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1. "Não tenha medo de viver o momento.Aceite que você não pode saber ou ter tudo, então não seja excessivamente preocupado com o qye os outros vão pensar. Faça umas bobeiras de vez em quando. Mandeb mensagens para pessoas que talvez nunca responderão para você.Cante em público .Viaje com os amigos para lugares desconhecidos. As pessoas mais carismáticas que eu conheço não têm medo de serem espontâneas. Pelo contrário, elas têm medo de perder uma boa oportunidade."
Author: Bel Pesce
2. "Carisoprodol. Comes in a white tablet like a big-ass vitamin, 350 mg of muscle liquefier for those tense, recovering athletes and furniture movers. Too much, and those relaxed muscles include your diaphragm, then your heart."
Author: Craig Clevenger
3. "– Io non potrò mai darti quel genere di sensazioni, mi dispiace.– Ed io non le voglio … perché ho capito che è facile innamorarsi di un mito. Chi non s'innamorerebbe di un attore bello e famoso? Chi rifiuterebbe un'attrice bella e famosa? Chi non resterebbe senza parole se qualcuno che ha carisma, ed è amato da tutti, decidesse di dargli attenzione?– Chi sa amarsi per quello che è e non per quello che vorrebbe essere."
Author: Gianluca Frangella
4. "Oh, yeah." Carissa nodded. "They were googley-eyed in class on Friday. It was pretty steamy, the whole ‘I'mscrewing you with my eyes' thing they had going on." I choked on my drink. "That was not what we were doing. We were talking!"
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
5. "Taking pity on me, Carissa kept her voice low. "You were calling out for Daemon."I dropped my face in my hands and moaned. "Oh, God."Lesa giggled. "It was kind of cute."A minute before the tardy bell rang, I felt an all-too-familiar warmth on my neck and glanced up. Daemon swaggered into class. Textbook-less as usual. He had a notebook, but I don't think he ever wrote anything in it. I was beginning to suspect our math teacher was an alien, because how else would Daemon get away with not doing a damn thing in class? He passed by without so much as a look.I twisted around in my chair. "I need to talk to you."He slid into his desk chair. "Okay.""In private," I whispered.His expression didn't change as he leaned back in his chair. "Meet me in the library at lunch. No one really goes in there. You know, with all those books and stuff."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
6. "Dee and Adam were joined at the mouth when I sat down. I glanced at Carissa. She rolled her eyes, but I smiled. My sucky love life aside, I was still on Team Love Rocks.The only thing I honestly couldn't deal with was my mom and Will making out, which I'd gotten an eyeful of yesterday before she left for work. Ew."You going to eat that salad?" Dee asked."It's cute how you stopped kissing for food." I laughed, pushing my tray toward her."Hey, Adam."His cheeks were flushed. "Hey, Katy.""Sorry. I worked up an appetite." Dee grinned."And I lost mine," Carissa muttered"
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
7. "Daemon always looks hot!!!Stretching into the aisle, I went to drop the note back on Carissa's desk. Before it could leave my fingertips, it was snatched from my hand. Son of a donkey butt! My mouth dropped open and my cheeks burned. Twisting around in my seat, I glared at Daemon.He held the note close to his chest and grinned. "Passing notes is bad," he murmured."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
8. "-Hola -dijo- soy Jesucristo. Pero puedes llamarme Jesús, o Señor, si lo prefieres.-¿Señor? -pregunté, tratando torpemente de ser graciosa. Es decir, aquello tenia que ser una broma. Jesucristo en un hospital psiquiátrico... Menudo tópico.-Señor Dios, por supuesto -respondió, frunciendo el ceño con desconcierto- ¿Acaso eres judía? En ese caso, no hay problema, puedes decirme Cristo.-No, soy católica, he sido bautizada y educada según la religión.-Entonces, tendrías que haberte arrodillado al entrar -me amonestó, y se apresuró a hacer en el aire la señal de la cruz- Por esta vez, te perdono. Pero que no vuelva a ocurrir -dijo. Después me miró con esos ojos de donde parecían surgir dos rayos láser y se me heló el corazón. Me pregunté si era posible que Jesús aun estuviera vivo y que hubiera terminado en ese lugar. La linea que separa el carisma de la locura suele ser muy fina."
Author: Terri Cheney
9. "Caris set off into the nearby trees and walked a few feet beyond them, thankful for a break from Rita's worry. He unzipped his pants and let them fall to his ankles, then he squatted down and began to urinate."
Author: Vernon D. Burns

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