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1. "He was too damn old to run now, too tired of that romantic idea of freedom that infected the heads of the young and later killed most of them with crushing disappointment. The Cassinis had always made sure he was just comfortable enough to want to sit tight and not risk the generosities they'd afforded him, and the older he got, the more comfortable he became. Comfort had a way of killing the romance in just about everybody."
Author: Allison M. Dickson
2. "No me importaría lo pequeño que se volviera el mundo siempre que Cassia continuara siendo el centro del mío."
Author: Ally Condie
3. "En cambio trazo una curva. Una ola. Como un mar, o un retal de seda verde que ondea el viento. Cric, cric. Ahora ésta roca, moldeada por otras fuerzas , el agua y el viento, está modificada por mí. Y eso me gusta. Yo siempre me transformo en lo que otras personas quieren. Con Cassia en la Loma: Sólo que entonces era yo mismo."
Author: Ally Condie
4. "Cassia Reyes, the Society is pleased to present you with your Match."
Author: Ally Condie
5. "This is a cruel thing to do because when someone knows your story they know you. And they can hurt you. It's why I give mine away in pieces, even to Cassia."
Author: Ally Condie
6. "Così il piccolo principe addomesticò la volpe. E quando l'ora della partenza fu vicina: « Ah! » disse la volpe, « piangerò.» « La colpa è tua », disse il piccolo principe, « io non ti volevo far del male, ma tu hai voluto che ti addomesticassi...» « E' vero », disse la volpe. « Ma piangerai! » disse il piccolo principe. « E' certo », disse la volpe. « Ma allora che ci guadagni? » « Ci guadagno », disse la volpe, « il colore del grano. » «Da te, gli uomini», disse il piccolo principe, «coltivano cinquemila rose nello stesso giardino... e non trovano quello che cercano...» «Non lo trovano», ripetei. «E tuttavia quello che cercano potrebbe essere trovato in una sola rosa o in un po' d'acqua...» «Certo», confermai. E il piccolo principe soggiunse: «Ma gli occhi sono ciechi. Bisogna cercare col cuore.»"
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
7. "But no, music lasted longer than anything it inspired. After LPs, cassettes, and CDs, when matrimony was about to decay into its component elements—alimony and acrimony—the songs startled him and regained all their previous, pre-Rachel meanings, as if they had not only conjured her but then dismissed her, as if she had been entirely their illusion. He listened to the old songs again, years later on that same dark promenade, when every CD he had ever owned sat nestled in that greatest of all human inventions, the iPod, dialed up and yielding to his fingertip's tap. The songs now offered him, in exchange for all he had lost, the sensation that there was something still to long for, still, something still approaching, and all that had gone before was merely prologue to an unimaginably profound love yet to seize him. If there was any difference now, it was only that his hunger for music had become more urgent, less a daily pleasure than a daily craving."
Author: Arthur Phillips
8. "To the followers of the murdered Caesar:Do you march against Decimus Brutus Albinus in Gaul, or against the son of Caesar in Rome? Ask Marcus Antonius.Are you mobilized to destroy the enemies of your dead leader, or to protect his assassins? Ask Marcus Antonius.Where is the will of the dead Caesar which bequeathed to every citizen of Rome three hundred pieces of silver coin? Ask Marcus Antonius.The murderers and conspirators against Caesar are free by an act of the Senate sanctioned by Marcus Antonius.The murderer Gaius Cassius Longinus has been given the governorship of Syria by Marcus Antonius.The murderer Marcus Junius Brutus has been given the governorship of Crete by Marcus Antonius.Where are the friends of the murdered Caesar among his enemies?The son of Caesar calls to you."
Author: Caesar
9. "I've always been opposed to slaughtering, eating, and wearing carcasses."
Author: Christian Serratos
10. "When you ate her tuna casserole, you didn't talk or flip through a National Geographic. Your eyes and ears stayed inside your mouth. Your whole world kept inside your mouth, feeling and careful for the little balled-up tinfoils Irene Casey would hide in the tuna parts. A side effect of eating slow was, you naturally, genuinely tasted, and the food tasted better. Could be other ladies were better cooks, but you'd never notice."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
11. "Jesus foi o feminista inicial. Pretendia que o futuro de sua igreja ficasse nas mãos de Maria Madalena."
Author: Dan Brown
12. "The line in the sand was drawn. A man did not sleep with his friend, especially not a man like him, one utterly incapable of caring for a woman outside of the bedroom. He couldn't treat Cass that way. He would not touch the friend. No licking the friend, either. If he could get away with not looking at her, he'd do it."
