ¿Y podemos realmente desear que los hombres que las practicaron vivan eternamente? El mundo en que vivimos puede ser entendido como resultado de la confusión y el accidente; pero, si es el resultado de un propósito deliberado, el propósito tiene que haber sido el de un demonio. Por mi parte, encuentro el accidente una hipótesis menos penosa y más verosímil."
Author: Bertrand Russell
4. "Lyndon Johnson may have escalated the war, but when I was drafted and shipped off to Vietnam, the signature on my orders was Nixon's."
Author: Bob Gunton
5. "Whatever worldly thing we may covet - zealously striving to obtain and then retain - never seems to bring an end to our desires. Covetousness, envy, jealousy, and greed always escalate into a vicious spiral, as we seek greater and greater gratification but find less and less contentment. . . . Striving to acquire the things of the world not only does not bring lasting happiness and peace, but it drives us to seek more. When "all we've ever wanted" is grounded in the temporal trappings of this world, it is never enough!"
Author: Brent Top
6. "Toda vez que um justo grita, um carrasco vem calar. Quem não presta fica vivo, quem é bom, mandam matar"
Author: Cecília Meireles
7. "Pensamos que somos las víctimas del tiempo. En realidad la vía del mundo no es fijada en ningún lugar. Cómo sería posible? Nosotros mismos somos nuestra propria jornada. Y por eso somos el tiempo también. Somos lo mismo. Fugitivo. Inescrutable. Desapíadado. (Noi credem ca suntem victime ale timpului. In realitate, insa, viata lumii nu se stabileste nicaieri. Cum ar putea? Noi insine suntem propria noastra calatorie. Si deci suntem timpul insusi. Suntem exact ca el. Efemeri. De neinteles. Fara mila.)"
Author: Cormac McCarthy
8. "The propensity of Earthlings to get into trouble, and to learn thereby, was the reason my owners agreed to this mad venture – although no one expected such a chain of unusual calamities as befell this ship. Your talents were underrated."
Author: David Brin
9. "Between an uncontrolled escalation and passivity, there is a demanding road of responsibility that we must follow."
Author: Dominique De Villepin
10. "I was at La Fenice opera house back in 1991 with friends, and we started talking about a conductor whom none of us liked. Somehow there was an escalation, and we started talking about how to kill him, where to kill him. This struck me as a good idea for a book."
Author: Donna Leon
11. "Trebao sam samo da nadjem jednu koja me nece podsecati na nju. Pogledao sam oko sebe i desilo se cudo. Ni jedna me nije podsecala na nju. Sve su glumile princeze i svetice. Verovatno bi svaka od njih trazila da prestanem cugat', pusiti, da se ponasam pristojnije. Sve bi one trazile da ih drzim kao kap vode na dlanu, da ne zbijam sale na njihov racun. Trazile da ih izvodim na neka fina mesta i slicno. A ona...Ona je prihvatila svaki dio mene, i nikada nije trazila da se menjam. A promenila me. Jedina je kojoj sam uistinu rekao sta osecam. Nije trazila da je drzim kao kap vode na dlanu .Cinjenica da je volim bila joj je sasvim dovoljna"
Author: Ðorde Balaševic
12. "And if there's no trouble, you'll make it,' offered Will Scott, his eyes bright, his cheeks red. ‘No. At the moment,' affirmed Lymond grimly, ‘I am having truck with nothing less than total calamity."
Author: Dorothy Dunnett
13. "It is time," said the Lord Pilot, "to see this calamity to its end." Spoken in Archaic English: the words uttered by Thomas Clarkson in 1785, at the beginning of the end of slavery. "I have set my will against this disaster; I will break it, or it will break me." Ira Howard in 2014. "I will not share my universe with this shadow," and that was the Lord Pilot, in an anger hotter than the nova's ashes. "Help me if you will, or step aside if you lack decisiveness; but do not make yourself my obstacle, or I will burn you down, and any that stand with you -"
Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
14. "Este o crima, o rusine pentru fiecare om sa stie ca exista pe lume doua sute cincizeci de milioane de copii exploatati. Obligati sa munceasca de la cinci-sase ani, in locuri insalubre, sa presteze zile de munca istovitoare pentru cativa banuti cand au noroc, deoarece multi copii lucreaza in stare de sclavie sau semisclavie, fara protectie legala sau medicala. Aceste milioane de copii analfabeti, mai slabi si mai scunzi decat copiii nostri care merg la scoala, sufera de boli infectioase, rani, amputari si umilinte de toate felurile. Ii intalnim atat in marile orase ale lumii, cat si in tarile cele mai sarace. In America Latina exista cincisprezece milioane de copii exploatati."
