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1. "The Frenchman sat up with that strange energy which comes often as the harbinger of death. "(...) This I tell you - I, Raoul de la Roche Pierre de Bras, dying upon the field of honour. And now kiss me, sweet friend, and lay me back, for the mists closes round me and I am gone!"With tender hands the squire [Nigel] lowered his comrade's head, but even as he did so there came a choking rush of blood, and the soul had passed. So died a gallant cavalier of France, and Nigel, as he knelt in the ditch beside him, prayed that his own end might be as noble and as debonair."
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
2. "I sometimes let people down, especially when I was younger. I was cavalier about what people told me. Part of growing up is learning when to shut up."
Author: Corey Johnson
3. "D'inverno per vestirmi mi ci vuole il tempo di un cavaliere con l'armatura. Ogni parte del corpo esige la congruenza del tessuto protettore: i piedi sono esigenti riguardo alla lana dei calzini; il busto vuole la tripla protezione della canottiera, della camicia e del pullover. D'inverno vestirmi significa trovare l'equilibrio fra la temperatura interna e quella dei vari fuori: fuori dal letto, fuori dalla camera, fuori di casa... Devo essere immerso nel giusto calore originario; nulla di più sgradevole e di più disdicevole che aver troppo caldo d'inverno."
Author: Daniel Pennac
4. "Dobbiamo tenere a mente che, in generale, fare sensazione, colpire le fantasie, per i nostri giornali è più importante che volere la verità. La verità è interessante soltanto quando coincide con la sensazione. La stampa che segua solo opinioni correnti, anche se si tratti di opinioni fondate, non ha credito fra la massa. La massa considera profondo solo chi suggerisce aspre contraddizioni con le idee generali. Nella logica, non meno che nella letteratura, il più pungente è l'epigramma e anche il più universalmente apprezzato; in entrambi i campi è quello più a buon mercato.(Cavaliere C. Auguste Dupin)"
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
5. "Guardami in faccia, e poi dimmi quale speranza consentir mi potrebbe questa protuberanza! Io non m'illudo, no. Talor certo, m'avviene d'intenerirmi anch'io nelle notti serene;e, se in qualche giardino entro, aspirando il maggio con il mio poveraccio di naso, sotto un raggio di argento qualche donna che passeggia a braccetto di un cavaliere io seguo, e il cor mi balza in petto, e penso, ahimè, che anch'io vorrei meco averne una per passeggiare a lenti passi sotto la luna. E mi esalto, e m'oblio... Quand'ecco all'improvviso l'ombra del mio profilo su pel muro ravviso!"
Author: Edmond Rostand
6. "Captain Jack, that volatile Modoc, seems to have been handled still more causally. After being hanged and buried, Jack was exhumed, embalmed, and exhibited at carnivals: admission ten cents. How many instances of such sensibility one chooses to catalogue may be limited by the amount of time spent turning over musty pages. During the seventeenth century, Robert Cavalier, Sieur de La Salle, came upon a wood plank near the ruins of Ft. Crèvecoeur deep in the wilderness of the New World, upon which a French deserter had printed: NOUS SOMMES TOUS SAUVAGES"
Author: Evan S. Connell
7. "Only three routes of upward mobility were available to socially ambitious upstarts such as Columbus: war, the Church, and the sea. Columbus probably contemplated all three: he wanted a clerical career for one of his brothers, and fancied himself as "a captain of cavaliers and conquests." But seafaring was a natural choice, especially for a boy from a maritime community as single-minded as that of Genoa. Opportunities for employment and profit abounded."
Author: Felipe Fernández Armesto
8. "Love as a passion—it is our European specialty—must absolutely be of noble origin; as is well known, its invention is due to the Provencal poet-cavaliers, those brilliant, ingenious men of the "gai saber," to whom Europe owes so much, and almost owes itself."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
9. "The Indians are the Italians of Asia", Didier pronounced with a sage and mischievous grin. "It can be said, certainly, with equal justice, that the Italians are the Indians of Europe, but you do understand me, I think. There is so much Italian in the Indians, and so much Indians in the Italians. They are both people of the Madonna - they demand a goddess, even if the religion does not provide one. Every man in both countries is a singer when he is happy, and every woman is a dancer when she walks to the shop at the corner. For them, food is music inside the body, and music is food inside the heart. The Language of India and the language of Italy, they make every man a poet, and make something beautiful from every banalite. They are nations where love - amore, pyaar - makes a cavalier of a Borsalino on a street corner, and makes a princess of a peasant girl, if only for the second that her eyes meet yours."
