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1. "I do believe that characters in novels belong to their writers and their readers pretty equally. I've learned a lot of things about the characters I write from people who read about them. Readers expand them in ways I don't think of and take them to places I can't go."
Author: Ann Brashares
2. "I consciously try to end my novels at a point where I won't have to wonder about my characters ever again."
Author: Anne Tyler
3. "I don't believe novels should carry an obvious message. I don't want to write characters you can immediately say are good or bad; as in life, most people are a mixture."
Author: Christopher Koch
4. "Poorly written novels -- no matter how pious and edifying the behavior of the characters -- are not good in themselves and are therefore not really edifying."
Author: Flannery O'Connor
5. "The best part of the fiction in many novels is the notice that the characters are imaginary."
Author: Franklin P. Adams
6. "Discussions of the effects of serial publication of Victorian novels on their authors and readers1 usually draw attention to the author's peculiar opportunities for cliff-hanging suspense, as, for instance, when Thackeray has Becky Sharp counter old Sir Pitt's marriage proposal at the end of Vanity Fair's fourth number with the revelationthat she is already married, and the reader must wait a month before the husband's identity is revealed. Or it may be pointed out how the author can modify his story in response to his readers' complaints or recommendations, as when Trollope records in hisAutobiography how he wrote Mrs Proudie out of the Barchester Chronicles after overhearing two clergymen in the Athenaeum complaining of his habit of reintroducing the same characters in his fiction."
Author: Ian Gregor
7. "My first two novels were set in the past, and that freed me up in a lot of ways; it allowed me to find my way into my story and my characters through research."
Author: Jennifer Gilmore
8. "Though we run across exceptions, philosophical novels where explanation holds interest, the temptation to explain is one that should almost always be resisted. A good writer can get anything at all across through action and dialogue, and if he can think of no powerful reason to do otherwise, he should probably leave explanation to his reviewers and critics. The writer should especially avoid comment on what his characters are feeling, or at very least should be sure he understands the common objection summed up in the old saw "Show, don't tell."
Author: John Gardner
9. "Each of my novels features a protagonist undertaking a difficult personal journey. On the way, each of these characters - mostly female - discovers something about herself and at the same time makes an impact on other people's lives."
Author: Juliet Marillier
10. "I like to believe my suspense novels marry the strong characters from my romance writing past, with the twisty, clever plots of my mystery writing present."
Author: Lisa Gardner
11. "Fantasy novels reveal "emergency escape routes" from reality. Romance novels dish out a banquet of Eye Candy. Otherworldly passion erupts when the two collide in an epic novel of unforgettable characters and dire circumstances."
Author: Sarah J. Pepper
12. "Most gothics are overplotted novels whose success or failure hinges on the author's ability to make you believe in the characters and partake of the mood."
Author: Stephen King

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