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1. "-You've got a . . . Lot of books, he said at last.-it's a sickness.-Are you . . . Seeing anyone for it?-I'm afraid it's untreatable. -is this the . . . Dewey decimal system?-No. But it's based on similar principles. Those are the British novelists. The French are in the kitchen. Homer, Virgil, and the other epics are by the tub.-I take it the . . . Transcendental its do better in the sunlight.-Exactly.-Do they need much water?-Not as much as you think. But lots of pruning.He pointed the volume toward a pile of books under my bed.-And the . . . Mushrooms?-The Russians.-Ah.-Who's winning?-Not me."
Author: Amor Towles
2. "La única comunicación adecuada con el espectador es ésta: permanecer fiel a sí mismo. Sin concesión alguna a ese ochenta por ciento de espectadores de cine que, por motivos indescifrables, exigen de nosotros, los directores, que les entretengamos. A la vez, nosotros los directores hemos empezado a despreciar tanto ese ochenta por ciento de espectadores, que estamos dispuestos a entretenerles, puesto que de ellos depende la financiación de la próxima película: una situación sin salida."
Author: Andrei Tarkovsky
3. "When she went out to the kitchen, I knew she would be getting her Triscuits. That was what she had for her snack at the end of every workday: six Triscuits exactly, because six was the "serving size" listed on the box. She showed a slavish devotion to the concept of a recommended serving size...."
Author: Anne Tyler
4. "Sonja stood and walked to the flat, afraid of what she might hear next. At the kitchen table she examined the glass of ice. Each cube was rounded by room temperature, dissolving in its own remains, and belatedly she understood that this was how a loved one disappeared. Despite the shock of walking into an empty flat, the absence isn't immediate, more a fade from the present tense you shared, a melting into the past, not an erasure but a conversion in form, from presence to memory, from solid to liquid, and the person you once touched now runs over your skin, now in sheets down your back, and you may bathe, may sink, may drown in the memory, but your fingers cannot hold it. She raised the glass to her lips. The water was clean."
Author: Anthony Marra
5. "I hate homework. I hate it more now than I did when I was the one lugging textbooks and binders back and forth from school. The hour my children are seated at the kitchen table, their books spread out before them, the crumbs of their after-school snack littering the table, is without a doubt the worst hour of my day."
Author: Ayelet Waldman
6. "You know why doctors slap babies on the bottom when they're born? So the dicks fall off the smart ones."He laughed. "You know why women don't have dicks? So they can stand closer to the kitchen sink."
Author: Barbara Elsborg
7. "When there were no customers, he thought about geometry. He tried to perform the Pythagorean Theorem on the light fixture above him, given his estimate of its circumference, but he failed. He wanted to be good at math. But he just wasn't. He wanted so badly for the math club to accept him, but to them he was a loser. During rush week they battered him blue with yard sticks; they tied him to a table naked and made him prove problems involving half circles before a huge swinging protractor cut him in half; they forced him to continually calculate the remaining volume of the kegs he had to drink, working it out by hand as he was held upside down. After he didn't get in the club, they had started ganging up on him every day, sticking his head in the toilet and stealing his lunch money. Business was slow at the moment, and he thought about ending his life in the kitchen appliance aisle."
Author: Benson Bruno
8. "Ein guter Freund hat einmal zu mir gesagt, die Probleme seien wie Kakerlaken." Immer wenn er ernst sein sollte, verfiel er in einen scherzhaften Ton. "Wenn man sie ans Licht holt, erschrecken sie und machen sich auf und davon."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
9. "Ich schwieg und dachte daran, was für ein Aschenputteldasein sieh geführt hatte, bis Mr. Wopsles Großtante endlich die schlechte Gewohnheit aufgab zu leben, die manche Menschen besser ablegen sollten."
Author: Charles Dickens
10. "As we left the kitchen, I asked, "Can I hold your sword today?" Catcher glanced back over his shoulder and lifted a brow. "The sword," I corrected. "The sword." We'll see."
Author: Chloe Neill
11. "Incidentally, I have also learned a bit about the importance of avoiding feminine embarrassment ('Daddy,' wrote Sophia when she enrolled at the New School where I teach, 'people will ask "why is old Christopher Hitchens kissing that girl?"') and shall now cease and desist."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
12. "I think my cooking these days is a lot more relaxed from when I was working in professional kitchens. Spending time in people's kitchens made me realize that people want to eat healthy meals that are easy to prepare, with minimal ingredients that can be made on a budget."
