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1. "I'm a big fan of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, they're my two favorites."
Author: Andrew Shue
2. "Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford are both geniuses."
Author: Arizona Muse
3. "People do not give it credence that a fourteen-year-old girl could leave home and go off in the wintertime to avenge her father's blood but it did not seem so strange then, although I will say it did not happen every day. I was just fourteen years of age when a coward going by the name Tom Chaney shot my father down in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and robbed him of his life and his horse and $150 in cash money plus two California gold pieces that he carried in his trouser band."
Author: Charles Portis
4. "The things I was allowed to experience, the people I was able to call friends, teammates, mentors, coaches and opponents, the travel, all of it, are far more than anything I ever thought possible in my lifetime."
Author: Curt Schilling
5. "Have a drink Tom and then you won't feel so foolish to yourself."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
6. "Chovia bastante naquela manhã. A luz tinha um tom acinzentado e musguento devido às nuvens baixas. Teve de admitir que a menina não era um cadáver. Estava viva. Talvez tivesse nascido gelada, mas agora estava viva. Ainda suja com o sangue do nascimento e o início aguado das suas fezes, Liir levou-a até à porta e ergue-a para a chuva. Lavada, revelou-se verde."
Author: Gregory Maguire
7. "Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow!Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!"
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
8. "The whole fucking world is upside down. Buildings are missing. You get strip-searched everytime you go to someone's office. Everybody sounds stoned, because they're emailing people the whole time they're talking to you. Tom and Nicole are with different people...and now my rock-and-roll sister and her husband are hanging around with Republicans. What the fuck!"
Author: Jennifer Egan
9. "Sam Cleary reached the two old men fighting on the ground and used the fire extinguisher for the first time, bringing it down two-handed to hit Charlie Manx in the face. He would use it for the second time on Tom Priest, not thirty seconds later, by which time Tom was well dead.Not to mention well done."
Author: Joe Hill
10. "We still go where we want, even if we got to crawl for the right.' - Tom Joad (Jr.)"
Author: John Steinbeck
11. "When coaches or parents make consistency their foundation, everyone around them becomes more comfortable and everyone around them has a greater opportunity to grow."
Author: John Wooden
12. "–¿Cómo es esa famosa "mirada"? –fuera como fuera, iba a tener que empezar a tomar precauciones extremas para protegerse de ella. Amy sonrió.–¿Te acuerda de los dibujos de Tom y Jerry, cuando Tom llevaba días sin comer e imaginaba a Jerry con aspecto de jamón? Algo así."
Author: Julie James
13. "So, there we were. The five of us - Marco, Tobias, Rachel, Cassie, and me. Five normal mallrats heading home.Sometimes I think about that one, last moment when we were still just normal kids. It's like it was a million years ago, like it was some totally different group of kids. You know what I was afraid of right then? I was afraid of admitting to Tom that I hadn't made the team. That was as scary as life got back then.Five minutes later, life got a lot scarier."
Author: Katherine Applegate
14. "Ralph spoke to the boat in the same way Whittnish referred to the light – living creatures, close to their hearts. The things a man could love, Tom thought. He fixed his eyes on the tower. Life would have changed utterly when he saw it again. He had a sudden pang: would Isabel love Janus as much as he did? Would she understand his world?"
Author: M.L. Stedman
15. "One poor chap, who had no other grandeur to offer, said with tolerably manifest pride in the remembrance: 'Well, Tom Sawyer he licked me once.' But that bid for glory was a failure. Most of the boys could say that, and so that cheapened the distinction too much." ~From The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Scene where the neighbor boys were lamenting over Tom's apparent drowning."
Author: Mark Twain
16. "Two best friends traveled from the Burdekin in North Queensland sometime in the 1960s and walked into the Union and fell in love with Grace. Tom finch was the smarter talker of the two and won first round, marrying her before his name came up in the lottery sending him to Vietnam on a tour of duty. He never returned. The heartbroken, patient one, Bill Mackee, grieved a best friend and married the love of his life, adopting the twins when they were four years old."
Author: Melina Marchetta
17. "Postoji jezik, mislim da se zove Meskalero, u kojem se glagoli nikad ne menjaju po vremenima. U tom jeziku ne postoji ni proslo ni buduce vreme. Razmisljam... ako bismo naucili taj jezik, mogli bismo da zivimo duze..."
Author: Milan Oklopdžić
18. "You fainted,' Tom said.Reg coughed.No, I didn't,' he said. 'Women faint. People afraid of needles faint. Men black out."
Author: N.D. Wilson
19. "It was too small a step,somehow, too puny a thing to settle for after having lost somuch. So the courtship continued, and the more Tom came todespise his job, the more stubbornly he defended his own inertia;and the more inert he became, the more he despised himself."
Author: Paul Auster
20. "She wuz depressed. Yeah, she wuz on stuff for it. Like me. Sometimes it jus' takes you over. It's an illness," she said, although she made the words sound like "it's uh nillness."Nillness, thought Strike, for a second distracted. He had slept badly. Nillness, that was where Lula Landry had gone, and where all of them, he and Rochelle included, were headed. Sometimes illness turned slowly to nillness, as was happening to Bristow's mother... sometimes nillness rose to meet you out of nowhere, like a concrete road slamming your skull apart."
Author: Robert Galbraith
21. "I had a lot of coaches growing up that were very hard on the kids in the name of building character, but it could have the opposite effect on kids."
Author: Steve Carell
22. "Whenever a new scholar came to out school, I used to confront him at recess with the following words: 'My name's Tom Bailey: what's your name?' If the name struck me favorably, I shook hands with the new pupil cordially; but if it didn't I would turn on my heel, for I was particular in this point. Such names as Higgins, Wiggins, and Spriggins were deadly afronts to my ear; while Lapgdon, Wallace, Blake, and the like, were passing words to my confidence and esteem."
Author: Thomas Bailey Aldrich
23. "I like to be other people, not me. And when you're on the red carpet, it's like, 'Here's Tom Hardy.' I don't want to be me. That's why I play other people."
Author: Tom Hardy
24. "If I book a table at a pub, or I've got an appointment at an optician's or something, I'll walk in and I'll say, 'This is Tom Jones here,' And they'll go 'Awww, I thought it was gonna be him.' They think it's gonna be the real guy. I've been ridiculed a lot throughout my life for it."
Author: Tom Weston Jones

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