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1. "As a newcomer I felt that this was indeed a blessed place, capable of unabashedly advertising its flaws, fearing no ridicule and no criticism. That, in essence, is the opposite of provincialism. The great cities of the world are not provincial: They invite complexity, not propaganda."
Author: Andrei Codrescu
2. "We may not like thinking about it, but germs crawl eternally over every speck of our planet. Our own bodies are bacterial condos, with established relationships between the upstairs and downstairs neighbors. Without these regular residents, our guts are easily taken over by less congenial newcomers looking for low-rent space. What keeps us healthy is an informed coexistence with microbes, rather than the micro-genocide that seems to be the rage lately. Germophobic parents can now buy kids' dinnerware, placemats, even clothing imbedded with antimicrobial chemicals. Anything that will stand still, if we mean to eat it, we shoot full of antibiotics. And yet, more than 5,000 people in the United States die each year from pathogens in our food. Sterility is obviously the wrong goal, especially as a substitute for careful work."
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
3. "First, the newcomers are eager to come in front of the camera, and later they are like, 'No, sorry, sorry, no pictures'. What is this? I say fame is a very dangerous and bitter thing."
Author: Boman Irani
4. "Seamos sinceros, una persona feliz no deja de comer durante x cantidad de días.Una persona feliz y despreocupada, una persona "normal" no cuenta cada caloría: simplemente come. Y en última instancia, si engorda hace dieta NORMAL y tema acabado. Como ya se habrán enterado, normal no es una palabra que pegue mucho conmigo."
Author: Cielo Latini
5. "In Just-spring??????????when the world is mud-luscious the littlelame balloonmanwhistles??????????far??????????and weeand eddieandbill comerunning from marbles andpiracies and it'sspringwhen the world is puddle-wonderfulthe queerold balloonman whistlesfar??????????and??????????weeand bettyandisbel come dancingfrom hop-scotch and jump-rope andit'sspringand??????????the????????????????????goat-footedballoonMan??????????whistlesfarandwee"
Author: E.E. Cummings
6. "Ivypool felt her mouth drop open "Hollyleaf? you're dead!" "Obviously not," the newcomer replied with an edge to her voice."
Author: Erin Hunter
7. "«Cuando uno sacrifica una res no se atreve a mirarle los ojos.» Uno de ellos me dijo que no podía comer la carne del animal que degollaba. Otro me dijo que no sería capaz de sacrificar una vaca que hibiera conocido antes, y menos si había tomado su leche."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
8. "—Los dioses hicieron la tierra para que todos los hombres la compartieran. Pero luego vienen los reyes con sus coronas y sus espadas de acero y dicen que todo es suyo. Los árboles son míos, dicen, no os podéis comer las manzanas. El arroyo es mío, aquí no podéis pescar. El bosque es mío, nada de cazar. Mi tierra, mi agua, mi castillo, mi hija... No les pongas las manos encima o te las corto, pero a lo mejor si te arrodillas delante de mí te dejo que lo olisquees. Decís que somos ladrones, pero al menos un ladrón tiene que ser valiente, astuto y rápido. Para arrodillarse sólo hacen falta rodillas."
Author: George R.R. Martin
9. "After-comers cannot guess the beauty been."
Author: Gerard Manley Hopkins
10. "By the toll of a billion deaths man has bought his birthright of the earth, and it is his against all comers; it would still be his were the Martians ten times as mighty as they are. For neither do men live nor die in vain."
Author: H.G. Wells
11. "The newcomer struck him as an enterprising sort of man. The kind that would slit your throat for a box of tissues in your bag while you slept."
Author: Ilona Andrews
12. "Ao fim e ao cabo, o que era um livro para mim? Na verdade, o que é que isso interessava? Um dia teria todos os livros do mundo, prateleiras e prateleiras cheias deles. Viveria numa torre de livros. Leria durante todo o dia e comeria pêssegos."
Author: Jacqueline Kelly
13. "A text is not a text unless it hides from the first comer, from the first glance, the law of its composition and the rules of its game. A text remains, moreover, forever imperceptible. Its laws and rules are not, however, harbored in the inaccessibility of a secret; it is simply that they can never be booked, in the present, into anything that could rigorously be called a perception."
Author: Jacques Derrida
14. "We're basically this very young species, only 200,000 years old. We're one of the newcomers, and we're going through the same process that other species go through, which is, how do I keep myself alive while taking care of the place that's going to keep my offspring alive?"
