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1. "Creating gods who can see everything, and who hate cheaters and oath breakers, turns out to be a good way to reduce cheating and oath breaking."
Author: Jonathan Haidt
2. "Every age that has historical status is governed by aristocracies.Aristocracy with the meaning - the best are ruling.Peoples do never govern themselves. That lunacy was concocted by liberalism. Behind its "people's sovereignty" the slyest cheaters are hiding, who don't want to be recognized."
Author: Joseph Goebbels
3. "We have to make some radical move to get the attention of everyone. Cheaters can't win and steroids has put us in the position that it's OK to cheat."
Author: Lou Brock
4. "I don't play with cheaters and I don't care if you are three seconds older than me, you don't tell me what to do. I'm not your bitch, boy.Then stop acting like one. Whoever heard of Fear being a cry-baby.The same people who made Dread a cheater. (Phobos)Oh, go cry to mama, you nancy-boy. (Deimos)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
5. "And it would be fair. Everyone will pay the same tax and it will eliminate tax cheaters and corporate shenanigans."
Author: Steve Forbes
6. "Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter."
Author: Tom Daschle

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Quotes About Cheaters And Homewreckers
Quotes About Cheaters And Homewreckers
Quotes About Cheaters And Homewreckers

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