Author: Curtis Stone
13. "Dick Cheney said he was running again. He said his health was fine, 'I've got a doctor with me 24 hours a day.' Yeah, that's always the sign of a man in good health, isn't it?"
Author: David Letterman
14. "Den größten Fehler, den man im Leben machen kann, ist, immer Angst zu haben, einen Fehler zu machen."
Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
15. "Die Politik jeglicher Färbung ist mir seit langem zuwider, und ich marschiere hinter keiner Fahne mehr her. Auch ist die Erdrevolution mit politischen Mitteln nicht zu bewältigen. Sie dienen höchstens zur Garnierung des Vulkanrandes, falls sie nicht die Entwicklung sogar vorantreiben."
Author: Ernst Jünger
16. "My mother's kitchen was built to be the focal point of our house. I got into the kitchen often as a child."
Author: Gail Simmons
17. "Das war die Frau mit ihren plötzlichen Ängsten, ihren grundlosen Launen, ihren unwillkürlichen Verwirrungen, ihren unmotivierten Kühnheiten, ihren Wagnissen und ihrer reizenden Zartheit der Gefühle."
Author: Honoré De Balzac
18. "I drew laughing, high-breasted girls aquaplaning without a care in the world, as a result of being amply protected against such national evils as bleeding gums, facial blemishes, unsightly hairs, and faulty or inadequate life insurance. I drew housewives who, until they reached for the right soap flakes, laid themselves wide open to straggly hair, poor posture, unruly children, disaffected husbands, rough (but slender) hands, untidy (but enormous) kitchens."
Author: J.D. Salinger
19. "Es soll keine Geheimnisse mehr geben, sagen die neuen Überwachungstheoretiker und meinen damit etwas recht Interessantes: dass die Ära, in der Geheimnisse zählten, in der Geheimnisse ihre Macht über das Leben von menschen ausüben konnten [...], vorbei ist; nicht, was sich zu wissen lohnt, kann nicht innerhalb von Sekunden und ohne großen Aufwand aufgedeckt werden; das Privatleben ist im Grunde ein Ding der Vergangenheit."
Author: J.M. Coetzee
20. "I have a piano in my kitchen. I read a great biography about Tom Waits that said that he had a piano in his kitchen; he had a grand piano in his kitchen. And I thought, 'Well, if Tom Waits has one, then I must.'"
Author: Jamie Cullum
21. "If you plunder from west to east you are great like Alexander. if you do the same from east to west you are a barbarian like Chengiz."
Author: Javed Akhtar
22. "In the kitchen Valeria was making breakfast, his aunt never made breakfast even though Carlo insisted for years that a hotel hoping to cater to French and Americans must offer breakfast. "It's a lazy man's meal.", she always said. "What laggard expects to eat before doing any work?"
Author: Jess Walter
23. "Like Trush, Sheriff Gorunov is a born Alpha, a handsome, fire-breathing dragon of a man who smokes with an alarming vigor: cigarette clamped between his canines at the point where filter and tobacco meet, the act of inhaling fully integrated into breath and speech such that there is no discernible pause, only billowing smoke that seems to be a natural by-product of a voice that booms even in the confines of his quiet kitchen."
Author: John Vaillant
24. "Ein Junge und ein Mädchen liegen auf dem Boden, vor sich die Dachschräge. Sie konzentriert sich auf den Jungen, der aus dieser Entfernung so aussieht, als wäre er in ihrem Alter. Und selbst aus dieser Entfernung kann sie erkennen, dass das Buch, aus dem er ihr vorliest, "Das Buch der Begebenheiten" ist.Der Junge schläft ein, und das Mädchen legt den Kopf auf seine Brust. Brod will mehr hören - sie will schreien: LIES MIR WEITER VOR! ICH MUSS ES WISSEN! -, aber sie können sie von dort, wo sie ist, nicht hören, und von dort, wo sie ist, kann sie die Seite nicht umblättern. Die Seite - Brods papierdünne Zukunft - ist, von dort, wo Brod ist, unendlich schwer."