Author: Gregory David Roberts
10. "En dépit de toutes les profondes différences de leurs natures, tous deux avaient beaucoup appris l'un de l'autre; entre eux, à côté de la langue de la raison, il s'était peu à peu formé un parler de l'âme, un langage de signes, de même que, entre deux agglomérations, il y a bien une route sur laquelle circulent les voitures et les cavaliers, mais à côté se tracent beaucoup de petites sentes, de chemins de traverse, de sentiers détournés; chemins pour les enfants, sentiers pour les amoureux, sentes à peine visibles pour les chiens et les chats. (p. 49-50)"
Author: Hermann Hesse
11. "Groups like the NAACP, The Anti-Defamation League, NOW and GLAAD, will respond to derisive language directed at their constituents. The price paid by those who cavalierly chose to verbally disrespect the dignity of African Americans, Jews, women and homosexuals is steep."
Author: John C. McGinley
12. "They're both a bit cavalier about the whole thing at first; more than anything, they seem to think that it's going to be a lot of fun. Which it is, of course, but mostly in the way a plane crash is fun to reminisce about after you survive it."
Author: Josh Gates
13. "My first car was a Chevy Cavalier. My dad somehow convinced me that it was a hot sports car because it was red."
Author: Katheryn Winnick
14. "Although one of the points of an Integral approach to any problem is to language that issue in a s large a number of levels as possible (Magic, Mythic, Rational, Pluralistic, Integral, and Super-Integral—and this includes the "conveyor belt" of spirituality), this doesn't mean to cavalierly overlook Integral itself. The Integral level is a prerequisite for "Integral We" practices (although anybody can be invited to those practices; but realize that an "Integral" depth of the "We" will not be achieved in any group the majority of whose individuals are not themselves at Integral)."
Author: Ken Wilber
15. "I'll call you Tuesday," he whispered. I lifted my wineglass his way and invited, "You do that." He didn't move. I took another sip of wine. When I lowered my glass, reading me yet again, he noted, "You're not gonna answer." "Nope," I replied, sounding shockingly cavalier considering my insides were bleeding."
Author: Kristen Ashley
16. "Their only chance to mix with royalty was while they played Bezique. They never played any other game but this one that had grown out of the French court: it was the game of the cavaliers, a game of waiting between battles."
Author: Lisa St. Aubin De Terán
17. "Such terrifying powers we possess, but what a sorry lot of gods some men are. And the worst of it is not the cruelty but the arrogance, the sheer hubris of those who bring only violence and fear into the animal world, as if it needed any more of either. Their lives entail enough frights and tribulations without the modern fire-makers, now armed with perfected, inescapable weapons, traipsing along for more fun and thrills at their expense even as so many of them die away. It is our fellow creatures' lot in the universe, the place assigned them in creation, to be completely at our mercy, the fiercest wolf or tiger defenseless against the most cowardly man. And to me it has always seemed not only ungenerous and shabby but a kind of supreme snobbery to deal cavalierly with them, as if their little share of the earth's happiness and grief were inconsequential, meaningless, beneath a man's attention, trumped by any and all designs he might have on them, however base, irrational, or wicked."
Author: Matthew Scully
18. "Neither of us, me nor Dennis, is cavalier about a breakup. We both behaved very honorably."
Author: Meg Ryan
19. "Foreshadowings of the principles and even of the language of [the infinitesimal] calculus can be found in the writings of Napier, Kepler, Cavalieri, Fermat, Wallis, and Barrow. It was Newton's good luck to come at a time when everything was ripe for the discovery, and his ability enabled him to construct almost at once a complete calculus."
Author: Napier
20. "They looked like good people, but deep down they were pieces of shit. They often found they way into politics, and they talked about God, family values and country. They were the new cavaliers of the Catholic culture."
Author: Niccolò Ammaniti
21. "God wants us to worry about our sins before we sin; the devil wants us to worry after we sin. God wants us to feel free after we repent (for we really are free then); the devil is a deceiver). The devil tempts us to cavalier pride before we sin and worrisome despair afterward, since pride and despair both separate us from God, and anything that separates us from God is the devil's friend and our enemy, while anything that brings us close to God is the devil's enemy and our friend."
Author: Peter Kreeft
22. "Significant officials at publicly traded companies are casually and cavalierly engaged in insider trading. Because insider trading has as one of its elements communication, it doesn't take rocket science to realize it's nice to have the communication on tape."
