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1. "Thank you, Codex, because I didn't know what a knife was."
Author: Cassandra Clare
2. "So this is more a "do as the Codex says, not as Jace does" situation, I guess. Since he just Marks any girl he likes, apparently.When she is dying, yes!"
Author: Cassandra Clare
3. "No need to be sarcastic, Codex.I think that's sincere, actually. Wow."
Author: Cassandra Clare
4. "If the Gospel of Judas found in Codex Tchacos can be convincingly identified as being a Coptic translation of the original Greek Gospel of Judas that Bishop Ireneaus mentioned around A.D. 180 in his book, "Against Heresies," it will be an important step in the study of ancient gnosticism. We would have for the first time the chance to trace back the history of Sethian gnosticism to before the time of Irenaeus. This would be a significant gain in our knowledge of early Christianity."
Author: Gregor Wurst
5. "Over the last few millennia we've invented a series of technologies - from the alphabet to the scroll to the codex, the printing press, photography, the computer, the smartphone - that have made it progressively easier and easier for us to externalize our memories, for us to essentially outsource this fundamental human capacity."
Author: Joshua Foer
6. "I believe we should celebrate new possibilities of combining the printed codex with electronic technology... The information ecology is getting richer, not thinner."
Author: Robert Darnton

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