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
25. "Menschen brauchen einen Vorwand, um sich miteinander beschäftigen zu können."
Author: Juli Zeh
26. "Whitney smacked Coop's snout while simultaneously pressing herself deeper into the couch. Coop fixed her with an unblinking ice-blue stare, gray-brown fur bristling along his spine. "Tory!" Whitney squealed. "He's going to attack!""Maybe." I walked into the kitchen and snagged a Diet Coke from the fridge. "Try to protect your throat."
Author: Kathy Reichs
27. "My grandmother's house was just a place of comfort. I mean, I remember going in there, and the kitchen always had pots cooking with the lids were always bump, bump, bump, bump, bubbling, you know?"
Author: Kay Robertson
28. "All that was Emmanuelle Holmes in his kitchen in his tee making him a sandwich after he'd fucked her and they'd both come hard.That did not suck."
Author: Kristen Ashley
29. "Literary style is like crystal-ware: the cleaner the wineglass, the brighter the brilliance. As a reader, I agree with those who believe that a colour of the dress, which a character has on, as well as any enumeration and description of dishes at dinner or in the kitchen should be mentioned only in case if all this has a strong consequent relation to the plot, but as an author, I can't help mentioning all this, with no particular reason, just for love for my characters, desiring to give them something nice and pleasant. Melancholy grows a platinum rose. Affection grows a double rose."
Author: Lara Biyuts
30. "Reseph tried to convince one of my vamps to slip an aphrodisiac into my drink.""Ares is quite fond of the orc-weed," Vulgrim called out from the kitchen, and yeah, there was a set of chains in the dungeon with his name on them.Limos scowled. "What did your demon say?""Nothing," Ares muttered."
Author: Larissa Ione
31. "Neo-Darwinians do cite some examples of evolution they claim the NDT explains. Natural selection can indeed account for the replacement of light-colored moths with dark ones when the lichens get covered with soot. But no one has shown that the difference between the two kinds of moths arose by a random mutation. The key point of randomness is not tested by those data."
Author: Lee Spetner
32. "Everywhere you look, there is a charity or a project in school to get involved in. In eighth grade, there was this program called CJSF, California Junior Scholarship Foundation. We were involved in soup kitchens and toy drives, and your school can set up something like that. If your school doesn't have a program like that, set one up."
Author: Lindsey Shaw
33. "El debate tan machacón como hipócrita (porque en realidad se trata de una campaña de exterminio) sobre la inminente desaparición del libro, pese a que las editoriales siguen abarrotando librerías, quizá requiere una interpretación (...) No es seguro que el libro esté destinado a desaparecer mañana, pero sí es seguro que desaparecerá cada uno de nosotros especímenes humanos. Y es posible que cuando dejemos este mundo, algunos libros nos echen de menos."
Author: María Elena Walsh
34. "The kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family."
Author: Mario Batali
35. "The boys are to have theirs in the kitchen,"
Author: Mary Elizabeth Braddon
36. "Gefühle am Morgen, das erträgt kein Mann. Dann lieber Geschirr waschen!"
Author: Max Frisch
37. "Das Göttliche ist Gottes Sache, das Menschliche Sache "des Menschen". Meine Sache ist weder das Göttliche noch das Menschliche, ist nicht das Wahre, Gute, Rechte, Freie usw., sondern allein das Meinige, und sie ist keine allgemeine, sondern ist - einzig, wie Ich einzig bin."
Author: Max Stirner
38. "Never listen to a leftist who does not give away his fortune or does not live the exact lifestyle he wants others to follow. What the French call "the caviar left," la gauche caviar, or what Anglo-Saxons call champagne socialists, are people who advocate socialism, sometimes even communism, or some political system with sumptuary limitations, while overtly leading a lavish lifestyle, often financed by inheritance—not realizing the contradiction that they want others to avoid just such a lifestyle. It is not too different from the womanizing popes, such as John XII, or the Borgias. The contradiction can exceed the ludicrous as with French president François Mitterrand of France who, coming in on a socialist platform, emulated the pomp of French monarchs. Even more ironic, his traditional archenemy, the conservative General de Gaulle, led a life of old-style austerity and had his wife sew his socks."
Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
39. "Many people are partial to the notion that . . . all writers are somehow mere vessels for Truth and Beauty when they compose. That we are not really in control. This is a variation on that twee little fable that writers like to pass off on gullible readers, that a character can develop a will of his own and 'take over a book.' This makes writing sound supernatural and mysterious, like possession by faeries. The reality tends to involve a spare room, a pirated copy of MS Word, and a table bought on sale at Target. A character can no more take over your novel than an eggplant and a jar of cumin can take over your kitchen."
Author: Paul Collins
40. "The trains [in a country] contain the essential paraphernalia of the culture: Thai trains have the shower jar with the glazed dragon on its side, Ceylonese ones the car reserved for Buddhist monks, Indian ones a vegetarian kitchen and six classes, Iranian ones prayer mats, Malaysian ones a noodle stall, Vietnamese ones bulletproof glass on the locomotive, and on every carriage of a Russian train there is a samovar. The railway bazaar with its gadgets and passengers represented the society so completely that to board it was to be challenged by the national character. At times it was like a leisurely seminar, but I also felt on some occasions that it was like being jailed and then assaulted by the monstrously typical."
Author: Paul Theroux
41. "As I was standing in my kitchen cooking yesterday, a quiet task that causes my mind to begin reminiscing (similar to washing dishes, cleaning the bathrooms and mowing), I reached for the kitchen scissors and off I went. Kitchen scissors. Who knew there were special scissors to cut food items? Mom did."
Author: Paula Heller Garland
42. "A friend in the War Office warned me that I was in Kitchener's black books, and that orders had been given for my arrest next time I appeared in France."
Author: Philip Gibbs
43. "Gefährlich und schlecht sind nur jene Traurigkeiten, die man unter die Leute trägt, um sie zu übertönen; wie Krankheiten, die oberflächlich und töricht behandelt werden, treten sie nur zurück und brechen nach einer kleinen Pause um so furchtbarer aus; und sammeln sich an im Innern und sind Leben, sind ungelebtes, verschmähtes, verlorenes Leben, an dem Man sterben kann."
Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
44. "The kitchen clock is more convenient than sidereal time. We must use the popular category, as we do by the Linnæan classification, for convenience, and not as exact and final. Otherwise, we are presently confounded, when the best-settled traits of one race are claimed by some new ethnologist as precisely characteristic of the rival tribe."
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
45. "It's not that bad things never happen. But there's a pattern in which most people are calm, resourceful, altruistic, and they improvise emergency systems that work really well - whether it's getting the babies out of a collapsed hospital or putting together a community kitchen to feed everybody for the next few months."
Author: Rebecca Solnit
46. "Wolfe scowled at her. I could see he was torn with conflicting emotions. A female in his kitchen was an outrage. A woman criticizing his or Fritz's cooking was an insult. But corned beef hash was one of life's toughest problems, never yet solved by anyone."
Author: Rex Stout
47. "Keine Frage, die Kunst des Lesens war etwas, um das sie ihn beneidete. Was musste das für ein Gefühl sein, in fremde Welten einzutauchen, nur mit den Augen und durch das Zusammensetzen einiger kryptischer Zeichen? Buchstaben wurden zu Worten, Worte zu Sätzen, und auf einmal befand man sich in einer fremden Stadt oder einem fremden Land. Ganze Welten ließen sich so binnen eines Wimpernschlags durchqueren."
Author: Thomas Thiemeyer
48. "Well, I guess they aren't gay anymore, Liz," Susan said loudly from the direction of the kitchen doorway.Liz started snickering next to her. "I always knew they were full of shit."
Author: Victoria Michaels
49. "Oh, no said her mother sadly. You know nothing of the pettiness of women. When brothers agree to split a joint family they sometimes divide lakhs of rupees worth of property in a few minutes. But the tussle of their wives over the pots and pans in the common kitchen--that nearly causes bloodshed."
Author: Vikram Seth
50. "The boar held a VCR reote control and cackled maliciously as he watched a video of U.S. politicians grinning with their one-time budy Saddam--Dick Cheney, Gulf War-era Secretary of State James Baker, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, to the tune of "Taking Care of Business." And then the viewers saw themselves in a mirror emblazoned with the words "You are a witness."
Author: Wafaa Bilal

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