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1. "Well, for one thing, the executives in charge at Cartoon Network are cartoon fans. I mean, these are people who grew up loving animation and loving cartoons, and the only difference between them and me is they don't know how to draw."
Author: Craig McCracken
2. "Joe Barbera's s always complaining that he can't get humor into cartoons anymore. Just do it. You've got your money. Why do they let the networks run their lives?"
Author: John Kricfalusi
3. "I let out a laugh that sounded more like the yip of a startled poodle. "Superp-powers? I wish. My powers aren't winning me a slot on the Cartoon Network anytime soon... except as a comic relief. Ghost Whisperer Junior. Or Ghost Screamer, more like it. Tune in, every week, as Chloe Saunders runs screaming from yet another ghost looking for her help."Okay, superpower might be pushing it."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
4. "So what do you do? Really? (Kat)Nothing. Really. It's boring as hell. Artemis won't allow me to bring anything here with me. No guitar. No Cartoon Network. Occasionally, I sneak a book in just to watch her wig out when she finds it. (Acheron)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
5. "I love CNN. I love the Cartoon Network. I mean, I thought these things up."
Author: Ted Turner

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Quotes About Cartoon Network
Quotes About Cartoon Network

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