Author: Preet Bharara
23. "Was there to be any end to the gradual improvement in the techniques and artifices used by the replicators to ensure their own continuation in the world? There would be plenty of time for improvement. What weird engines of self-preservation would the millennia bring forth? Four thousand million years on, what was to be the fate of the ancient replicators? They did not die out, for they are past masters of the survival arts. But do not look for them floating loose in the sea; they gave up that cavalier freedom long ago. Now they swarm in huge colonies, safe inside gigantic lumbering robots, sealed off from the outside world, communicating with it by tortuous indirect routes, manipulating it by remote control. They are in you and in me; they created us, body and mind; and their preservation is the ultimate rationale for our existence. They have come a long way, those replicators. Now they go by the name of genes, and we are their survival machines."
Author: Richard Dawkins
24. "He felt ready to face the devil, and strutted in the ballroom with the swagger of a cavalier."
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
25. "In Canadian comedy, you'll almost never see guns. If you bring a gun into a scene, it's like, 'Whoa! Wow, how are we going to deal with that!' Guns in an American comedy are a given. Violence in America is used in a much more cavalier way."
Author: Scott Thompson
26. "We are the poem's ancient band of twelve that proceeds through the ages. There were twelve of us, when we ruled the world on the cloud-covered top of Olympus, and twelve when we lived as birds in Ygdrasil's green crown. Wherever poetry went forth, there we followed. Did we not sit, twelve men strong, at King Arthur's round table, and did twelve paladins not go in Charles the Twelfth's great army? On of us has been Thor, another Jupiter, as any man should be able to see in us yet today. The divine splendor can be sensed under the rags, the lion's mane under the donkey hide. Time has treated us badly, but when we are there, the smithy becomes Mount Olympus and the cavalier's wing a Valhalla."
Author: Selma Lagerlöf
27. "The Cavaliere has retired to his study and reads, trying not to think about what is going on around him -- one of the principal uses of a book."
Author: Susan Sontag
28. "Signora, il suo amore era talmente ardente che avrei potuto ricambiarlo solo facendo di lei mia moglie o la mia amante. Io non accettai ma, per il grande amore che mi portava, le offrii mille lire sterline di rendita all'anno per lei e per i suoi eredi se avesse sposato un cavaliere di suo gradimento. Signora, non mi piace essere obbligato ad amare; l'amore deve nascere dal cuore, non dalla costrizione."
Author: Thomas Malory
29. "Ah, bella damigella, dignità, virtù e valore non sono riposti solo nell'abbigliamento!" esclamò Balin. "La virilità e l'onore sono celati nella persona, e vi sono molti insigni cavalieri ignoti a tutti, a riprova che il pregio e l'ardimento non hanno alcun rapporto con le vesti che indossano."
Author: Thomas Malory
30. "The widespread willingness to rely on thermonuclear bombs as the ultimate weapon displays a cavalier attitude toward death that has always puzzled me. My impression is that...most of the defenders of these weapons are not suitably horrified at the possibility of a war in which hundreds of millions of people would be killed...I suspect that an important factor may be belief in an afterlife, and that the proporttion of those who think that death is not the end is much higher among the partisans of the bomb than among its opponents."
Author: Thomas Nagel
31. "... she suspected Oliver only wanted some token acknowledgment that despite her moving on, their exchange had not been completely superficial. She found even the most cavalier sorts still hated to let things pass completely unspoken. Everyone wanted to put a meaning to things."
Author: Toby Barlow
32. "I like Cleveland. I like the Cavaliers. Nothing wrong with Cleveland. I have lots of friends there."
Author: Vanilla Ice
33. "With the ascension of Charles I to the throne we come at last to the Central Period of English History (not to be confused with the Middle Ages, of course), consisting in the utterly memorable Struggle between the Cavaliers (Wrong but Wromantic) and the Roundheads (Right but Repulsive)."
Author: W.C. Sellar
34. "Op de voorgrond, dicht bij de rechterhand van het schilderij, is een dame ten val gekomen. Ze draagt en kanariegele jurk; de cavalier die zich bezorgd over haar heen buigt een rode, in het vale licht zeer opvallende broek. Als ik nu naar die rivier kijk, zei Austerlitz, en aan dat schilderij met zijn kleine figuurtjes denk, heb ik het gevoel dat het door Lucas van Valckenborch weergegeven ogenblik nooit voorbij is gegaan, dat de kanariegele dame pas zojuist is gevallen of bewusteloos geraakt, dat haar zwartfluwelen muts net pas naast haar hoofd is gerold, dat het kleine ongeluk waaraan de meeste beschouwers ongetwijfeld voorbijzien, telkens opnieuw gebeurt, dat het nooit meer ophoudt en door niets en niemand meer goed te maken valt."
Author: W.G. Sebald
35. "How little we really know about the life all around us. Would we be so cavalier and ruthless with it if we understood it better?"
Author: William Longgood

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