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1. "I have lived for four centures," he said. "Perhaps I am still a youth, in that all of us are, compared to the timeless age of the Wheel itself. That said, I am one of the oldest people in existence."Moiraine smiled. "Very nice. Does that work on the others?"He hesitated. Then, oddly, he found himself grinning. "It worked pretty well on Cadsuane."Moiraine sniffed. "That one...Well, knowing her, I doubt you fooled her as well as you assume. You may have the memories of a man four centuries old, Rand al'Thor, but that does not make you ancient. Otherwise, Matrim Cauthon would be the patriarch of us all.""Mat? Why Mat?""It is nothing," Moiraine said. "Something I am not supposed to know. You are still a die-eyed sheepherder at heart."
Author: Robert Jordan

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