Author: Ernesto Sabato
15. "When the head of state of family thinks first of gouging out an income, he must perforce do it through small men; and even if they are clever at their job, if one employ such inferior characters in state and family business the tilled fields will go rack swamp and ruin and edged calamities will mount up to the full.... This is the meaning of: A state does not profit by profits - Pound's translation of Confucius"
Author: Ezra Pound
16. "Mi sento come uno scalatore appeso alla parete rocciosa che vede solo ciò che ha davanti appiccicato al naso, e non riesce più a vedere la cima, la vetta, il motivo per cui sta scalando, e nemmeno cosa sta scalando.Forse ho bisogno di scendere un attimo e chiarirmi bene le idee."
Author: Fabio Volo
17. "If women understand by emancipation the adoption of the masculine role then we are lost indeed. If women can supply no counterbalance to the blindness of male drive the aggressive society will run to its lunatic extremes at ever-escalating speed. Who will safeguard the despised animal faculties of compassion, empathy, innocence and sensuality?"
Author: Germaine Greer
18. "He who knows no hardships will know no hardihood. He who faces no calamity will need no courage. Mysterious though it is, the characteristics in human nature which we love best grow in a soil with a strong mixture of troubles."
Author: Harry Emerson Fosdick
19. "...if patterns of human love subtly change, all sorts of social and political atrocities can escalate."
Author: Helen Fisher
20. "Boris has just given me a summary of his views. He is a weather prophet. The weather will continue bad, he says. There will be more calamities, more death, more despair. Not the slightest indication of a change anywhere. The cancer of time is eating us away. Our heroes have killed themselves, or are killing themselves. The hero, then, is not Time, but Timelessness. We must get in step, a lock step, toward the prison of death. There is no escape. The weather will not change."
Author: Henry Miller
21. "Se plamadise cu incetul, intre ei, alaturi de limbajul ratiunii, si un limbaj al sufletului si al semnelor, la fel cum intre doua asezari omenesti se poate dura un drum larg, pe care trec carutele si calaretii, insa alaturi de el mai apar numeroase alte fagasuri laturalnice, de joaca sau de taina; drumeaguri ale copiilor, poteci pentru indragostiti, poteci abia luate in seama ale cainilor si pisicilor."
Author: Hermann Hesse
22. "Les parvenus sont comme les singes, desquels ils ont l'adresse: on les voit en hauteur, on admire leur agilité pendant Tescalade; mais, arrivés à la cime, on n'aperçoit plus que leurs côtés honteux."
Author: Honoré De Balzac
23. "Now off the escalator and into the casino, big crowds still tight around the crap tables. Who are these people? These faces! Where do they come from? They look like caricatures of used-car dealers from Dallas. But they're real. And, sweet Jesus, there are a hell of a lot of them – still screaming around these desert-city crap tables at four-thirty on a Sunday morning. Still humping the American Dream, that vision of the Big Winner somehow emerging from the last- minute pre-dawn chaos of a stale Vegas casino."
Author: Hunter S. Thompson
24. "...ustedes que, al igual que yo, saben lo que es tocar una pinga bien al palo y hacerle caramelo con la boquita. (y no es que le quiera hacer propaganda a la mariconada, pero es una verdad que ya sabían los antiguos griegos cuando se metían todos calatos al jacuzi: que rico hacer mañoserías con una hembrita joven y deseosa de carnosidades, pero es mucho más rico entregarse al cuerpo joven, durito, musculoso, de un chiquillo atlético y de espíritu liviano. ay qué rico, se me hace agüita la boca, cómo te envidio, sócrates, desgraciado, bien hecho que te hayas chupado todita la cicuta, mamón.)"
Author: Jaime Bayly
25. "And they lived happily (aside from a few normal disagreements, misunderstandings, pouts, silent treatments, and unexpected calamities) ever after."
Author: Jean Ferris
26. "José Cortinhal foi sempre um homem muito calado, só falava quando a isso era obrigado e parecia que as palavras que conhecia eram tão poucas que estava sempre com medo que elas se acabassem. Dizia uma palavra e deixava o silêncio tomar conta dela até a asfixiar, e só depois dizia outra. O silêncio parecia também servir para falar."
