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1. "I'm a very modest person. But I'm also extremely confident. And if you put me in the situation or in the moment, I'm gonna have some swagger, I'm gonna have some cockiness."
Author: Drew Brees
2. "He wears his cockiness like an ironic T-shirt, but it fits him better."
Author: Gillian Flynn
3. "Piece of cake." Brandon's grin had a certain very familiar male cockiness about it. "Dad says this time around Iwas his sucker punch." His grin faded slightly and his expression grew more serious as he continued. "But when werealized you were in danger, Dad went wild. I doubt if any car, even that old ‘vette Dad used to drive, ever made thekind of time on River Road your Buick made last night. Dad really is a hell of a driver, isn't he?"
Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
4. "Suddenly the bridge was filled with intense warmth, Will had lit the fire. Everyone immediately scurried over to it, with the exception of Scott. Carrie looked back at him, he was sitting with his back leaned against a stone pillar. The light from the flames danced on his sharp features and reflected in his dark eyes. Scott always wore a half-smile that was suspiciously close to a smirk. She was practically immune to his cockiness and wasn't at all bothered by it the way that Will seemed to be."
Author: Julia Barkey
5. "[My mother] saw it as part of her mission to keep my cockiness in check. I'm grateful for that now...We now live in an age when parents praise every child as a genius"
Author: Randy Pausch
6. "He walked as he'd learned to walk, with only a minimal limp, back straight, head held high in confidence rather than cockiness. He walked like a man who had learned to lean into God for whatever strenth he needed."
Author: Robin Lee Hatcher
7. "Fighter pilot is an attitude. It is cockiness. It is aggressiveness. It is self-confidence. It is a streak of rebelliousness, and it is competitiveness. But there's something else - there's a spark. There's a desire to be good. To do well; in the eyes of your peers, and in your own mind."
Author: Robin Olds
8. "You know I need that cockiness, the self-belief, arrogance, swagger, whatever you want to call it, I need that on the golf course to bring the best out of myself. So you know once I leave the golf course, you know that all gets left there."
Author: Rory McIlroy
9. "Caia sighed. If this guy knew that he was in a room of lykans, two of which who looked as if they could happily rip him apart, the cockiness would soon dissolve and the peeing of the pants would commence."
Author: Samantha Young
10. "Ah, how the seeds of cockiness blossom when soiled in ignorance."
Author: Steve Alten
11. "Cancer seems a high price to pay for an innocuous-looking habit. You get into smoking and you are robbed of the last 25 years of your life. Some cocky souls will say, 'Ah yes, but they are the worst 25 years.' Nobody feels like that in a cancer ward. There are no cocky souls in a cancer ward. But there's a lot of pain, not just of the excruciating physical kind that they shoot you full of morphine to smother. There are a lot of tears. All round. It is hard to say goodbye to the people you love. And it's scary. Cancer wards have a way of knocking the cockiness out of you. And for what? Another cigarette?"
Author: Tony Parsons
12. "Along with the yearning that came from some deep part of her, that was selfless and exalted, Thea had a hard kind of cockiness, a determination to get ahead. Well, there are passages in life when that fierce, stubborn self-assertion will stand its ground after the nobler feeling is overwhelmed and beaten under."
Author: Willa Cather

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