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201. "It's a spirit that was given me and the relationships and meeting all these great people, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong; through Max I met a lot of people too. My first album was with Benny Carter."
Author: Abbey Lincoln
202. "Dagny and Fransisco d'Anconia?" she said, smiling ruefully, in answer to the curiosity of her friends. "Oh no, it's not a romance. It's an international industrial cartel of some kind."
Author: Ayn Rand
203. "I can remember - I don't want to identify the individual - but a very prominent Democrat, who compared looking at Carter and then Reagan, and then Bush, and observed that many of the people around Carter were totally disloyal to him."
Author: Bobby Ray Inman
204. "When Miss Carter came back to the table she reported that laboratory tests had shown that the "sleepy" kitten had indeed been drugged."
Author: Carolyn Keene
205. "I would say to my colleague that the misery index, inflation and unemployment, when added together is the lowest it has been in the last series of Presidents, even going back to Jimmy Carter. So I think the Bush administration is doing a good job."
Author: Cliff Stearns
206. "Oh, Dios mío, Les. No puedo explicarte cómo de perfecta es esta chica. Y cuando digo perfecta, quiero decir imperfecta, porque hay tantas cosas mal con ella. Pero todo lo que está mal con ella es todo lo que me atrae y la hace perfecta"
Author: Colleen Hoover
207. "If we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday at a time of presidential inaugurals, this is thanks to Ronald Reagan who created the holiday, and not to the Democratic Congress of the Carter years, which rejected it."
Author: David Horowitz
208. "My father, Fred Carter, Jr., is definitely an extraordinaire."
Author: Deana Carter
209. "People really feel that, when they go to the gas pump now, that the oil cartel is holding them by the legs and tipping them upside down and shaking money out of their pockets."
Author: Ed Markey
210. "I worry about Lily, sluggish as she is. Will she see Carter's truths? Will he tell her? God knows she won't hear them. She's moving too fast to hear anyone's music but her own. She's so set, but I know he could make her settled. I tried to sync their noise into music, but they both pushed back. Too obdurate to be oblong.Silly Lily. How can she resist someone who brings gum and sounds like math?"
Author: Emily McKay
211. "If pure philosophy took any of its ideas from Christian revelation, if anything in the Bible and the Gospel has passed into metaphysics, if, in short, it is inconceivable that the system of Descartes, Malebranche, and Leibniz would be what in fact they are had they been altogether withdrawn from Christian influence, then it becomes, highly probable that since the influence of Christianity on philosophy was a reality, the concept of Christian philosophy is not without a real meaning."
Author: Étienne Gilson
212. "Marc Marronier es así: finge ser un degenerado bajo su trajecito de pana lisa porque le da vergüenza mostrarse tierno. Acaba de cumplir treinta años: la edad espuria en la que uno es demasiado viejo para ser joven y demasiado joven para ser viejo. Para no decepcionar a nadie, hace todo lo posible por estar a la altura de su reputación. A base de querer aumentar las dimensiones de su press-book, se ha ido convirtiendo poco a poco en una caricatura de sí mismo. Le resulta agotador tener que demostrar que es amable y profundo, así que se las da de canalla superficial, adoptando ese comportamiento desordenado, incluso mortificarte."
Author: Frédéric Beigbeder
213. "We know how ninety-nine percent of the universe works," he told Carter shortly after they met, "and that's the clockworks, that's what we build with. But the other one percent makes the clockworks wind down. That's inertia. No one knows how that works, but it does. It's that one percent mystery that's the way of our maker. Put everything together, energy and inertia, the explicable and the inexplicable, and that's how you and I make our living."
Author: Glen David Gold
214. "Hei! Aa-shanta 'nygh! You are off! Send back earth's gods to their haunts on unknown Kadath, and pray to all space that you may never meet me in my thousand other forms. Farewell, Randolph Carter, and beware; for I am Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos."
Author: H.P. Lovecraft
215. "One can ask why the I has to appear in the cogito {Descartes' argument "I think therefore I am.}, since the cogito, if used rightly, is the awareness of pure consciousness, not directed at any fact or action. In fact the I is not necessary here, since it is never united directly to consciousness. One can even imagine a pure and self-aware consciousness which thinks of itself as impersonal spontaneity."
Author: Jean Paul Sartre
216. "What a country of lazy shits, with fucking hypocritical politicians claiming that people actually wanted to work if they could. Norwegians voted for the Socialist Party because it made it a human right to shirk their jobs, and who the hell wouldn't vote for a party that gave you three days off without a doctor's note, gave you carte blanche to sit at home and jerk off or go skiing or recover from a hangover? The Socialist Party knew, of course, what a perk this was, but still tried to appear responsible, preened themselves with their "trust in most people" and declared the right to malinger as some kind of social reform. The Progress Party was even more fucking infuriating, buying itself votes with tax cuts and hardly bothering to conceal the fact."
