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1. "I gained everything. Or at least I'll think so," he growled, suddenly impatient, anxious, "when you give me a bloody answer to my bloody question. How many times are you going to make me ask you? Will you marry me, Gabrielle O'Callaghan? Yes or yes? And in case you're still managing to miss the point, the correct answer is 'yes.' And, by the way, anytime you'd like to tell me you love me, I wouldn't mind hearing it."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
2. "The other day upon the stair, I saw a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today; how I wish he'd go away!"~Gabrielle O'Callaghan towards Adam Black"
Author: Karen Marie Moning
3. "Ah, ka-lyrra, I look at you and you make me want to live a man's life with you. To wake with you and sleep with you, argue with you and make love with you, to get a silly human job and take walks in the park and live so tiny beneath such a vast sky. But I will never stay with another human woman and water her die. Never. --FROM THE (GREATLY REVISED) BLACK EDITION OF THE O'CALLAGHAN Book of the Sin Siriche Du"
Author: Karen Marie Moning
4. "Andrew Callaghan, put that girl down before you hurt her. No one's going to touch her, but if you're not going to take care of her, you can't have her."
Author: Moira Rogers
5. "My first real breakthrough collided with the last months of Callaghan's Labour government, which had every intention of enjoying my success as much as I did."
Author: Peter Straub

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Quotes About Callaghan
Quotes About Callaghan

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