Author: Janine Benyus
15. "There's no way out," he announced with satisfaction, "and no amount of wishful dreaming will produce one. The demon won't go back in its bottle, the face-off is for ever, the embrace gets tighter and the toys cleverer with every generation, and there's no such thing for either side as enough security. Not for the main players, not for the nasty little newcomers who each year run themselves up a suitcase bomb and join the club. We get tired of believing that, because we're human. We may even con ourselves into believing the threat has gone away. It never will. Never, never, never.""So, who'll save us then, Walt?" Barley asked. "You and Nedsky?""Vanity, if anything will, which I doubt," Walter retorted. "No leader wants to go down in history as the ass who destroyed his country in an afternoon. And funk, I suppose. Most of our gallant politicians do have a narcissistic objection to suicide, thank God."
Author: John Le Carré
16. "Muchos científicos predicen la debacle total de todas las especies de peces en menos de cincuenta años, mientras se realizan intensos esfuerzos por atrapar, matar y comer más animales marinos"
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
17. "Quando, de manhã, Baltasar acordou, viu Blimunda deitada a seu lado, a comer pão, de olhos fechados. Só os abriu, cinzentos àquela hora, depois de ter acabado de comer, e disse, Nunca te olharei por dentro."
Author: José Saramago
18. "O caminho do engano nasce estreito, mas sempre encontrará quem esteja disposto a alargá-lo, digamos que o engano, repetindo a voz popular, é como o comer e o coçar, a questão é começar."
Author: José Saramago
19. "–¿Cómo es esa famosa "mirada"? –fuera como fuera, iba a tener que empezar a tomar precauciones extremas para protegerse de ella. Amy sonrió.–¿Te acuerda de los dibujos de Tom y Jerry, cuando Tom llevaba días sin comer e imaginaba a Jerry con aspecto de jamón? Algo así."
Author: Julie James
20. "Y diré las palabras que se dicen, y comeré las cosas que se comen, y soñaré las cosas que se sueñan, y sé muy bien que no estarás. No estarás para nada, no serás ni recuerdo, y cuando piense en ti pensaré un pensamiento que oscuramente trata de acordarse de ti..."
Author: Julio Cortázar
21. "Each morning, before Jackie started her studies, she wrote on a clean piece of paper: Tarde venientibus ossa.To the latecomers are left the bones."
Author: Junot Díaz
22. "-Rachel, tienes que dejar de comerte la cabeza o lo echarás todo a perder-dijo su voz de seda gris con la lluvia de fondo-. La cuestión no es si podemos hacerlo, sino si prodremos vivir con la idea de no haberlo intentado."
Author: Kim Harrison
23. "-Gracias por esto, Ángel, pero no me gusta el Coco Pops. Le fruncí el ceño, confundida. Siempre estaba comiendo mi cereal. -Claro que sí, te lo comes todos los días.Se echó a reír.-No, no lo hago. Hago un plato cada día y pretendo comerlo, antes de que vengas y me lo arrebates.-¿Por qué diablos harías un plato y pretender comerlo? ¿Te gusta hacerme enojar?-No, Ángel. Me gusta hacerte el desayuno."
Author: Kirsty Moseley
24. "It is not new or unusual for the real Americans, meaning those immigrants who came to America a little bit longer ago, to fear the outsiders, the pretenders, the newcomers."
Author: Luis Gutierrez
25. "I got to make 'Trishakti' with Arshad Warsi, who was a newcomer at that time. The movie took three years to complete and became dated by the time it was released. The movie did not even get a proper release and bombed at the box office. It was a very bad patch of my life and a big disaster for my career."
Author: Madhur Bhandarkar
26. "I pick my actors primarily based on my gut-feel. They could be rank newcomers or established stars, but if I feel they'll do justice to my characters, they are on. I think Bollywood is now looking towards Kollywood for new faces, and, to my mind, Suriya will be a very successful crossover star because he's very versatile."
Author: Madhur Bhandarkar
27. "... uma operação que se realiza duas ou três vezes por dia e cujo o fim é alimentar a vida merece certamente todos os nossos cuidados. Comer um fruto é fazer entrar em si próprio um belo objecto vivo, estranho, alimentado e favorecido como nós pela terra; é consumar um sacrifício em que nos preferimos às coisas. Nunca trinquei o pão das casernas sem ficar maravilhado por a digestão daquela massa pesada e grosseira poder transformá-la em sangue, em calor, talvez em coragem."
Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
28. "El mexicano es, quizá, el único pueblo del mundo al que le gusta comer con dolor. Sí: dolor, porque, aun cuando nuestro gusto adquirido hace que, benévolamente, lo llamemos acrimonia, sazón o picorcito, lo que sentimos es dolor."
Author: Maria Del Pilar Montes De Oca
29. "The point I want to make about methanogens is that they were the losers in the race through a bottleneck, yet nonetheless survived in niche environments. Similarly, on a larger scale, it is rare for the loser to disappear completely, or for the latecomers never to gain at least a precarious foothold. The fact that flight had already evolved among birds did not preclude its later evolution in bats, which became the most numerous mammalian species. The evolution of plants did not lead to the disappearance of algae, or indeed the evolution of vascular plants to the disappearance of mosses."
Author: Nick Lane
30. "No one but her uncle knew that under Fursey's tutelage she could make her letters or that she understood Latin if it was spoken slowly—and even he seemed content to let her learn privately. Until she knew how these newcomers thought and what they wanted, she would keep it that way, keep her dice rattling in her cup. It was foolish to throw before all bets were on the table."
Author: Nicola Griffith
31. "- a verdade é ainda mais triste, Baba: não somos transparentes por não comer... nós somos transparentes porque somos pobres."
Author: Ondjaki
32. "Tengo hambre de tu boca, de tu voz, de tu peloy por las calles voy sin nutrirme, callado,no me sostiene el pan, el alba me desquicia,busco el sonido líquido de tus pies en el día.Estoy hambriento de tu risa resbalada,de tus manos color de furioso granero,tengo hambre de la pálida piedra de tus uñas,quiero comer tu piel como una intacta almendra.Quiero comer el rayo quemado en tu hermosura,la nariz soberana del arrogante rostro,quiero comer la sombra fugaz de tus pestañasy hambriento vengo y voy olfateando el crepúsculobuscándote, buscando tu corazón calientecomo un puma en la soledad de Quitratúe"
Author: Pablo Neruda
33. "Opening the shop gave her, every morning, the same feeling of promise and opportunity. The books stood as neatly ranged as Gipping's vegetables, ready for all comers."
Author: Penelope Fitzgerald
34. "Menestheus, the son of Peteus, grandson of Orneus, and the great-grandson to Erechtheus, the first man that is recorded to have affected popularity and ingratiated himself with the multitude, stirred up and exasperated the most eminent men of the city, who had long borne a secret grudge to Theseus, conceiving that he had robbed them of their several little kingdoms and lordships, and, having pent them all up in one city, was using them as his subjects and slaves. He put also the meaner people into commotion, telling them, that, deluded with a mere dream of liberty, though indeed they were deprived both of that and of their proper homes and religious usages, instead of many good and gracious kings of their own, they had given themselves up to be lorded over by a new-comer and a stranger."
Author: Plutarch
35. "When a man's eyes are sore his friends do not let him finger them, however much he wishes to, nor do they themselves touch the inflammation: But a man sunk in grief suffers every chance comer to stir and augment his affliction like a running sore; and by reason of the fingering and consequent irritation it hardens into a serious and intractable evil."
Author: Plutarch
36. "¿Tienes idea de cuántas vidas debimos cruzar antes de que lográramos la primera idea de que hay más en la vida que comer, luchar o alcanzar poder en la Bandada? ¡Mil vidas, Juan, diez mil! Y luego cien vidas más hasta que empezáramos a aprender que hay algo llamado perfección, y otras cien para comprender que la meta de la vida es encontrar esa perfección y reflejarla."
Author: Richard Bach
37. "He smiled willingly. "Well, I always aim to help others in need.""Yeah," a new voice suddenly said. "That's exactly what comes to mind when I think of you, old man."I hadn't thought anyone could shock me more that Abe, but I was wrong. "Rose?" The name cam out as a question from my lips, even though could be no doubt about who this newcomer was. There was only one Rose Hathaway, after all."Hey, Sydney," she said, giving me a small, crooked smile as she entered the room."
