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1. "Why did he keep going when everyone else got to start over?"
Author: Ann Brashares
2. "My kindness is for everyone. Everything else must be earned."
Author: Bindu
3. "His stillness was commanding. I felt myself getting whiter by the second. What does it mean to become white? How does it feel to see Death in the flesh, come to gather you in? I was scared to the marrow. I was cold and hot, dry and wet, myself and someone else. The fist clenched in my chest. I went to the staircase and sat on the top step, looking into my hands. So much remained. Every word and thing a beadwork of bright creation."
Author: Don DeLillo
4. "I need someone I can count on. Until recently, you were the most reliable of us all. I sincerely hope that hasn't changed for good." "Don't go there, brother.""Over some male not worthy of you."He went there!"
Author: G.A. Aiken
5. "Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have."
Author: H. Jackson Brown Jr.
6. "It was really cool to work with Dakota Fanning. I've watched her grow up and I've always loved her films, loved her. It was amazing working with someone who was American as well, because obviously it's going to be a different energy straightaway. We got on really well; she's so professional and hardworking."
Author: Kaya Scodelario
7. "Apparently unaffected, she rose. "Yeah, you're probably right. I should be going." She feigned a yawn. "You've gotta head back to work and I've gotta head to jail. Big night for me. I'm planning to shiv someone for a bar of soap. --"
Author: Kresley Cole
8. "Only someone authentic, with a deep love of art, will radiate the enthusiasm needed to keep them engaged"
Author: Lisa Desrochers
9. "Life is a stew, and pot is poop.If someone stirred even a teeny-bit of poop in the stew, would you really want to eat it?"
Author: Maria Semple
10. "If you want to go beyond that small percentage of people who are already environmentally and scientifically aware, you have to make your work somehow link with a passion, interest, or profession of someone who isn't interested in science or nature."
Author: Nalini Nadkarni
11. "Wheneve someone asks me, "Did you find everything alright?" I wonder to myself, "Is this a trick question?"Maybe there is something that is not all right, and if I mention it first I get some exotic prizes!!"
Author: Neil Leckman
12. "I want to be the girl Zhara once was. Hellbeast Maybe I am, already. I go to Astrid's drawer. I take: her knife. In the siding of the drawer, I notice her scrawl carved into the wood. She wrote: To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house. —Isaiah 42:7 Amen, sister. Someone should pay for their sins."
Author: Rachel Cohn
13. "I don't even possess a car. I ride in auto-rickshaws because I like to be a part of the masses. I don't want to single myself out as someone up and above."
Author: Shakuntala Devi
14. "A botanist would have been stumped, coming across a tree like this one. Yet, if we are to judge a tree by its fruit, it was clearly an avocado. I picked the fruit, sliced it open, and tasted it to make sure. There was no doubt in my mind. If it looks like an avocado and tastes like an avocado, it has got to be an avocado. However, the tree itself had a white bark like that of a birch and its sap tasted like birch juice. Its leaves were delicate like that of a cypress, while its trunk and the root system reminded me of a baobab. Could it be that someone had grafted an avocado on to a baobab tree? And if so, why the bark so white and the leaves so, well, feathery, and delicate yet bold like a dragonfly's wing? Why is there not another tree like it nearby? Where had the seed of this tree come from? I had no answer. So, I put the seed of the fruit in my pocket and took it home with me to see if I could make it grow."
Author: Uguïsse Packard

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