Author: Jo Nesbø
217. "We sat there in silence for a few minutes before he asked, "Is having sex with a werewolf considered bestiality?" -Carter"
Author: Joann I. Martin Sowles
218. "When we dream, we feel we are experiencing reality. What separates our waking feelings from our dream feelings?""When I consider this carefully, I find not a single property which with certainty separates the waking state from the dream," writes Descartes. And he goes on: "How can you be certain that your whole life is not a dream?"
Author: Jostein Gaarder
219. "Ai margini dell'infinito globo terrestre non ci aspetta nessun giardino dell'Eden. Al contrario, gli uomini giunti qui da tanto lontano si trasformano nei mostri che loro stessi avevano scacciato dalle carte con un faticoso lavoro di esplorazione."
Author: Judith Schalansky
220. "It wasn't that he was a Confederate. Everyone in Gatlin County was related to the wrong side in the War Between the States. We were used to that by now. It was like being born in Germany after World War II, being from Japan after Pearl Harbor, or America after Hiroshima. History was a bitch sometimes. You couldn't change where you were from. But still, you didn't have to stay there. You didn't have to stay stuck in the past, like the ladies in DAR, or the Gatlin Historical Society, or the Sisters. And you didn't have to accept that things had to be the way they were, like Lena. Ethan Carter Wate hadn't, and I couldn't, either."
Author: Kami Garcia
221. "Nowhere does it say free speech is carte blanche to be a jerk. And don't cheapen real free speech by hijacking an honourable concept bought dearly with people's lives just to get a little spotlight. Spotlights run hot, and they can burn."
Author: Karen Traviss
222. "We could speak about the meaning of life vis-a-vis non-consequential/deontological theories, apodictic transformation schemata, the incoherence of exemplification, metaphysical realism, Cartesian interactive dualism, revised non reductive dualism, postmodernist grammatology and dicey dichotomies. But we would still be left with Nietzsche's preposterous mustache which instills great anguish and skepticism in the brain, which leads (as it did in his case) to utter madness. I suggest we go to Paris instead."
Author: Maira Kalman
223. "Angela Carter...refused to join in rejecting or denouncing fairy tales, but instead embraced the whole stigmatized genre, its stock characters and well-known plots, and with wonderful verve and invention, perverse grace and wicked fun, soaked them in a new ?ery liquor that brought them leaping back to life. From her childhood, through her English degree at the University of Bristol where she specialised in Medieval Literature, and her experiences as a young woman on the folk-music circuit in the West Country, Angela Carter was steeped in English and Celtic faerie, in romances of chivalry and the grail, Chaucerian storytelling and Spenserian allegory, and she was to become fairy tale's rescuer, the form's own knight errant, who seized hold of it in its moribund state and plunged it into the fontaine de jouvence itself.(from "Chamber of Secrets: The Sorcery of Angela Carter")"
Author: Marina Warner
224. "Reflexão de Lavoisier ao descobrir que lhe haviam roubado a carteira: nada se perde, tudo muda de dono."
Author: Mario Quintana
225. "I discover vision, not as a "thinking about seeing," to use Descartes expression, but as a gaze at grips with a visible world, and that is why for me there can be another's gaze."
Author: Maurice Merleau Ponty
226. "I wiped my face with my napkin. "What made you want to become an actor?"I was sure he was going to tell me something pompous like he was born to play the role. Or that he wanted to get all the woman. So I waited."Me." He bit his lip, but his eyes didn't meet mine. "I got sick of failing and being told I would never amount to shit back home my entire life."I rubbed the back of my neck. This wasn't what I expected to hear. "I've fucked up royally and I have been fucked royally." There was a tightness in his eyes, the emotion crawled up his entire body. "And no I don't want your pity."I fidgeted in my chair. I didn't know what to say. "I understand."Our eyes met, and for a split second Carter looked as if he was considering believing me. He blew out a noisy breath of air. "The fuck you do."
Author: Maven West
227. "I was willing to do anything that Chris Carter wrote."
Author: Megan Gallagher
228. "Fighting back against Iran is difficult and costly. No American president from Carter to Obama has been willing to take it on."
Author: Michael Ledeen
229. "Deci mutatia a avut loc în epoca — mitica sau nu, putin îmi pasa, eu, ca om de stiinta, nu ma las impresionat de cuvinte — a avut loc în epoca imediat urmatoare izgonirii din Paradis. Pedeapsa de care vorbeste capitolul III din cartea Genezei aceasta a fost: amnezia. Corpul omenesc a uitat pur si simplu ca fusese înzestrat cu o functiune capitala: autoregenerarea celulelor..."
