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1. "Muslims are not bloodthirsty people. Islam is a religion of peace that forbids the killing of the innocent. Islam also accepts the Prophets, whether those prophets are Mohammed, God's peace and blessing be upon Him, or Moses or the other prophets of the Books."
Author: Abdullah Of Saudi Arabia
2. "Fortunately, historians are now beginning to recognise the historic role of Islam as a liberating force for peoples oppressed by the burdens of unjust social systems."
Author: Aly Khan
3. "America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings."
Author: Barack Obama
4. "Mrs Joe was a very clean housekeeper, but had an exquisite art of making her clenliness more umcomfortable and unacceptable than dirt itself. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and some people do the same by their religion."
Author: Charles Dickens
5. "Southeast Asia is an area in which there is a form of Islam which is both devout and progressive, and therefore to be supported. It's an area in which I see a congruence of American interests and local interests: to have tolerant societies and become more prosperous."
Author: Dennis C. Blair
6. "Is it being said too often how much we in the West have suffered because of the long wars between Islam and Christianity, leaving us biased and with gaps in our information? I think not."
Author: Doris Lessing
7. "Pantang sekali Melayu menderhaka kepada raja. Hanya kalau raja jahat benar-benar, seperti gila, atau benci ia kepada Islam maka waktu itulah boleh raja dimungkiri."
Author: Faisal Tehrani
8. "Apabila buku tu cakap tentang kita meletak label dan stereotaip ke atas bab agama. Yang membuatkan orang bukan Muslim itu sendiri jauh daripada Islam. Bukan yang bukan Islam aje, yang Islam tapi tak berapa nak faham Islam pun terasa nak jauh daripada Islam. Sebab bab label-melabel dan stereotaip tu la. Dan ironi apabila kadang-kadang penyebab tu adalah yg namanya Muslim yang faham Islam itu sndiri."
Author: Hlovate
9. "Kill us in the clear light on the Moon, where the sky is black and soft, where the stars shine brightly, where the cleanliness and purity of vacuum make all things sharp.- Not in this low-clinging, fuzzy blue."
Author: Isaac Asimov
10. "Ironically, the first thing that appealed to me about Islam was its pluralism. The fact that the Koran praises all the great prophets of the past."
Author: Karen Armstrong
11. "Ever since the Crusades, when Christians from western Europe were fighting holy wars against Muslims in the near east, western people have often perceived Islam as a violent and intolerant faith - even though when this prejudice took root Islam had a better record of tolerance than Christianity."
Author: Karen Armstrong
12. "Ma'alesh; no matter; never mind; what can you do but accept things as they are? Ma'alesh, your pot overturned in the fire; ma'alesh, your prize mare died; ma'alesh, you lost all your possessions and half your family. The word was the everyday essence of Islam - which itself, after all, means "submission."
Author: Laurie R. King
13. "People consider Islam as the best religion of world; I wonder if best of them is that much worse, I am really proud of being an Atheist."
Author: M.F. Moonzajer
14. "Islam's all about knowledge, right? Muslims know everything. We seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. We seek knowledge even if it be in China, Yusef, EVEN IN CHINA! And we've reduced our religion to fuckin' academics. The guy who knows Islam best is the one who really hits the books hard, learns his shit. Muslims brag about having no priests but we're getting molested by scholars. Yusef Ali, books are not Allah. Even a book by or from Allah is not Allah."
Author: Michael Muhammad Knight
15. "...we must learn -once again- to regard Islam as the norm by which the world is to be judged."
Author: Muhammad Asad
16. "Konacno, to je pitanje ljubavi, a ljubav je složena od brojnih stvari: naših želja i naše usamljenosti, naših uzvišenih ciljeva i naših mana, naše snage i naše slabosti. Tako je bilo i sa mnom. Islam je ušao u mene. Šutke i potajno, ali - zauvijek."
Author: Muhammad Asad
17. "We claim Islam as Deen or a complete way of life."
Author: Pervez Musharraf
18. "…the doctrinal differences between Hinduism and Buddhism and Taoism are not anywhere near as important as doctrinal differences among Christianity and Islam and Judaism. Holy wars are not fought over them because verbalized statements about reality are never presumed to be reality itself."
Author: Robert M. Pirsig
19. "Beyond Islam and unbelief there is a desert plain. For us, there is a passion in the midst of that expanse. The knower who reaches there will prostrate, there is neither Islam nor unbelief, nor any 'where' in that place."
Author: Rumi
20. "Protestantism and Catholicism must not be compared to Sunnism and Shi'ism in the Islamic context as has been done by certain scholars. Sunnism and Shi'ism both go back to the origins of Islam and the very beginning of Islamic history whereas Protestantism is a later protest against the existing Catholic Church and came into being some fifteen hundred years after the foundation of Christianity."
Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr
21. "My aim is to show that those governments that violate the rights of people by invoking the name of Islam have been misusing Islam."
Author: Shirin Ebadi
22. "Ketika golongan kaya dan profesional Muslim asyik menangisi keadaan umat Islam yang mundur dan Barat yang semakin kuat, lalu menghimpun pahala dan berbangga dengan kerap menunai haji dan umrah, golongan kaya di Barat menggunakan kekayaan mereka melalui pelbagai yayasan untuk terus menerus mengukuhkan penguasan ilmu pengetahuan tentang kebudayaan dan tamadun lain, terutama Islam."
Author: Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud

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