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1. "I'm a great coder. But I am not pushing that so much anymore because there are thousands of great coders."
Author: Bill Budge
2. "Even Charles Darwin, that human decoder ring of bizarre behavior, found the idea of saving a stranger's life to be a total head-scratcher."
Author: Christopher McDougall
3. "See, you not only have to be a good coder to create a system like Linux, you have to be a sneaky bastard too."
Author: Linus Torvalds
4. "It is clear enough that not every something can be elevated to the rank of a thing - otherwise everything and everyone would be speaking once more, and the chatter would spread from humans to things. Rilke privileges two categories of 'entities' [Seienden), to express it in the papery diction of philosophy, that are eligible for the lofty task of acting as message-things - artifices and living creatures - with the latter gaining their particular quality from the former, as if animals were being's highest works of art before humans. Inherent to both is a message energy that does not activate itself, but requires the poet as a decoder and messenger."
Author: Peter Sloterdijk
5. "And we can talk about everything-she's a coder, too. And she got a thirty-four on the ACT (Cath got a thirty-two)."
Author: Rainbow Rowell
6. "Finding security in mediocrity is an exhausting process. You can work only so many hours, fret only so much. Being a slightly better typist or a slightly faster coder is insufficient. You're always looking over your shoulder, always trying to be a little less mediocre than the guy next to you. It wears you out."
Author: Seth Godin
7. "No one gave me the secret decoder ring on how to make friends."
Author: Sharon E. Rainey

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