Author: Mircea Eliade
230. "Reagan won because he ran against Jimmy Carter. If he ran unopposed he would have lost."
Author: Mort Sahl
231. "Well, of course. But, we already knew that. I mean... I am kind of a big deal-Matt Carter"
Author: Natasha Larry
232. "We're going to get a couple pretty, fluffy inches in the morning for a gorgeous December evening wedding. Go get ready for rehearsal." "I'm afraid of rehearsal. My voice is going to squeak. I think I'm getting a zit right in the middle of my chin. I'm going to trip coming down the aisle. It's okay if Carter trips. People expect it. But –" … "Carter isn't nervous. "Mac narrowed her eyes in a scowl. "I could hate him for that." "Mackensie." Parker turned from the computer. "I was in the kitchen this morning when Mrs. G made him sit down and eat some breakfast. He put maple syrup in his coffee." "He did?" She threw up her arms in a cheer. "He is nervous. I feel better."
Author: Nora Roberts
233. "If you aren't a pissed-off cat, you shouldn't make noises like one.~Freeing Carter"
Author: Nyrae Dawn
234. "Right now, I could do with a little less "Carter, I need you to" and a little more, "Carter, do what you need to do." Hell, maybe even a little, "Carter, do you need help?"
Author: Nyrae Dawn
235. "Because Carter's not your only fan." When I looked back up, I saw Roman's green eyes were deadly serious. "You're a remarkable woman, just by your own nature. Smart. Funny. Compassionate. But what's really great is that you're so easy to underestimate. I did when we first met, you know. And Hell is now. No matter what their reaction to your appeal is, I guarantee most of them doubt you have a chance. You're going to prove them wrong. You're going to break the unbreakable. And I'll be there helping you, as much as I can."
Author: Richelle Mead
236. "How does it taste?" Carter wondered.Zia smiled. "Stick out your tongue."To answer Carter's question, the tattoo tasted like burning car tires."Ugh." I spit a blue gob of "order and harmony" into the fountain."
Author: Rick Riordan
237. "I would've hit the water hard, but at the last second I changed into a falcon.~Carter Kane"
Author: Rick Riordan
238. "After my bad experience as a kite, I simply refused to go about as a glowing Sadie-headed chicken. That's fine for Carter, but I have standards."
Author: Rick Riordan
239. "CHEERS, CARTER. At least you have the sense to hand me the microphone for important things.Honestly, he drones on and on about his plans for the Apocalypse, but he makes no plans at all for the school dance. My brother's priorities are severely skewed.Sadie Kane"
Author: Rick Riordan
240. "En persona, Anubis era si cabe más guapo aún, guapo de caerse muerta. [Ah... ja, ja. No había pillado el chiste, pero gracias, Carter. Dios de los muertos, guapo de caerse muerta. Si, me parto de la risa. ¿Puedo seguir, por favor?]"
Author: Rick Riordan
241. "Aimer est une aventure sans carte et sans compas où seule la prudence égare."
Author: Romain Gary
242. "Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his."
Author: Ronald Reagan
243. "Politica mea e arta: îmi plece muzica, pictura; o carte buna înseamna un lucru de seama pentru mine.[...]"
Author: Stendhal
244. "Un libro es una máquina para fabricar sueños. Está hecho para sacarte de este mundo."
Author: Steven Millhauser
245. "I would do 'John Carter' again tomorrow. I'm very proud of 'John Carter.' Box office doesn't validate me as a person, or as an actor."
Author: Taylor Kitsch
246. "That is why I don't believe much in what Mr. Descartes said: "I think, therefore I am." I think, therefore I'm lost in my thinking. I'm not there."
Author: Thích Nhất Hạnh
247. "You don't trust anyone, no one except Carter. Go to Carter. He'll take care of everything. He'll take care of you, Ems. I promise."
Author: Tijan
248. "Logic limits love, which may be why Descartes never married."
Author: Tom Robbins
249. "Mexico is a lawless place. I don't care what the UN says, or what the State Department travel advisories tell you. The fact is that Mexico, as a whole, is a narco-state run by powerful regional cartels, with a hollow and largely irrelevant central government that is nothing more than window-dressing to appease the international community. Freedom is for those who can afford it, law is for sale, and what is fair is determined by who is most powerful. That's the reality of Mexico. Cancun, Playa, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta- they are all much better than the interior of Mexico, but that is only because their survival depends on a steady flow of tourists with money to burn. To protect that, the government does a good job maintaining the appearance of western-style law and order through the direct threat of massive military intervention. Underneath it all, those places are not much different from the rest of Mexico."
Author: Tucker Max
250. "The army should go back to their assigned duties, and police should take the responsibility of fighting the cartels."
Author: Vicente Fox

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