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1. "As for the young men whose company I keep (Why does it keep sounding likethat?), I try to teach them that every young lady is somebody's sister or daughter with the potential to be somebody's wife and mother. I ask them, "Would you wantsomebody treating your(sister/daughter/wife/mother) that way?" The response invariably comes, "No." To which I respond that we should keep in mind that every girl is somebody's baby."
Author: Aaron Blaylock
2. "Forget luxury; as a great company you have to keep evolving."
Author: Angela Ahrendts
3. "And once it's reached that point, I'm left as alone as I've always known is the safest I could ever be. Except that I have the worst pain I've ever felt, and I feel it all. It's all of mine to feel. The only thing I'm sure is absolutely real. It keeps me company. The same way it would be trapped somewhere with someone that you hate. Wishing they weren't there, but needing them to be there. This is where the old survival skills start coming back, not quite as at my command as they used to be. They tell me to keep my right amount of distance, the only real way to be strong. But then I realize those parts of me that have been pieced together and have come back, to different degrees. Their revival works against survival. I know how to make myself untouchable. But when I tell myself how to, something answers me by telling me it's too late for that."
Author: Ashly Lorenzana
4. "Birds of a feather flock together so beware of the company you keep. Life has no rules that dictate that you have to be good friends with everyone - just respectful of them. You will either become like the persons you are closest to or they will become more like you.."
Author: Calvert Jones
5. "Beware of the company you keep. See that you associate with the right type of people."
Author: Dada Vaswani
6. "Business people - Your business - is your greatest prejudice: it ties you to your locality, to the company you keep, to the inclinations you feel. Diligent in business - but indolent in spirit, content with your inadequacy, and with the cloak of duty hung over this contentment: that is how you live, that is how you want your children to live!"
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
7. "Keep it calm and watch the company you keep. It's either a red card or a green card you are holding. One guides you to go on, and the other makes you give up on scoring your goals"
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
8. "Positivity, that's one of the things I try to spread throughout my company and really anyone I come in contact with. Because as you know, life's too short. You got to keep it positive and keep it fun."
Author: Jose Garces
9. "He smiled at that, and then his gaze shifted to a spot over my shoulder and it faded. 'These doubts wouldn't have anything to do with the company you're keeping of late, would they?'I didn't get a chance to answer before the shop door was thrown open and a furious war mage stomped in. Pritkin spotted me and his eyes narrowed.'You shaved my legs?!'Mircea looked at me and folded his arms across his chest. I looked from one unhappy face to the other and suddenly remembered that I had somewhere else to be."
Author: Karen Chance
10. "How many toes did I have when we left London, does anyone remember?" Jim asked, examining its feet. "I think one is missing.""Stop fussing about a missing toe. We have more important things to focus on, like finding Drake and saving him from whatever trouble he's in," I answered, straightening my clothing and zipping up my heavy parka."Oh, man, I am missing one! I know I had four on this foot! What sort of place was that company you used, demon-haters or something?""Budget Teleporters is a perfectly good company. Didn't you listen to their warning about keeping your arms and legs in the portal at all times?"
Author: Katie MacAlister
11. "Be wary of the company you keep for they are a reflection of who you are, or who you want to be..."
Author: Kenneth G. Ortiz
12. "In simple terms, madam? I am your prisoner. At the whim of your mercy-or devilment-for the remainder of the day and the better part of the, assuming you desire my company, that is.""Desire your company?" She flung herself into his arms with a small cry. "If I thought it would keep you here, I would burn your clothes and tie you hand and foot to the bed.""An interesting proposition," he mused. "Perhaps when all of this is over, we might explore it more thoroughly."
Author: Marsha Canham
13. "Sharing a room with a cadaver is only mildly different from being in a room alone. They are the same sort of company as people across from you on subways or in airport lounges, there but not there. Your eyes keep going back to them, for lack of anything more interesting to look at, and then you feel bad for staring."
Author: Mary Roach
14. "Sister Virginia used to say, 'You'll be known by the company you keep.'"
Author: Michael Scheuer
15. "If you feel DOWN, I'll help you to RISE.If you feel ALONE, I'll be your COMPANY.If you feel BORED, I'll make you SMILE.Coz Smile makes you m0re beautiful so keep smiling... :D"
Author: Mr. Sid
16. "Be as careful of the books you read, as of the company you keep; for your habits and character will be as much influenced by the former as the latter."
Author: Paxton Hood
17. "If people often judge you by the company that you keep...then choose your company wisely my friend, choose wisely!"
Author: Timothy Pina

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