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1. "He never passed any kind of moral judgement on the various things that had been done to him in the course of his career not did he try to explain them. Much that was unjust and still more that was simply unintelligble seemed to be accepted, not only without resentment, but with a certain satisfaction provided only that is was striking."
Author: C.S. Lewis
2. "This may be the final note and closure of a very special part of my coaching career. The last piece of the puzzle that I wanted to see complete from our first meeting has been delivered. I gained incredible satisfaction from your race at the weekend. No, not from the race performance--that didn't interest me--- but to see you in full happiness in the arms of your man, looking up with all the admiration one can summon in a most happy and fulfilling time."
Author: Chrissie Wellington
3. "I have career ADD, he says. I have career dissatisfaction. Even as a young kid, I'd have that. I'd get really passionate about something and then I'd realize, 'I don't want to do that!"
Author: Mark Consuelos
4. "If I decide to make a career in the army, he said, I would never be rich, but I would live one of the most satisfying lives there was to be had. Thenhe warned me that satisfaction would come at a great cost to me and any family I might have. I should never expected to be thanked; a soldier, if he was going to be content, had to understand that no civilian, no government,sometimes not even the army itself, would recognize the true nature of the scarifies he made."
Author: Roméo Dallaire

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Quotes About Career Satisfaction
Quotes About Career Satisfaction
Quotes About Career Satisfaction

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