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1. "DomesticWhere's the wisdom in erasing a loved one's mess,so akin to his signature? Your honor, I only meantto strew the immaculate in his wake. To wipe the pathahead and behind reasonably clean. Futile, yes,but weren't such gestures essential to love's disciplineonce upon a time? Daily, I harvested dropped fruit peelsand socks. I chased him through life with dustpanand broom, smoothed his body dents from the bed,soothed the mud tramped floors. Did I sin in this?Better to leave the habitat sweetly reeking of himthan to spend years scrubbing up evidence of his existence.Archaelogists centuries hence may marvel at such relics:his mustard stained napkins, toothpicks chewedto splinters. Never let it be said that in my zeal to clean I robbed the future's museums. Whoam I to call what flies to either side of the trailhe blazes--half read magazines, cups of scummedover coffee and mashed out cigarettes--dirt?"
Author: Amy Gerstler
2. "Oh god it's wonderful to get out of bed and drink too much coffee and smoke too many cigarettes and love you so much"
Author: Frank O'Hara
3. "Coffee and cigarettes, that's one of my weaknesses."
Author: Jason Behr
4. "I don't drink any coffee or take any drugs and I don't smoke cigarettes and I don't eat sugar and I don't take any medicine at all. I eat a lot of fish, vegetables, and I stay away from starches."
Author: Vincent Gallo

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Quotes About Coffee And Cigarettes
Quotes About Coffee And Cigarettes
Quotes About Coffee And Cigarettes

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