Author: Joaquim Mestre
27. "Put the ballast of biblical truthin the belly of our little boats,lest the crashing waves of calamityof these changing timescause us to capsize in the sea of trouble"
Author: John Piper
28. "Basta! Quando a ciência se manifesta, não há outra coisa senão calar-se."
Author: Jules Verne
29. "Ah, in how many rooms, upon how many studio couches, among how many books, had they found their own love, their marriage, their life together, a life which, in spite of its many disasters, its total calamity indeed -- and in spite too of any slight element of falsehood in its inception on her side, her marriage partly into the past, into her Anglo-Scottish ancestry, into the visioned empty ghost-whistling castles in Sutherland, into an emanation of gaunt lowland uncles chumbling shortbread at six o'clock in the morning -- had not been without triumph. (p.210)"
Author: Malcolm Lowry
30. "I'm not used to girls, or familiar with their customs. I feel awkward around them, I don't know what to say. I know the unspoken rules of boys, but with girls I sense that I am always on the verge of some unforeseen, calamitous blunder."
Author: Margaret Atwood
31. "You want calamities? What about the Ice Age?"
Author: Mario Cuomo
32. "An escalating, violent tit-for-tat may lead to terrorism."
Author: Mary Douglas
33. "I am the keeper of the beast, though all men harbor a beast in the depths of their heart -- callous, calamitous creatures, driven by deviant demands and derisive diligence. -- From the short story What Rough Beast"
Author: Michael Hibbard
34. "We spend this life looking for a center, a place where we can suspend without a wobble. The specific coordinates are elusive, scalable only by the heart. _Population: 485_, p 202"
Author: Michael Perry
35. "I'm building a glass pyramid over the Egyptian escalator where my body will be mummified, so my customers can come and see me forever."
Author: Mohamed Al Fayed
36. "Sonunda insanlari karincalar gibi kalabalik ve nereye kosistugunu bilmeden çarpisip duran önemsiz varliklara benzetti."
Author: Oğuz Atay
37. "Una libélula de médulauna oruga lúbrica desnuda sólo nutrida de frotesun chupochupo súcubo moluscoque gota a gota agota boca a bocala mucho mucho gozola muy total sofoco"
Author: Oliverio Girondo
38. "I'm a slave to the culture, so I see an Audi, a Denali, or an Escalade, my neighbor got the four-door Porsche. I have a really nice truck. But it's a Durango and I like frontin'! I like to ride by and show off."
Author: Patrice O'Neal
39. "These are the four that are never content: that have never been filled since the dew began-Jacala's mouth, and the glut of the kite, and the hands of the ape, and the eyes of Man."
Author: Rudyard Kipling
40. "This is how people behave when their dailiness is destroyed, when for a few moments they see, plain and unadorned, one of the great shaping forces of life. Calamity fixes them with her mesmeric eye, and they begin to scoop and paw at the rubble of their days, trying to pluck the memory of the quotidian - a toy, a book, a garment, even a photograph - from the garbage heaps of the irretrievable, of their overwhelming loss."
Author: Salman Rushdie
41. "We are not merely more weary because of yesterday, we are other, no longer what we were before the calamity of yesterday."
Author: Samuel Beckett
42. "I'm well into sort of Santiago Calatrava and people like that."
Author: Sean Booth
43. "You have to take your own bold approach, and if you do you will be rewarded with success. Or calamitous failure. That can happen too."
Author: Steven Moffat
44. "When you say something really unkind, when you do something in retaliation your anger increases. You make the other person suffer, and he will try hard to say or to do something back to get relief from his suffering. That is how conflict escalates."
Author: Thích Nhất Hạnh
45. "Perhaps that is why desire causes men calamity. By identifying with our desires and taking them too seriously, we not only increase our susceptibility to disappointment, we actually create a climate inhospitable to the free and easy fulfillment of those desires."
Author: Tom Robbins
46. "You have a strange relationship with calamity when you're a writer: you write about it; as an artist, you objectify and fetishize it. You render life into material, and that's a creepy thing to do."
Author: Tony Kushner
47. "Early in my life, every time I had to climb the ladder of success because my father never taught me to use the escalator."
Author: Vikrant Parsai
48. "Secret griefs are more cruel than public calamities."
Author: Voltaire
49. "Calamity is the perfect glass wherein we truly see and know ourselves."
Author: William Davenant
50. "Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep; To sleep, perchance to dream—For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, Must give us pause, there's the respect, That makes calamity of so long life"
Author: William Shakespeare

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