Author: Dee Tenorio
13. "We would lie on coral sand, below sugary stars, watching Cassiopeia mount her throne and the Great Bear wash its paws in the South. I would say, "I have a secret to tell you." And, folding me in your arms, boyish and sly, you would answer: "Whisper it into my mouth. "
Author: Diane Ackerman
14. "Maior do que o fracasso eu ergo-me no horizonte de eventos."
Author: Filipe Russo
15. "Les cœurs des femmes sont comme ces petits meubles à secret, pleins de tiroirs emboîtés les uns dans les autres ; on se donne du mal, on se casse les ongles, et on trouve au fond quelque fleur desséchée, des brins de poussière – ou le vide !"
Author: Gustave Flaubert
16. "Your Soul is Immortal, But Your Carcass is Toast"- Drø the Finder –"
Author: H.D. Rennerfeldt
17. "You don't have to protect these people, Cassel."I am these people."
Author: Holly Black
18. "Jack Carter does not exist as a full person without Cassie Andrews"
Author: J. Sterling
19. "If Melissa Miller were an artist, she would have painted the world in vicious streaks of red. Nothing like Picasso's rose period, all soft and cheerful and so optimistic that it made you want to puke. Missy's red phase would have been brutal and bright enough to cut your eyes. Missy's art would have been honest."
Author: Jackie Kessler
20. "BRAINSTORMING! Every night after dinner—which is usually something like tuna noodle casserole made with cream-of-wallpaper soup—I escape to the privacy of my bedroom."
Author: James Patterson
21. "And then, anger gave way to pure and simple job satisfaction. I mean, when I looked at a dead zombie head on a spike, I thought, "Hey, I did that. Picasso would have been proud. Especially how I rearranged that eye"
Author: Jesse Petersen
22. "You can put the girl in a relationship...," I began, putting my arm around her. "But you can't take the boy-crazy out of the girl," Cassie finished."
Author: Jocelyn Davies
23. "I grew up down in Florida, and in the Keys, there's this place called Sea Camp which was not unlike Space Camp, except you explored the sea. And so that kind of whetted my appetite for that. But then I ended up swimming in a lagoon full of Cassiopeia jellyfish, and that quickly quashed that desire to be a marine biologist."
Author: Joe Lo Truglio
24. "Were she better, or you sicker, then the stars would not be so terribly crossed, but it is the nature of stars to cross, and never was Shakespeare more wrong than when he had Cassius note, ‘The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars/But in ourselves."
Author: John Green
25. "Cassidy's heart tried to leap out through his taught skin and hop into his wet hands. But outwardly it was all very calm, very serene, just as always, and it seemed to last a tiny forever, just like that, a snapshot of them all on the curved parabola of a starting line, eight giant hearts attached to eight pairs of bellows-like lungs mounted on eight pairs of supercharged stilts. They were poised on the edge of some howling vortex they had run 10,000 miles to get to. Now they had to run one more"
Author: John L. Parker Jr.
26. "When the guy kissed her, Cassidy felt a stab of pain that was close to physical, and therefore within the penumbra of hurts he told himself he could bear."
Author: John L. Parker Jr.
27. "I'd have been dead a long time ago if not for my friends, one of whom had just jumped off the cliff after me. I'd have been a lot more appreciative if he hadn't pushed me first." ~Cassandra Palmer"
Author: Karen Chance
28. "I myself prefer being called Cassie. It's so much friendlier and less pretentious than Cassandra, don't you think? ... I think both fit you right fine. One is elegant and graceful, the other fun and lively."
Author: Karen Witemeyer
29. "A chuckle escaped Meredith's lips as Cassie swung from sleepy little girl to sympathetic confidante to vengeful angel all in the course of a single minute."
Author: Karen Witemeyer
30. "Cassandra wondered at the mind's cruel ability to toss up flecks of the past. Why, as she neared her life's end, her grandmother's head should ring with the voices of people long since gone. Was it always this way? Did those with passage booked on death's silent ship always scan the dock for faces of the long-departed?"
Author: Kate Morton
31. "Believe me, I have better things to do than sabotage your friendships. No one else's world revolves around you, Cassandra."-Paige to Cassandra"
Author: Kelley Armstrong
32. "He was pressed up against me after kissing me and being all… I don't know… intense and growly and manly and saying nice thing after nice thing all, well… intense, growly and manly which made him sound like he really, really meant them. At the same time acting like the alpha male who just beat the rest of the world's alpha males in hand to hand combat and after had climbed up a mountain of their carcasses and was thumping his chest and grunting, ‘Faye, my woman!"
Author: Kristen Ashley
Author: Laini Taylor
34. "The old men from the charity hospital next door would come jerking past our rooms, making useless, disjointed leaps. They'd go from room to room, spitting out gossip between their decayed teeth, purveying scraps of malignant worn-out slander. Cloistered in their official misery as in an oozing dungeon, those aged workers ruminated the layer of shit that long years of servitude deposit on men's souls. Impotent hatreds grown rancid in the pissy idleness of dormitories. They employed their last quavering energies in hurting each other a little more. In destroying what little pleasure they had left. Their last remaining pleasure! Their shriveled carcasses contained not one solitary atom that was not absolutely vicious!"
Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline
35. "Cassandra: 'Tis too much thinking you do, Riley.Riley: Yes, I do, and 'tis always of you"
Author: Marie Ferrarella
36. "You f**king piss me off with your smugness." Each and every word forced from the beast's mouth sounded strained, like they were kidney stones being passed. "I so want to kill you, feel the life of you ebb away while I strangle you with my bare hands. Then, once finished, trample your sorry carcass into the dirt, fertilizer for the grass the sheep of your farm will graze upon. Then, as a final insult to you, and only what you deserve in my mind, I would butcher and eat alive the lamb that ate the grass."Keallan to Jack (best mates)"
Author: Mark Alders
37. "Picasso created blank spaces through which an imagination could fly."
Author: Peggy Kopman Owens
38. "Of all African animals, the elephant is the most difficult for man to live with, yet its passing - if this must come - seems the most tragic of all. I can watch elephants (and elephants alone) for hours at a time, for sooner or later the elephant will do something very strange such as mow grass with its toenails or draw the tusks from the rotted carcass of another elephant and carry them off into the bush. There is mystery behind that masked gray visage, and ancient life force, delicate and mighty, awesome and enchanted, commanding the silence ordinarily reserved for mountain peaks, great fires, and the sea."
Author: Peter Matthiessen
39. "Oh, you're such a hopeless case, Cassie. Such a train wreck."
Author: Rick Yancey
40. "Don't let them get me, Cassie. Don't let me die.''You're not going to die, Sams.''Promise?'I Promised."
Author: Rick Yancey
41. "There is a relationship between cartooning and people like Mir= and Picasso which may not be understood by the cartoonist, but it definitely is related even in the early Disney."
Author: Roy Lichtenstein
42. "Every quote is like a Picasso. The meaning is different for each person and half the admirers miss the true intent and twisted humor of it all."
Author: Shannon L. Alder
43. "Don't, Cassandra. (Wulf)Oh, please. I just want to choke her for a few minutes. (Cassandra)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
44. "What can I get you? (Wulf)How about someone else to have this kid for me? (Cassandra)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
45. "(Looking at their son on ultrasound.)He looks like an angel. (Cassandra)I don't know. I think he looks like a frog or something. (Wulf)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
46. "Ma ancora più subdoli sono i calzini.Il Nonno Stregone aveva stabilito che, alla sua età, tre erano i modi possibili di infilarli.Uno, posizione detta "della spogliarellista", steso sul letto con una gamba sensualmente sollevata. Tempo necessario all'impresa: un minuto, salvo perforazione del pedalino da parte dell'unghia dell'alluce.Due, posizione eretta "gamba sulla sedia". Unico rischio, uno schianto del legno o un colpo della strega.Tre, posizione "riciclami": andare a letto coi calzini e usare gli stessi la mattina dopo. La meno igienica ma la più rapida.Inoltre, nello scegliere il paio bisognava tener conto dell'esistenza della LIC, Legge di infedeltà del calzino, che dice così:Un calzino, messo nel cassetto, cercherà quasi sempre di far coppia con un calzino diverso."
Author: Stefano Benni
47. "Most artists never get a chance to be Picasso, but that doesn't mean you would stop painting."
Author: Teddy Thompson
48. "Like some translucen latterday Cassandra, the prophetess of doom, (Heila the Comptesse von Westarp, the former secretary of the Thule Gesellschaff) rose up from the bosom of the limp and slumbering medium (Dr. Nemirovitch-Dantchanko) to give a warning that the man who was even now preparing to assume the leadership of Thule would prove himself to be a false prophet. Assuming total power over the nation, he would be responsible one day for reducing the whole of Germany to rubble and its people to a defeat and moreal degradation hitherto unknown to history."
Author: Trevor Ravenscroft
49. "Whenever I see something that looks like it could be good - whether it's on vinyl, CD or cassette - if it's not too expensive, I'll take a chance."
Author: Will Oldham
50. "Just so ya know, mate, superpowers come at a cost.""What superpowers are you-""Oi, listen. D'ya know Pinocchio? The wooden lad. Yeah, his superpower was ta lie ta everyone about anythin' he saw fit. An' I think 'tis cool if y'ask me. But it had a cost, it did. His nose grew longer with every lie. Ha! Ya see?""No, I don't.""We're reality's lies mate. An' there's a cost ta'r existence."-Robert Cassidy, on people with paranormal abilities."
Author: Yannis Karatsioris

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