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1. "Well, my life is so centered around the people I care about, my animals, and my work."
Author: Bruce Weber
2. "You had felt idle in this city through which you had paced only to kill time. But the emptiness that you believed yourself confronted with was an illusion: you had filled those moments with sensations all the more powerful in that nothing and no one had distracted you from them."
Author: Édouard Levé
3. "I prayed for the city to be cleared of people, for the gift of being alone—a-l-o-n-e: which is the one New York prayer that rarely gets lost or delayed in channels, and in no time at all everything I touched turned to solid loneliness."
Author: J.D. Salinger
4. "Dad's death didn't hollow me out the way Helen's had. After all, everyone had assumed Dad was a goner back when he got kicked in the head as a child. Instead, he had cheated death and, despite his gimp and speech impediment, lived a long life doing pretty much what he wanted. He hadn't drawn the best of cards, but he'd played his hand darned well, so what was there to grieve over?"
Author: Jeannette Walls
5. "In the never-ending battle between order and chaos, clutter sides with chaos every time. Anything that you possess that does not add to your life or your happiness eventually becomes a burden."
Author: John Robbins
6. "America, and all it had once stood for--all he had fought for--was dying...on life support, and counting."
Author: Patricia Cori
7. "Until two days ago what had driven him was the will to survive: deep, animal, full of rage—but always part of him had not cared at all whether he lived or died. Now he did care, and very deeply, and so for the first time in a long time he was afraid. To love life is, of course, a wonderful thing, but not on this day of all days."
Author: Paul Hoffman
8. "Happy endings? The only ending life allows us is death, and that's rarely happy. So, until my happy death, I have to fill my life: fill it with monochrome feels and leading ladies."
Author: Stephen Mosley
9. "The Lower City is MINE, Its People are MINE.If I Find Them That's Doing All This Kidnapping And Murdering, They'd Best Pray For Mercy,Because Once I Get My Teeth In 'EmI Will NEVER Let Them Go."
Author: Tamora Pierce

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Quotes About City And Village Life
Quotes About City And Village Life
Quotes About City And Village Life

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