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1. "Thomas Friedman, the New York Times foreign affairs columnist, in his typical fashion, trivialized—and did much to popularize—the "dictator's dilemma" fallacy by coining a new buzzword: "Microchip Immune Deficiency Syndrome" (MIDS)."
Author: Evgeny Morozov
2. "The paper does not provide the exact number of penises eaten by ducks, but the author says there have been enough over the years to prompt the coining of a popular saying: 'I better get home or the ducks will have something to eat."
Author: Mary Roach
3. "There was a doubt among men , when they start coining money for the first time, all asked who is going to buy it! But Later, every one did."
Author: Mohammed Abad Alrazak
4. "The future science of government should be called 'la cybernétique' (1843){Coining the French word to mean 'the art of governing,' from the Greek (Kybernetes = navigator or steersman), subsequently adopted as cybernetics by Norbert Wiener for the field of control and communication theory.}"
Author: Norbert Wiener

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You want me to lead the caravan?""Instructions will be acceptable.""All right. First, find a cliff.""That, it will give you a vantage to see the area?""No," Kaladin said. "It will give me something to throw you off of."
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