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1. "An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while a pessimist sees only the red stoplight... the truly wise person is colorblind."
Author: Albert Schweitzer
2. "Not Exactly TrueThat skin hate is dead.There will never be colorblindness in a culture offear.But when you live afraidof your neighbor, the monsteryou should most walkin terror ofthrives.It starts as a little thing,small enough to burrowinto your pores, take upexcruciating residenceinthe dark recesses of your brain.Its name is paranoia,and it spreads like an oilspill, there inthe shadows,chokes your humanity.Threatens your soul."
Author: Ellen Hopkins
3. "I feel naked in my Tommy hoodie and Victoria's Secret sweatpants with PINK written across the ass. The sweatpants aren't pink though - they're gray. This always confuses me when I put them on, because shouldn't they say GRAY - on the backside? Maybe Victoria's secret is she's colorblind."
Author: Fanny Merkin
4. "He told me his last name was Green. "Green?" I asked. "Can you spell that for me? I'm colorblind."
Author: Jarod Kintz
5. "Too bad Agatha was colorblind, because she had no idea how beautiful her eyes were. Agatha's eyes were grey, blue, green, and brown, though never all at once and never more than two eyes at a time."
Author: Jarod Kintz
6. "?¸.•* Love is Colorblind *•.¸?"
Author: M.G. Wells
7. "Simultaneously, the movie business now experiments with a colorblind approach to casting."
Author: Michael Medved
8. "I said, 'Ooh, Dad, I want the yellow ones.' He said, 'Where?' I said, 'Right there, Dad. I want the yellow ones.' Everybody goes, 'Those are green'. That's how I knew I was colorblind."
Author: Michael Rosenbaum
9. "A new civil rights movement cannot be organized around the relics of the earlier system of control if it is to address meaningfully the racial realities of our time. Any racial justice movement, to be successful, must vigorously challenge the public consensus that underlies the prevailing system of control. Nooses, racial slurs, and overt bigotry are widely condemned by people across the political spectrum; they are understood to be remnants of the past, no longer reflective of the prevailing public consensus about race. Challenging these forms of racism is certainly necessary, as we must always remain vigilant, but it will do little to shake the foundations of the current system of control. The new caste system, unlike its predecessors, is officially colorblind. We must deal with it on its own terms."
Author: Michelle Alexander
10. "Anyone who watches a lot of television, or listens to pop music, is familiar with a certain vision of America. If not exactly colorblind, this America is one in which different races easily interact, in which a white person might have an Asian boss, Hispanic stepson, or African-American frenemy."
Author: Wesley Morris
11. "The argument that somehow we've got to get rid of minority scholarships so that we can have a free and fair America implies that we have a colorblind society where minorities are equal in their pursuit of funds to go to school."
Author: William H. Gray

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