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1. "Soy el negativo absoluto, la encarnación de la nada. Lo que se desea y no se puede obtener, lo que se sueña porque no puede existir, ahí se encuentra mi reino vano y ahí está establecido el trono que no me fue otorgado."
Author: Fernando Pessoa
2. "No hay más Dios que el hombre y cada hombre tiene su encarnación."
Author: Giovanni Papini
3. "Nada podrá contrarrestar ese virus que está envenenando el mundo entero. América es la encarnación de la fatalidad. Va a arrastrar al mundo entero hasta el abismo sin fondo."
Author: Henry Miller
4. "Ni su pueblo ni su familia, que tanto lo amaban, lloraron su muerte, porque creían que el llanto obliga el espíritu a quedarse en el mundo para consolar a los vivos. Lo correcto era demostrar alegría para que el espíritu se fuera contento a cumplir otro ciclos en la rueda de la reencarnación, evolucionado en cada vida hasta alcanzar finalmente la iluminación y el cielo, o Nirvana"
Author: Isabel Allende
5. "So why are you telling me?""Well, for one thing, because I expect that Carnac will try to find some way to mention it, and if I hadn't told you first, you'd be thoroughly pissed off about it when he did."Warrick said nothing. Well, it had been a fifty-fifty bet which way round would prove more hassle in the end."Warrick, if there'd been another way—""No, no. I understand. I was merely contemplating the fact that informing me that you had sex with someone else last night—after drugging him—falls under the heading of your being unusually considerate."
Author: Manna Francis
6. "You're not that good a fuck, and really, what else do you have?'Nothing. The answer was nothing. That was why the idea of Carnac targeting Warrick terrified him so much, because Carnac, bastard though he was, had so much more that Warrick might want. So much more than him."
Author: Manna Francis
7. "Well, then, how can you possibly trust them?""For the same reason I can trust you Coll. Because I know them. Because I understand them." Carnac curled his hand around the cold iron railing. "Because at the end of the day, who else can one trust, if not one's family?"
Author: Manna Francis
8. "Talking to himself was, depressingly, the only way to achieve an intelligent and engaging conversation these days. Carnac tried to ration himself, because it really was not a positive sign of mental stability. "But do you suppose it's better or worse to talk to wildfowl?" he wondered aloud. The ducks ignored him utterly."
Author: Manna Francis

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