Author: Richelle Mead
38. "—Lo siento —murmuró ella—. Estoy bien si sé de antemano que van a haber alimentos que no puedo comer, pero cuando se me toma por sorpresa... —Decayó, porque nadie realmente entendía que la comida no era sólo el combustible o que no había nada de malo en un poco de lo que imaginaba; cada comida, cada bocado era una batalla, una guerra de nunca acabar."
Author: Sarra Manning
39. "If a comic comes out on the scene and it's really knock-out brilliant, the community is pretty good about getting the word about good newcomers."
Author: Scott McCloud
40. "As a young man just beginning to publish some short fiction in the t&a magazines, I was fairly optimistic about my chances of getting published; I knew that I had some game, as the basketball players say these days, and I also felt that time was on my side; sooner or later the best-selling writers of the sixties and seventies would either die or go senile, making room for newcomers like me."
Author: Stephen King
41. "Prate not to me of suicide, Faint heart in battle, not for pride I say Endure, but that such end denied Makes welcomer yet the death that's to be died."
Author: Stevie Smith
42. "NO SHORTS or SANDAL!! This for your own protection.Tomorrow's boot camp will be something SPECIAL! Meet in front of the maintenance shed at the north end of the quad at 10 A.M! Latecomers will be left behind and this is a day you will not want to miss! - Adara - I roll my eyes. Besides her overuse of exclamation points and her tendency to yell, the idea that we're doing "something special" in camp tomorrow is not exciting. It's terrifying."
Author: Tera Lynn Childs
43. "Crawl underneath the hood of any growing church that is actually growing from the unchurched, and you will find that the number one reason newcomers attend is that they were invited by a friend. Churches grow from the unchurched because their members and attendees talk about it to their unchurched friends. It comes up in their conversations like the mention of a good movie, a favorite restaurant or a treasured vacation spot. There is a culture of invitation."
Author: Thom S. Rainer
44. "Olhe, hoje é possível reviver o fascismo, quer saber. é possível na perfeição. basta ser-se trabalhador dependente. é o suficiente para perceber o que é comer e calar, e por vezes nem comer, só calar. vá espirar esses patrões por aí fora. conte pelos dedos os que têm no peito um coração a florescer de amor pelo proletariado. que porra de conversa comunista. mas não é possível deixar de ter conversas comunistas enquanto não se largar a merda das ideias do capitalismo de circo que está montado. um capitalismo de especulação no qual o trabalho não corresponde a riqueza e já nem a mérito, apenas a um fardo do qual há quem não se consiga livrar."
Author: Valter Hugo Mãe
45. "Después de mi muerte un día El mundo será pequeño a las gentes Plantarán continentes sobre los mares Se harán islas en el cielo Habrá un gran puente de metal en torno de la tierra Como los anillos construidos en Saturno Habrá ciudades grandes como un país Gigantescas ciudades del porvenir En donde el hombre-hormiga será una cifra Un número que se mueve y sufre y baila (Un poco de amor a veces como un arpa que hace olvidar la vida) Jardines de tomates y repollos Los parques públicos plantados de árboles frutales No hay carne que comer el planeta es estrecho Y las máquinas mataron el último animal Arboles frutales en todos los caminos Lo aprovechable sólo lo aprovechable Ah la hermosa vida que preparan las fábricas."
Author: Vicente Huidobro
46. "M. Myriel had to undergo the fate of every newcomer in a little town, where there are many mouths which talk, and very few heads which think."
Author: Victor Hugo
47. "He had to accept the fate of every newcomer to a small town where there are plenty of tongues that gossip and few minds that think."
Author: Victor Hugo
48. "None could discern in him the shyness that makes a person so conspicuous among people who know each other well and are bound together by the established echoes of private jokes and by an allusive residue of people's names that to them are alive with special significance, making the newcomer feel as if the magazine story he has started to read had really begun long ago ... and he wonders if they have not deliberately contrived a conversation to which he is a stranger."
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
49. "What we must think about is an agriculture with a human face. We must give standing to the new pioneers, the homecomers bent on the most important work for the next century - a massive salvage operation to save the vulnerable but necessary pieces of nature and culture and to keep the good and artful examples before us. It is time for a new breed of artists to enter front and center, for the point of art, after all, is to connect. This is the homecomer I have in mind: the scientist, the accountant who converses with nature, a true artist devoted to the building of agriculture and culture to match the scenery presented to those first European eyes."
Author: Wes Jackson
50. "A realidade é chata, mas ainda é o único lugar onde se pode comer um bom bife"
Author: Woody Allen

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