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1. "The fact is I'm choosy, but mainly about a man's character. He has to be interesting, funny and clever. I don't even mind if he's not very good-looking."
Author: Agyness Deyn
2. "Not that I was incapable of friendship. 'Don't be shy', the teachers coaxed. I was not shy, only extremely choosy. And Denise shone like a diamond. If you had to ask me to define paradise, I would have said a desert island which Denise could visit, on a boat."
Author: Anneli Rufus
3. "I don't see a lot of films. I'm quite choosy, but there's certain films that stick out."
Author: Christopher Eccleston
4. "My secret wish is right now to be romancing this dead girl. A dead girl. Any dead girl. I'm not what you'd call choosy."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
5. "It was her personal view that people who are overly choosy about the drinks they order in a bar tend to be sexually bland. She had no idea why this should be so."
Author: Haruki Murakami
6. "Don't you think I have sense enough to worry about my motives for saying the prayer? That's exactly what's bothering me so. Just because I'm choosy about what I want - in this case, enlightenment or peace, instead or money or prestige or game or any of those things, doesn't mean I'm not as egotistical and self-seeking as everybody else. If anything, I'm more so!"
Author: J.D. Salinger
7. "Far from being choosy, female primates seemed to be initiators of much promiscuity. Hrdy began to suggest that there was something wrong with the theory rather than the females."
Author: Matt Ridley
8. "Well, I have a couple of projects in the pipeline, but I'm taking things slow for now and being choosy about the roles I take up. One thing I can assure you of is that you are going to see a lot of me!"
Author: Natasha Henstridge
9. "Jaden: "Dude, you've found something wrong with every girl. I'm about to play this one solo if you can't make up your mind."Bastian: "We're not trying to decide between a Big Mac or a chicken sandwich here. This is some serious shit. We want epicness, we have to be choosy."
Author: Nyrae Dawn

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